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2015/8/4 19:34:48
help me please Bob - do you have the previous version you downloaded ? It should be in your downloads folder unless you deleted it. If you have a deadline I would suggest re-installing that version and having a look at new version when you have more time.

I always install multiple versions alongside each other (just change the install path). As long as you don't run different versions at the same time you can just fire up which one you want.

If you have saved sets in the new versions they are unlikely to work now in the old version so you will have to restore them from backup though.

Hope this gets you going.
2015/8/2 14:26:45
Collision still a smash? Yes - ASE with ZiggyMesh is still the best approach.

Recently we have been discussing getting an automated way of sorting collision for FBX from within Blender. It's in my court at the moment and will have a good go at it in the next couple of months.
2015/8/2 8:38:58
Update my copy of Play+ Save all your characters as favourites. Then create a new set and import all the characters. Save this set as "Characters.set" or something.

Then when you re-install Muvizu you can load this set and save then all as favourites again.
2015/7/30 0:10:22
Mandy and Beefy aren't talking Hmmm - weird.

Could you save a set with Mandy talking and email it to me please - I'll see if I can open it.

2015/7/29 20:24:57
Mandy and Beefy aren't talking I have tied down a bug that is killing me....

  • Create a new scene
  • Create a Beefy Character
  • Create a Mandy character
  • import a WAV file.
  • Try to allocate this file to Mandy and you get "Lip-Sync data could not be processed"

If you import the characters the other way round then it works until... you reload the set. I believe it imports the beefy character first so on load you get the lip sync error message.
So basically you can't have a scene with Mandy and Beefy in it together.
Could you please fix this in the next release as this is a real show stopper for me.
Could someone confirm this issue for me please ?

I will send in my set to
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2015/7/27 17:58:06
Collision in Muvizu aka What buttons to press Urban - just what I needed.

I will have a good go and getting something automated when I do my next scene build which will be in a few weeks.
2015/7/27 14:23:33
Holding a gun at another character? Depending on the character I use "point forward"
2015/7/26 13:35:38
Great video which shows what Muvizu could do Yes - let's move on and try not to mention it again, otherwise we'll all be answering the "How do I import the Sheep into Muvizu" posts on this forum like we used to with the M&Ms character.
2015/7/25 6:18:53
Sinking Drum Set I can't get it to load, but I suspect that the model had the axis in the middle rather than the centre bottom of the model when you used the exporter from Sketchup.

Two solutions:-

  • Move the object up so it site on the X axis in sketchup and re-export
  • in Muvizu check the "floats in air" tickbox and hover the drum kit to the right level.
I actually use this "offset collision box" technique quite a bit so that you can put two objects in the same place within Muvizu. This means you can combine models into one object within Muvizu itself. Very useful.
2015/7/24 21:59:40
Great video which shows what Muvizu could do Should be called "Great video shows what you wish Muvizu could do"
2015/7/23 20:25:38
Object in Mouth Add a glasses attachment or a neck attachment and adjust the position ?
2015/7/22 17:10:22
6/7/15 release bugs ziggy72 wrote:
loads monster sets much faster after a total reinstall, for some reason. Not complainin' )

About 2 years ago I suggested that re-installing makes things quicker, eben though I was only half convinced myself. So....

I always install a new version alongside my working version (just in case there's any show stoppers). I license and sort out the couple of options I want. Then I copy the folder to "c:\program files\Muvizu play fresh install" or something. When I notice things slowing down I delete the contents of the live Muvizu Play folder and copy in my fresh version. Sorted.
2015/7/22 7:17:02
FBX import errors (of course errors) Urban - yes please, if you could do a "how to create a tiny collision box" video in Blender then I will spend some time and see if I can get something automated.

As Ziggy says, we all want to use FBX as their better - it's just that within Muvizu there is a price to pay.
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2015/7/21 17:13:46
FBX import errors (of course errors) urbanlamb wrote:
I dont think anyone has created a script. I have always (even with ASE) just did collision manually because I would take advantage of it in certain props for ease of placement. Anyhow I dont know who wrote the first script was it ziggy? maybe he can be convinced to tinker with FBX and make one for use with FBX meshes

Ideally I would like a script in Blender to add a "ZiggyMesh" tiny collision box at the centre of the axis ready for export as an FBX.

I amended the Sketchup script to inject Ziggy's box into the ASE as it was exported. I'd be happy to to the same for Blender (or at least have a go) if someone could give me step by step instructions of how to create a ZiggMesh style collision box in Blender.

There's collision tutorials out there (sort of) but only to create proper collision which I'm assuming can't be scripted as each model would be different. A generic ZiggyMesh box is perfect as you can still put things on top of planes but don't have the other positioning issues associated with collision.
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2015/7/21 6:54:48
FBX import errors (of course errors) Must be just me then......

It's our friend collision. The bottom line is that I cannot create the sets I need if collision is turned on, so I always have to turn it off.

But you can do that with FBX I hear you shout.... Yes, but with ASE I have a script and can remove collision on 100 models in around 2 seconds. If there was a way of removing collision on FBX models that was even 50 times slower then I would accept it, but as far as I can tell there isn't.

So it's a matter of time for me. A set will have say 100 objects in it. If it takes 3 minutes to get rid or fix collision on an FBX object then that set will take 5 hours longer to create, and I'm not sure what I get for that investment in time. The whole thing takes long enough as it is !

Maybe I just don't have the skills.

If anyone does have an automatic way of removing / reducing collision (ala ZiggyMesh) when exporting to an FBX then I would be delighted and fully converted to FBX.
2015/7/20 14:31:43
FBX import errors (of course errors) I don't use Poser but I do use DAZ. I always export as a DAE and get the model into Autodesk. I can then export as an FBX or ASE.

If you're serious about importing your own models into Muvizu sooner or later you will realise that .ASE with no collision is the way to go.

I rarely use FBX in Muvizu.
2015/7/16 6:05:45
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:
a little tester with all the new gubbings turned on....

That's looking really great.
2015/7/14 16:34:08
Help moving a ball into the air It's hard.

Recently I have been filming objects against a greenscreen and sticking them in later as you get more control.
2015/7/14 13:57:27
Kicks the shed door open and coughs Welcome back me old mucker......
2015/7/12 14:12:22
Where is recorded audio stored I believe the audio is embedded in the .set file and cannot be extracted.

I wouldn't use Muvizu to record things. Use Audacity - sort out the audio as you want it then import into Muvizu.

Hope this helps.
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