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2016/3/22 20:48:20
Great expectations, what can be done & what can't I'm thinking they could even just change up some of the model geometry, give some new head shapes, body shapes, that wouldn't be hard at all minutes with the mesh and I bet you could keep it from breaking anything.
2016/3/22 6:28:48
Great expectations, what can be done & what can't They are just animation clips that get played when you invoke them, there is no reason more subtle things couldn't be added, like more walk cycle styles than fast and walk. I want someone walking sad, I want old man walks, fat people walks, things that can make more distinct characters. It would be great if motion capture files could somehow be used in the future, then when you assign actions to keys, you just select something like 'load custom action' and import the file, then you can invoke with a 9key press like other actions. Maybe kinect support (I'm going to get one to use in Poser eventually, imagine that with Muvizu, that would be way cool). MAybe this is all way beyond the scope of what is planned though, but a girl can dream.
2016/3/22 2:03:34
Great expectations, what can be done & what can't Regarding the heavy lifting, I would say that is in using the game engine for animation. They can always get new content in, I think that is just a manhours issue, probably as more content gets available, it will be more and more attractive to their target audience: education, which I think it perfect, and hopefully they can get more staff to create more content. I do think they would do well to court some of the artists on the Unity store to market their models customized for Muvizu, but I dunno, maybe they want to do it all, which is understandable when you are trying to create a cohesive product.

I'm working in Poser a lot and even the limited OpenGL preview rendering takes so much more time than Muvizu's renderer. Forget about rendering with depth of field effects, it literally requires a server farm. I really hope Muvizu gets to the point we can import FBX characters and animations because the biggest draw for me is the very fast rendering capacity. Maybe a Pro version is in order perhaps?
2016/3/15 22:49:59
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs Object groups seem fine for me.
2016/3/14 1:08:41
animation fans I wonder if Digimania has anything that can render things for iClone and Poser, they are I think in the Maya market right? But anyhow, just thinking out loud. I am trying to render to the Firefly render in Poser and it crashes while making even the shortest clips, I can't exactly start a render and walk away from it. I'm thinking of getting Reality 4 sometime, but what I guess I need is a render farm. This is so much where Muvizu shines, I'm really hoping the day comes when much more variety of creatures are available.

When I try to go to the Renderdigimania website, it asks for user login and password.
2016/3/13 20:07:37
animation fans I don't think the lighting is that bad for real time, the water effects in particular are pretty cool. There are pretty compelling real-time effects that would be great to see in Muvizu. Muvizu's lighting though I think is the easiest of everything I use to get the results I'm after, Poser is a PITA at times in that regard. iClones whole UI kinda throws me off it though. I've come to appreciate Muvizu's full screen approach as I go on, it kinda keeps you seeing the bigger picture. I wish I could now get fullscreen view with floating pallets in Poser actually.

