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2012/2/9 9:35:26
Random requests! Gordon,

Thanks for having a look. I've had a little play and basically that would mean doing a "pose" action and letting it play through which would keep the character out of idle ?

This would allow me to do what I want so yes please.

Ideally it would give us much more control if you could take it off "idle" as the character would always have to be is a pose to be dead, which may look a bit unnatural - but I'll take what I can get !
2012/2/8 7:28:50
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
And it's not only death that the no breathing option would give us - statues and toys too.

Actually Zig you have reminded me - I have a museum scene where I have already had to import inferior skeletons as the Muvizu ones wouldn't stop moving.

(Inferior Skeletons - great 70s band).
2012/2/7 7:31:22
Random requests! I have hit a couple of issues which if changed would make Muvizu even better - one old, one new.

  • Please,please, please can we have a tick box on a character to stop them breathing. There is quite a bit of death in my latest creation, or at least there would be if the characters would actually die !
  • I am having a problem with the "pose" positions (lay down etc). I have a character "relaxing on front" - which is all going well until I try to move their head and it all goes a bit exorcist. I can keep their heads still for the moment, but it would be nice to be able to bring them more to life.


2012/2/5 8:26:34
Future of Muvizu after BETA Valero - as the others have said, I wouldn't worry. The skills you learn by just getting stuck and making some movies will be transferable to other applications.

They have always said that it will always be free, but even if there is a change of mind I would make hay while the sun shines. In fact some of our heads are starting to burn !

Go for it.

2012/2/4 7:57:53
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Ziggy - you're not alone. I had to revert to 0.18b for the same reason. I have been told it is fixed in the next release though, so we'll just have to be patient.
2012/1/31 6:22:10
Poor output quality Dylly - Just out of interest, what do you use to make the animations for the butterfly and crow ??
2012/1/30 11:10:00
Some more free stuff This is so impressive and prolific !

(I have downloaded the tree and I believe it's the first blow in the revolution against collision !!)
2012/1/30 11:03:58
How do I move a character then turn him? This turning movements RED is new in 0.19b and I didn't realise was there - thanks for pointing it out.

In 0.18 if you deleted a movement then all subsequent movements would also be deleted.

Had a little play and I think it works thus :-

When you record a movement it stores the absolute position at the start and end of the movement. So that means it stores the x and y coordinates and the direction they are facing at the start and end.
If you delete a movement which has movements after it then Muvizu knows that the start position of the subsequent movement does not match the end of the previous movement. To warn you of this it puts it in red. It will mean that at the start of the second movement the character will jump to the new coordinates rather than moving to them, which may look odd bit could be useful.

Try it - record three separate sections of walking then delete the middle one.

Maybe one of the Devs would like to comment on the thinking behind this development ??

2012/1/30 6:31:52
How do I move a character then turn him? Steven - this kind of stuff is always hard. I would always do it sort of the other way round. Animate the character to that they walk and stop in roughly the right place then adjust the camera so that it looks as if they walked up to it.

Getting to character to turn at the end of a walk is not that possible. I do it two ways:-
  • A sort of sweeping arc to a stop using the mouse
  • A straight walk with a turn using the "movement wheel" under the character at the end. This can look quite unnatural (in fact just fighting with this now so I'm using an action over the gap between the walk and the turn to cover it up a bit).

I hope this makes sense - anyone any other ideas ?
2012/1/28 7:19:25
Directing movement is really hard Make sure you turn off lighting using F12 before attempting to move anything - this will really help smooth things out.
2012/1/28 7:17:21
Avid are a pain in the arris! Dylly,

I have given up on Avid as well. I had Pinnacle Studio 14 (which was great) and upgraded to Avid Studio, which was so buggy I couldn't really use it. I did "White Wine" on it as the edit was very simple, but couldn't reliably do any audio work. Patch 1 came out and stopped even the video working properly. It's a shame as I loved the product.

I have moved to Sony Vegas which is great, although the playback review is jumpier. After a decade moaning about it I now really miss that background render that Pinnacle Studio did all the time !

If you're really stuck I'm sure I could get my old Studio 14 to you somehow. If you need it send me a private message and we'll sort it.


