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2014/8/7 6:49:27
Blackmagic Resolve - free version Oziabla - thanks for that - this may be very useful......
2014/7/31 20:40:22
How do I share custom character models? You can't extract favourite characters as such, however.....

Create a blank set and insert your character. Save the set and then email that.

Typically we all have a set called "characters.set" or whatever that contains all the characters that can be shared.

(Bug warning though - if you have attachments to the characters made with Muvizu Play Plus then these will need adding again. If you save a character from this .set file as a favourite and load it into a different set then the attachments lose their textures. If this happens then import the attachments again and the second time it will save as a favourite correctly).
2014/7/28 12:43:57
Unable to replay movements I suspect it was the quitting and going back in that actually fixed it.
2014/7/25 13:48:13
A few problems! Enricod - I'm afraid it's a bug.

Everything is going great and then one character refuses to move when you record. In playback mode it's fine.

You can close and re-open the set or copy the character and redo the movement.

Sorry - we're waiting on a fix.
2014/7/25 6:25:10
Crawling and climbing I have used "Cossack dance" and had the camera rotated in really tight. Not sure it totally worked though.
2014/7/24 10:34:53
Coming Soon... toonarama wrote:
Don't know if you are remaking any sets (probably not) but if you were you can find some nice (and reasonably priced) Egyptian sets here

Toon - I must admit I hadn't seen these ones (and I've seen a lot).

Ah conversions...... I do have a pipeline which works around 75% of time, just as long as you don't want to change too much. Then I have some workarounds which gets success to around 90%. The rest I rely on the kindness of others, or just give up !
2014/7/24 7:18:57
Coming Soon... InsaneHamster wrote:
Just curious as to some info on your production pipeline and challenges you have faced.

Not sure it will make an informative read - it's just long hard slog.

We had 30 mins around 18 months ago and sat down to watch it with the original cast from Beware the Pie. I realised then that it wasn't good or tight enough. Also my resources and techniques had improved over the making of this version and I really needed to go back and apply the same throughout.

Little has changed for me with Muvizu over the last three years. We've had no new actions and characters holding objects is, well, let's just call it "version 1".

The main problem has been getting the script to a point I'm happy with, but this was completely cracked earlier this year.

So I'm busy remaking the whole thing again and trying to get a consistent look and quality all the way through.

I'm very pleased with the results, but it is really had work.

2014/7/23 14:58:45
Coming Soon... InsaneHamster wrote:
@ UKberty any time frame on the eye of Amun-Ra?dunno

Time frame you say...... it should be around the time of the next Muvizu update
2014/7/22 15:39:15
Coming Soon... That is looking so good Ziggy.
2014/7/20 5:22:07
how to lipsync in a conversation Twana - you need to get all dialogue for one character on the same line. A character can only sync with one line.

I find that creating a single WAV with all voices works best for me, but some people use a separate WAV for each character.

Hope this helps.
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2014/7/14 7:18:28
Importing object error Yes - go to the centre of the dome and press Q for one second. This will get you in the best please to import. It's a bit hit and miss so play around with it.

If you have massive objects to import, do them first.
2014/7/5 13:37:37
New Member illusions wrote:
Hello all,

Two days ago I downloaded the free version and today I am downloading the Plus+ (a few minor glitches, cant get it to accept the key. I sent in a support ticket and I'm sure I will be up and going soon). So I have the feeling I will be stopping buy here all the time. I was looking around at some of the post that were left and I feel so out of my league here. So thank You in advance for all the silly questions I am likely to ask.


Welcome. Don't worry, we all started knowing very little at some point. You'll be an expert in no time.
2014/7/5 13:35:49
Copy & Paste primaveranz wrote:
So is Muvizu Play+ abandonware now?

I fear we all know the answer to that.......
2014/7/3 10:34:23
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? Here's what I do....

  • Use ASE with Ziggmesh for importing objects. No matter what anyone says, collision has no use in Muvizu and only causes issues. I would not be able to create anything like as complex sets as I do if I could not remove collision.
  • Use FBX for attached objects. Attached objects have no collision so FBX is fine. Also FBX avoids the inconsistency with reversed faces appearing incorrectly on attached ASE objects but correctly if you import the same ASE object.
  • When building sets or attaching objects always have a second copy of Muvizu open with a blank set as a sandbox. Import/attach objects in this empty set to make sure that Muvizu doesn't crash. Some of my sets can take 10 mins to load so I need to know that Muvizu will tolerate my objects before importing into a live set.

Hope this is of some use....
2014/7/2 20:24:12
Copy & Paste We can dream......
2014/7/2 19:21:38
Copy & Paste You can't do this I'm afraid.

You either need to base your next set on an existing one which has your objects or import everything again.
2014/6/5 6:55:52
I'm having a nightmare! If you're using the standard Muvizu assets then I think there's a couple of possibles....

  • Is the prop actually rectangular or is it off ?
  • More likely is good old collision. Turn off floats in the air and keep upright. Let it drop to the floor, this will get it level. Then make sure it's in line with the wall. Then turn floats in the air back on - but NOT keep upright. Raise the picture to where you want it and it won't wobble about because of the collision.

(Just a tip whilst on this subject - I no longer use a lot of backdrops as they have full collision. I have created a "wall" in sketchup (just a rectangle with a little depth) and a texture stretched across it. I then export using my ZiggyMesh exporter. When using this instead of backdrops you don't run into this tedious problem as the collision mesh is very small.)
2014/6/4 6:51:56
Plan B...err... I mean C... I wondered if you'd post this as I thought exactly the same.
From what I seem to rememebr Muvizu's idea is to reduce the time taken to render things. So Pixar have to send their animations off to the server farm overnight for rendering whereas RenderDM will do it instantaneously, well quicker anyway.
This was always the USP for Muvizu and I'm guessing it will be the same for the new render engine.
Maybe we will hear from Digimania on this ??
(Mind you, I'm not exatly sure what a "Render Engine" does anyway)
2014/5/21 10:55:36
Facing issues with character & object interaction You can't really prevent this happening. We call it "clipping" and it's the bane of our lives.

The only solution is.... camera angles.
2014/5/19 18:06:54
which render "made video" is the highest quality? Video > make video > advanced > output type. Choose targa from within there.
If you're using 1280x720 then uncompressed seems to work fine for most things. If you are regularly breaking the 2GB limit then, how can I put this, your video is probably not going to be that interesting as it will be a single shot.
My advice would be use more shots, use uncompressed and assemble everything in a video editor. The result will be much better.
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