This is where I stand right now: I think I'm going to be focussing on learning Poser more, it is really great fun to manually animate, even doing stuff like animating my own water effects is pretty rewarding, and I will try and learn how to integrate that content with Muvizu. I didn't see a way to export animations from iClone with transparency or in image sequence layers, so I don't think I'll get much out of it unless I upgrade. Right now it shows Pro for only $120 in my account, if I had the funds I likely would impulse buy it. But that might be a mistake anyhow, damn my focus gets pulled away from my todo list constantly. Do I really need to invest in learning another platform? I think learning HitFilm would be more appropriate, and many of the animated effects I appreciate in iClone are likely much better created in HitFilm I think, and I could incrementally build up whatever tool kit I need with no upfront cost just to get started.
2016/3/12 0:06:54
From the Wabby's Land Looks really good, I'll bookmark your site, when my wife lets me spend more money I'll check it all out. I hope you get a lot of sales for this.
2016/3/10 5:03:27
animation fans I just logged in again and the price for 6 Pro for me is now only $119. I think I'll be upgrading in a couple months if I find I like v5.
2016/3/9 22:08:56
animation fans But yeah, I need to invest in more RAM.
2016/3/9 22:08:28
animation fans I ran the demo fine on a 3 year old 4 core i7 3770 w 8GB RAM, and a Geforce GTX750. Of course that was just the demo and not a hectic production situation, but I am guessing it may be the video card more than the CPU that is taxing. The updated lights would explain that really.
2016/3/9 21:53:49
animation fans I think the character creator and the toon packs also are necessary to make iClone into what I need, and once you get all that you have spent so much more than Muvizu to get something certainly able to surpass Muvizu but also something much more complicated. I'm stoked to have it, but I can't see it replacing Muvizu for what it does best, and definitely not comparable in price. Muvizu just needs more character content. Getting FBX props into Muvizu is easy, it is the characters that we can't create, and it is characters that I really need. A character creator addon for a premium price or something would be really welcome. Besides this, I think Muvizu should try searching through the Unity store for content developers and try and get them to release Muvizu-tailored collections through Muvizu's store. That would go a long way to making people see the scope of things possible in Muvize. Regarding props, they need some way to allow props to have connected but animatable doors, any FBX prop can do this in most other programs, but an FBX with doors won't work in this platform. Anyhow, bottom line, I'm rooting for Muvizu and I hope more content gets flowing, it has been months since the Chinese History set, which was excellent, more stuff like that from history and Muvizu gets more and more attractive for education and just more fun. A jungle set and assorted plants and stuff, an animated bird, really limited maybe, but make some things that just let you move eyes and heads, that should be easy to get going, mo animations to bake in, it would be really helpful. Anyhow, rambling, sorry. This is useful for all Muvizu'ers I think:
2016/3/9 21:02:26
animation fans I almost bought iClone6 recently, so this is pretty cool to have for free. My issue that prevented the purchase is that it costs a lot to get the product features to the point of creating your own comic characters and exhanging files with the outside world. The advice to get something liek Crazytake cheap and then get bigger discounts is what I had heard as well, so I eventually plan to get that, then wait for a killer sale. Now to see what it can bring to my Muvizu creations... I have DAZ, Poser, Blender, Muvizu... kinda swimming in apps right now, and the one thing that limits me is really writer's block. It definitely isn't lack of technology.
2016/3/9 19:48:07
animation fans Yeah, $199 is the regular price for trial users. No discount there.
2016/3/9 19:16:42
animation fans Nice, thanks!
2016/3/9 1:17:31
Use Mandy for animal heads Well, good news and bad news: I have the Game Dev now, it exports FBX fine, but the materials as displayed in Muvizu aren't ideal (actually easy to fix up on Muvizu, probably can do it before export anyhow) , and stuff like showing back facing polys is still an issue, so I still need Blender to fix up some models before getting into Muvizu. But they scale nice, drop to the ground correctly, axis is correct. I also got a nice email from the Muvizu dev, and the short story is making a character ready for Muvizu is pretty involved, so I'm giving up that dream, I'm still stoked to get the game dev version, but alas, it is no cure for getting stuff into Muvizu. So, short story, no one go out and buy Poser Pro because I said so
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2016/3/7 20:46:14
intro to one of my new series.... "ILLUMINAUGHTY" I liked the Monopoly board at the end
2016/3/7 17:37:39
Super Hero Man Nice!
2016/3/7 7:53:43
Use Mandy for animal heads Yeah, I bought a copy on EBay from a reputable dealer that gave me $50 off because I am disabled and poor. I did the offer thing until EBay wouldn't let me make another, so I emailed her and gave her my highest possible price and a sob story. She was kind enough to give it to me for $150. The new Pro version includes game dev by default, but that is still $500. I'll be able to reduce polygons, export rigged FBXs, and have the freedom to distribute the content, so that is really cool. It is super easy in Poser to warp stuff into something new, so I hope I can make something usable. I'm going to try making a video game too sometime.
2016/3/7 7:25:03
Use Mandy for animal heads Ok, so this just happened: I just bought Poser Pro 2014 Game Dev which will allow me to very easily create Unreal or Unity game ready characters. I'll contact the developers when I'm ready and see if they can use them, and figure out whatever I need to know to do it. The game dev license let's me distribute my creations freely, so I'll make them free for the community, and I'll investigate making some sort of quadrapeds for it too. I have Unreal dev installed, I'll try learning that to whatever degree I can as well. I hope can somehow get it working with the Muvizu guys. I'm not counting on it, I bought it so I can do more with Poser without relying on Blender, but if it somehow works out with Muvizu too I'll be stoked. I'm disabled with time on my hands, but I'm not reliable enough to hold down a job, and I little scattered regardibg Gering linear stuff actually done, but if I can help other people tell their stories better, I'll be really happy.
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2016/3/7 3:50:00
Use Mandy for animal heads I also am realizing that I will need to use perspective tricks to get everything to work, which makes complete sense, Hollywood doesn't build an entire lifesize world for stuff, and neither should I. This is true no matter the software I am using, I have to be economical. Here's the scene at the bottom of a mountain which isn't very big actually, with trees reduced in size as they get further away to fool the eye into thinking it is bigger.

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