2012/1/25 7:33:52
Make people ride in a car!? Wizplace,

In short - you can't.

I have done a couple of tricks which if you don't look too closely they look as though they're riding in a car.

First was to have a character drive off the screen in a car. I did this using 3 shots together.

Shot 1 - Film the car on a green background with green windows and move the camera off to the left
Shot 2 - Replace the car with a character and film exactly the same shot again
Shot 3 - Static background.

Then I used greenscreen to stitch it all together and the car looks like it is driven off to the right.

If you want to film them in the car going a long then I make backdrops. Film a scene and pull the camera back. Add the "unstable" effect or whatever it's called. If you put this on an animated background behind your chaps in a car it looks like they are going along (well it looks like they're going a long in a 70s kind of way !)

You can also use background for side shots, but you would pan along your scene rather than away from it.

There are no boats except the pirate ship in Muvizu, but you will find loads in sketchup. Such as.....

Hope this helps.

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2012/1/19 17:51:43
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). RockosFP wrote:
A minor bug is that the game freezes randomly on my end. Anyone else encounter random freezes?

Are the lock ups at any point in particular. Does it lock the whole machine or just Muvizu ?
I sometimes get complete lock ups in "Make Movie", particularly when watching BBC iPlayer on another screen!
2012/1/16 6:11:12
Shopping List & thanks for de-trumpeting Dylly wrote:

Ability to turn collision ‘off’ on a model ?

What He Said
We have it for characters (can be stood on). This would make scene building so much quicker.
2012/1/15 19:58:30
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). ghrenig wrote:
At the present moment it is going to take 17 hours to download the latest release, chance of corruption high

Ghrenig -

I would install a download manager which may get you round the corruption. I use "Free Download Manager" from

This should allow you to resume a download and it will piece the file together.

Tell it to download from if it doesn't kick in when you try and download from the link on the website.


2012/1/14 7:24:05
Help exporting from Blender 2.61 Chris,

Welcome to Muvizu.

Could you post the .ase file somewhere for us to look at and I'm sure we'll crack it.

I've had a lot of this with the Arteria models and have always managed to work out what it can't find.

2012/1/11 17:32:28
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Jamie, Re Backwards compatible - it's no big deal - I don't really expect 1.09 sets to be able to be loaded into 1.08, I was just warning people not to save their older sets in 1.09 as we have a conversion issue. I will send you my example .set to
2012/1/11 8:53:27
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Alakyr - The download buttons for the latest release (1.09) are at the top of the screen.
2012/1/10 20:11:48
Bit More Realism Lewis - Welcome to Muvizu !

I think we all know what you mean. When you first look at Muvizu it does seem very cartoony. Over the last 18 months there have been many enhancements to make things more realistic (the react animations in particular). We would all like to see a "neutral" state rather than happy,sad etc, but with some playing around I have been amazed at the diversity of moods that you can create and have been created by others.

As long as you are happy with the basic character shapes then you should be able to find a way to do what you want (I feel I can get just as much emotion from the "cartoony" characters within Muvizu than from the rather unnerving more realistic characters in iClone.)

We're still finishing the script for "Beware the eye of Amun-Ra" and now I am more familiar with what is possible with Muvizu we can adjust the story and scenes to play to Muvizu's strengths.

Good luck and we're looking forward to seeing your work

2012/1/10 17:22:41
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). A couple of compatibility issues I have noticed :-

  • Imported objects which use ID_Textures revert to being pink in saved sets from 1.08. What's worse is that the colours are still there when you edit the object but they are not applied to the object. You can re-import them fine. Textured imported objects seem OK, although I have some transparency issues on some which I cannot reproduce.

  • Sets saved in 1.09 are not backwardly compatible with 1.08. This would not be a real issue unless you want to re-use sets with imported objects - do not save these in 1.09 !

Also, the "Make Video" view is now a lot slower. I probably get 1 out of 5 frames that I used to in 1.08. I use this all the time to view what I am doing in a larger window. Interestingly moving the time marker manually produces a much smoother output than pressing play, which is weird.

I know, we're never happy are we ??

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