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2012/6/1 15:08:37
Moving limbs I'm wondering if we're all looking for the perfect "works in all situations" solution rather than just getting something that can be useful. I know that Muvizu don't like compromises but we can take a method that is not perfect and could produce some odd results and just make the best of it. Trust us.

I am struggling to see the problem with having an attached item property to the hand with rotation and location controls. Look at the axe in the head for a reference - we want that but for hands and our own objects (and for head whilst you're at it !).

We would pose a character and stick something in their hand, or attach a handbag so they could walk with it. All the technology already seems to be there.

Yes you could put the handbag upside down so it looks wrong. Yes some animations would look wrong because the gravity was incorrect, but that's down to us to make sure it all works and we avoid such things. There are so many things you can do already to break the rules of the universe - you just have to make sure you don't.

I know it's not the perfect solution, but I think it'd be 80% there and we could do so much with it.

Please can we have that. Please......
2012/5/31 12:10:33
Urgent Problem Directing Object Movement Same as Dylly really. Win 7 64 bit DX11 - running for an hour or two - no other indicators or issues. Only seems to effect object movement. PC is on all the time but gets rebooted every couple of days.

It's no biggy - I haven't had the issue when you can't direct character actions with the new version and I haven't had a complete PC hang on Make Video for ages so I'm well happy.
2012/5/31 5:47:07
Moving limbs i agree

Separation of upper and lower body animations is the logical next step and would help enormously. Also separation of head and body animations - i.e. I want to point forward but with a sad face. Again a much simpler task for the Devs than individual finger animation, but would give us so much more with the animations we already have.

I'm just animating a conversation between two characters and keep having to close crop the shot on one of them as I keep having to make him stand up to get the animations I require.
2012/5/30 19:55:56
Urgent Problem Directing Object Movement I have to say this happens to me quite a bit with the latest build - coming out of Muvizu and back in always fixes it though.

Maybe this should go down as a bug, but I've no idea how to reproduce it.
2012/5/27 14:18:55
Screen of the Black So is Muvizu bascially working - i.e. the menus all work but your scene is black ?

Can you upload the .set file somewhere for us to have a look at ?

2012/5/22 15:06:57
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) My guy was on a ground plane (chasing a goat - don't ask).
2012/5/21 19:57:24
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Yep - just had one chap disappear. All I dd was adjust the position of the movement I had recorded. You can still select him, he's just not visible.

I've just saved and reloaded the set and he's back !
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2012/5/19 6:41:29
The Beautiful Game....Spot Dylly! I love these eccentric English rituals. There are more of them than you'd think. My Brother-in-Law is in the Heptonstall Pace Egg (Google it!) which is equally bizarre - all clogs and real ale. I haven't been for a couple of years as my liver can't take it.

Spot you in the video. Now let's see.... Are you in the photo from the 1890s ?
2012/5/18 21:43:06
The scarf In a similar style we came across this whilst researching our latest project.

2012/5/17 8:53:05
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Danimal wrote:

I'd be 100 times happier seeing more facial and hair options to make them look distinct before I'd ever care about DirectX 11 support. Expand on what's there. Give the characters more arm attachments so that we can at least mimic prop handling.

At the risk of being my usual miserable old scrote self, I have a lot of sympathy with what you're saying here Danimal. Over the last year there has been a lot of technical changes to the interface and engine which I appreciate were necessary and would have held things back without them. But toon shading ? Really ?

Can we crack on with making animation easier and better now please.
2012/5/14 8:16:11
i cant run Muvizu Error You need to get into device manager.

Depending on your OS either just type "device manager" in the run box or go to control panel>admin tools>computer manager>device manager

In there you can see the display adapter you have.
Post this and the Devs will tell you if it should be compatible.
2012/5/12 19:01:55
i cant run Muvizu Error Sorry to hear that Rutita - could you post the model of Graphics card you have in your PC please.
2012/5/9 19:46:55
Unreal engine 2012 video That looks awesome - however I worry that the Devs will now spend their time moving to this platform. Look at the video again - it's full of people HOLDING THINGS !!
2012/4/20 6:03:30
How do I create a new charater in muvizu.... Welcome Jayadeava.

I'm afraid the body shapes of the characters you can create are currently fixed and you cannot create your own.

Although you cannot add new clothes for your characters directly you can use custom textures to draw things on - look at this tutorial -

Similarly the list of actions cannot be added to, although more actions get added with each release of the software.

Glad you like it and looking forward to your first Muvi.
2012/4/18 6:53:10
Heads up on Webroot Antivirus issues and Muvizu Just to get this into the forum in case anyone searches for it......

There is an issue with Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus and Muvizu. This is "Antivirus in the cloud" and works by identifying known programs which it knows are safe. Webroot does not know about Muvizu so will let you run it, but monitors it really closely to make sure it's not doing anything naughty. This makes certain tasks in Muvizu run really slow (opening scenes and importing objects).

You can get over this by creating overrides using the MD5 hash for a few Muvizu processes - but it's not that pretty. Worse is that the hash will change with each new version of Muvizu so you have to do it over again.

This is a new way of doing things and Webroot are constantly developing this program. I'm told this workaround will get easier so I won't post how to did it here as it'll all change by the time someone needs to know. I'll watch this thread or you can PM me for the current instructions.

It sounds like I'm slagging Webroot off - I'm really not. Their product is really fast and actually stops viruses !
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2012/4/16 18:55:45
Help!...The "Man" character is gone now.... EEFilmz - The man and woman characters always generate a random character rather than a specific look (actually I think they pick one from a pool of predefined models rather than being random).

I believe this is to enable you to quickly create a crowd that doesn't look like an army of clones.
2012/4/13 16:14:59
how do you backup your ipod music? Jayceww - at the risk of turning this forum into a general tech support free for all.....

Your iPod is effectively a copy of what you have in itnues - so the master copy is on your computer and not your iPod. Simply plug in your iPod to your computer and then select it in iTunes. You can then select which playlist, artists or even tracks you sync rather than syncing the whole lot.
2012/4/13 6:47:35
Can't Save Favorite Characters with Decals?? EEFilmz - I'm afraid you can't do this at the moment. Just remove the decals and save the character then reapply when you import.
2012/4/12 18:14:32
watermark question Neut,

When I have mixed Muvizu and non-Muvizu content I hit the "logo keeps coming and going issue" as well.

I prevented the distraction by putting the Muvizu logo across the non Muvizu content as well.

You can use most video editors (Vegas/Avid/Studio etc) to do this.

Just a suggestion.....
2012/4/11 19:57:05
It's limited Sure it's limited, but you need to play to it's strengths.

Excerpt from my co-writer (non-animator) after a script meeting...

He takes the files and lighting a lighter burns the file pages with a chuckle
he crawls along the passage, candle in hand.

Now this really isn't happening so we will write around it (how many times do I have to tell him!)

But as long as you know the restrictions there is plenty of scope for creativity.
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