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2016/2/29 9:18:37
Lock buildings for inside shooting So, I have a building with 4 enclosed walls as part of my set and I want to film indoors, not really ideal but I want to keep it all one set piece and not use two models. If you do the same, the necessary bit will be locking your building in place, then you can move about without issues, you won't lose access to anything, mess up your cameras or whatever. Anyhow, simple thing but maybe helpful to someone.
2016/2/29 4:55:57
A good Muvizu werewolf? Yeah, I wasn't planning on using the head at the time, just on the spur of the moment I grabbed a OBJ version I was using to do storyboards in Manga Studio, which lets you use 3d static props. It is great with Muvizu and poser, I can insert the character and even light it in MAnga Studio and it looks just about how it will look when rendered, so my storyboards are hopefully going to work well for shot planning. My issue right now isn't technical, I'm super distracted by stupid politics in the USA. Crazy times here. That's why I make things in Muvizu, to get away.|

Oh, yeah, the environment is Muvizu.
2016/2/29 4:25:34
A good Muvizu werewolf? I can definitely make several heads with different setups too, that's possibly what I'll end up doing if somehow the Poser thing becomes too hard to manage.
2016/2/29 4:24:21
A good Muvizu werewolf? Well, I made a screentest with a quick and dirty werewolf based on Beefy and my Poser werewolf, just the head, and it isn't terrible, the main issue is that werewolves can open and close their mouths, and move their eyes, both which I am limited with using a head prop on Beefy. BUt I'm considering when this may make some sense to use, from the behind and in shadows maybe, possible to stand in until the real wolf is animated. You can see Beefy's face poking through the back of the mouth a bit too, and the texturing was quick and dirty, I only wanted to test so I'm sure this can be fixed up. MAybe that in conjunction with Poser something can work well, but the Poser wolf has more interesting legs and whatnot, so unless I just go with the Beefy wolf, it will be limited to things I can probably do better in Poser anyhow. I wouldn't really be able to use Beefy's animations. The Poser wolf also has cool claws, no claws on Beefy though.
2016/2/29 3:28:23
Sheep? Or even go the route of the Shawn the Sheep video test, create some barnyard friends for us, plus a big bad wolf and stuff. This is sorely needed. I prefer a quadruped, but even just more variety of characters would be immensely helpful. I bought the Asian characters but they are not very useful, I would rather Muvizu invest in making the possibilities for characters much more broad. Or at least a lot more costumes for those new characters. They can hide the legs which is interesting, I may try doing something with that, I don't know if it will help my sheep problem though. I do think I'll be getting a cheap Poser sheep and cow set though, it is the easiest way I think, I can make some FBX versions that are static, then animate what I need in Poser, mostly head shot reactions and small things like that, I think that will be manageable.
2016/2/29 2:08:12
Sheep? Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on making some sheep. I definitely prefer quadrupeds, so I was thinking of making a rig with a body and legs that would cover most of a stick figure, and allow the head to be animated. They really don't need to walk around. The other option is to animate them in Poser and add them later in editing. That would limit them to just background figures. Not to developers: Some sort of quadruped would be really great.
2016/2/28 22:16:43
Importing FBX with doube-sided polys? OK, so I have made some progress. What seems important:

1. Exporting from Poser, make sure the collada file doesn't include any animation. It screws up all the scaling somehow.

2. In Blender, instead of trying to flip normals with a duplicate frame, I chose solidify instead, that made insides, also increased poly count, but at least in the one model I am working on it looks fine. So this will work on all 3d stuff, provided the geometry is ok with it.
2016/2/28 21:09:19
Importing FBX with doube-sided polys? I am trying to use some buildings with only an exterior, but inside Poser then can easily be displayed as double sided normals. I export to Blender as Collada, then edit and export to Muvizu as FBX. The ASE importer does allow you to set normals as double sided. I am wondering if there is an ase exporter or converter out there, would I get better results working with ASEs?
2016/2/28 4:05:23
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs I'm 64bit here fwiw and it works fine.
2016/2/27 20:21:43
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs mrmuviz wrote:

PS Glad to see the staff getting in on conversations in the forum.

+1 to that
2016/2/27 19:03:58
Muvizu is a joy Yeah, I'm disabled, there are parts of the day I can't even use a mouse, my attention span is extremely short. I ften... Oh look, a BIRD! ... get distracted by nearly anything, especially my own body. I'm just considering I have outsourced the work to a contractor or something I'm a multimedia mogul! But I'm doing all the voice and music myself.
2016/2/27 18:53:37
The Conspirators That's great, voice acting is great, the story is wonderful.
2016/2/27 12:35:57
Bug: FBX transparency When reloading a saved project that contains a FBX object with transparency, the transparency will be ignored. This is also the case when adding an FBX object with transparency as a favorite: when you try and use it, it won't show the transparent bits.

The specific file I where I am seeing this issue:
2016/2/27 12:31:40
Animating field of view Ah, I MUST have seen that before, it is late and my sleeping pills are kicking in. Thanks for straightening me out
2016/2/27 12:05:06
Animating field of view This would be a nice thing to have, to do focus shifts between characters. You can do this in a video editor if exporting layers, but still, nice to have especially for people not using layers and a video editor for short films.
2016/2/27 4:38:39
Muvizu is a joy I got lucky finding just what suited my style though, otherwise I would probably be making models.
2016/2/27 4:36:57
Muvizu is a joy Oh, I bought some models, I have to fix them up but I figured filmmakers in the real world don't go building skyscrapers, probably not even virtual ones, so I looked for low_poly models that could have lots of iterations in Muvizu without causing too much slow down. It is still a challenge and I am spending a lot of time in Blender still, but I've only modeled a few things I'm actually using from scratch.
2016/2/26 23:40:29
360 degree video test EXTERMINATE!
2016/2/26 23:30:17
Muvizu is a joy Oh I wanted to say that I wasn't working with the smooth interpolation correctly before, it is 'bouncy' by default but that can easily be cured by watching the angles displaying the path. Derp. Here's a castle flyby test I just made on one try in one minute or so. I got nearly all the moves just as intended, and with a little effort and camera settings like depth of field, I think it will look really sharp. I'll redo that other scene soon once I actually have the script ready, but here's one of the castles in my story world. There will be a dragon eventually flying around in these scenes
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2016/2/26 7:34:36
Muvizu is a joy Automatic interpolation causes the camera to 'bounce' maybe I just need more practice with it though.
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