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2011/7/28 17:00:17
Here's a new one Also Neil - if you create a character with Decals and save the set you can open the set again and the decals will be there.

If you exit Muvizu, then try and open the same set it comes up with the error and does not load the character - this is potentially a real issue as I will have to remember to remove all decals before saving, otherwise I will lose my characters, all actions and movements - AHHHHH !!

Will this also be addressed in the next release ?
2011/7/28 6:31:37
Here's a new one Neil wrote:
...... but there was a bug that wasn't disabling the save button. This is already fixed for the next release.......

Just to let you know that you can still save a character with decals and then can't import it.

Removing decals before you save is still the work around in v0.16b
2011/7/27 7:13:56
v0.16b Feedback So to sum up are demands are......

1) Turn off collision option
2) Way-points (cameras first)
3) More consistent shadows
4) And for me, an undo button that undoes / or a lock button that locks / or percent boxes on the sliders - any of these would stop the devastation that occurs when you try to build a complex set (actually "no collisions" would also do the job).

.....and I'm not coming down from the roof until I get them.
2011/7/24 17:16:27
Imported object collision Greenscreen is your friend.
2011/7/23 18:48:19
Static Mode Blimey Ziggy - that sounds like a lot of work.

I've sorted it out however......

I changed the script so that they're lying down.
2011/7/23 12:04:56
Static Mode Is there a way to stop the movement of a character when they are idle. I'm talking about the slight "wobbling" they do which makes them look alive, which is fine, except when they're dead.

I need a vertical character to do this so the sleep/impact movements won't work for me.

Ideas anyone ?
2011/7/23 7:29:33
Set Building - Rotate Objects Wizaerd - you need to remove the "keep upright" check box and then it will rotate in 3 dimensions.

It is quite an art once you try this though - I still struggle with it, but you will get the object where you want with enough fiddling about.

I would also check the "floats in the air" checkbox, otherwise it will obey the forces of gravity and settle to a stable angle once you put it down.
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2011/7/23 7:21:03
v0.16b Feedback RightURKen wrote:
Does this update fix the problem in the 64 bit version not working right with a lot of characters with motion? I had to switch to the 32 bit version because of this. Can I try the 64 bit again?

I think it has - I loaded up the set which I had the issue with and it works fine (mind you, as this was their test set they may have only fixed it for this one !)

Remember you can have multiple copies of Muvizu on your PC at the same time. I have 3, although the oldest one should now be redundant as the shadow slider has removed the need for it.

So load on the 64 bit, but install it in a different directory to the 32 bit (I think it should do that anyway). It will overwrite the desktop icon, but you can always create a new shortcut to the 32 bit version if the 64 bit still proves a problem.

Let us know how you get on.
2011/7/21 21:53:59
What are these features? You will never escape the sky dome.
2011/7/20 8:36:49
Can I turn off collision? Ken - I'm sure I know the answer to this - it's "no"

I have campaigned for it to be "yes". If you turn off "can be stood on" then I think they should be able to merge. Making it all logical and realistic should be down the the animator.

Can we please change the way it works, or have another tick box for "solid" or something which produces this behavior.

Having said that if you look at the "doorway" standard set you'll see that the lower levels of the buildings are tapered at the bottom, except they all look straight. If you move one you can see it's tapered and can never get it back to where it was as the tapers won't merge. So how was this ever done ? I suspect some jiggery pokery at Muvizu HQ as they also secretly need this feature as well.

Can someone at Muvizu enlighten me ? Have I missed something ?
2011/7/18 18:27:44
v0.16b Feedback Shadow Intensity - Brilliant

64 bit version - now seems same speed as 32 bit - great (notice I now have a memory usage in the scene window - 6% !!! Time to import some more objects)

Can't remember what else there was but that's double thumbs up from me so far.
2011/7/18 13:45:31
Avoiding random crashes Dave,

I just had to set the option for the Codec up and I'm back to normal. The upgrade must have reset everything.

All sorted and back in business
2011/7/15 7:09:19
Animals Jaireniel,

I'm afraid you cannot import characters for animation. We are limited to the standard characters within Muvizu, but these are added to each release.

You can import objects from sketchup and move these around, but not really "animate" them.
2011/7/15 6:44:33
Avoiding random crashes Thanks for that Dave - I have taken your advice.

Just for your info I am experiencing the random crashing when clicking on make video. This locks my whole machine rather than just crashing Muvizu.

I was already on NVidia 275.33 and I don't think XVid was installed at all (at least not from - but I've now installed it.

I am using the FFV1 encoder from klite - so this has been updated with the beta 7 version.

I will let you know how it goes. It moves from make video to the preview screen a lot faster now, and this is where it used to crash.

Update - oh dear - my output is now total garbage ! I'll have to have a fiddle over the weekend.
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2011/7/14 14:02:16
Interface & Timeline simonheffer wrote:

As I work with Visual Studio/Eclipse most days one feature that I find useful is a properties window that's there permanently, which changes as I select different objects. It's always in the same place and types of properties are grouped together in the same order. It also has a dropdown to allow me to select an object by name without having to find it and select it. This latter would require some internal default name generation (wall-1,wall-2) as I don't name every object in Muvizu.

I think generally as more features become available docked windows may become increasingly necessary in order to tidy away the clutter from scene view (optionally floating, of course).

I guess this take it away from the fun,"let's get to it" presentation but should allow faster working at the end of the day.

Yes yes yes - who else has changed the size of a backdrop that they have highlighted, but have the properties of another- bang - the whole scene is torn apart and you have to reload from a saved position.
2011/7/9 18:02:35
Next release Any chance of slipping in a Pith Helmet into the next release?


2011/7/7 8:32:24
The Garage Band Blues Episode #1... Yes - agree with everyone - really, really slick.

Script, pace and story arc are spot on.

Dreeko's voices are top notch as ever.

Hope to see more.
2011/7/6 20:29:15
The Barmy Buccaneer Next up is stop motion animation from the early 90s.

Lots of ideas - some work, some don't.

It's based on (well a total rip-off of..) Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer video - have a look at it on YouTube if you're not familiar with his late period pre-Womad work (who is ?).

We just made it up as we went along and wrote the lyrics afterwards so it doesn't quite hang together as well as it might.

I'll just put things up on the YouTube channel in future rather than pollute the forums with non-Muvizu stuff.

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2011/7/1 13:15:03
Easter Eggs Danimal,

Les is just toying with you. That's the trouble with these arty types.

2011/6/27 10:59:38
The Barmy Buccaneer Ziggy - I would like to say that the reason that the main bulk of the animation is in black and white is to contrast the flashback nature of this portion of the film with the more colourfull present day portion at the end.

Truth is that there wasn't enough time.
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