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2016/2/23 6:39:49
Video compatible with FCPX? I would swap to using TARGA - I think most of us have given up with Muvizu's AVI output.
2016/2/17 15:13:10
Moscow Assets blickfang - It's the same with FBX as it is with ASE - you can't get rid of collision, you just have to make it really small.

Let me know if you need help and I'll see if I can do a Wiki.
2016/2/8 8:14:50
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? I have a couple of scenes which have moving water. Here's one....

I use Hitfilm as my compositor and personally I would not try to do this within Muvizu.

Here's the tutorial I watched to learn what to do in HitFilm

Hopefully this is of some help
2016/2/7 18:19:58
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? I may have an idea, but I don't really know what everyone it talking about !

What are you trying to recreate in the Chinese History Pack ??
2016/2/7 16:57:03
Action: make a character drink from a glass? For things like this, where it absolutely needs to be done, I would make a fake arm and hand.

Cut to a close up and introduce the arm, hand and glass as a separate model.

Surprisingly effective.............

2016/2/1 17:49:21
How do I..... Yes, please don't worry - it's as MDW says - I posted something then immediately realised Ziggy had addressed this point so I looked a bit of an idiot (no change there).

Ziggy and I go back a long way (in fact we're constantly helping each other with each other's projects) so there's no bad feeling anywhere.

The Muvizu forum is unusually very polite and supportive - we try not to tolerate any unpleasantness.

It was me that was slagging myself off for being a bit dim !
2016/2/1 15:58:50
How do I..... Yes - no one upset here. Please don't be afraid to post.
2016/2/1 6:58:55
Snowblower on Nitrous What a great use for Muvizu. Really enjoyed it.,
2016/1/30 8:15:45
ASE conversion in newer versions of Sketchup I have automated adding the Ziggy collision mesh so it only takes a couple of seconds because I'm lazy....

Thought it may be helpful....

Create a text file : c:\windows\addmesh.bat (depending on you OS you may need to edit as administrator)
Put the following lines in it :-

for %%c in (.\*.ase) DO copy "%%c" nocollision
for %%d in (.\nocollision\*.ase) DO type "c:\ut3\ZiggyMesh.ase" >> "%%d"

Download the ZiggyMesh.ase from here -
Rename the ZMB(collision model).ase to ZiggyMesh.ase and stick it in c:\ut3

Every folder that I have models in I create a folder underneath it called NoCollision
I then start a DOS prompt and change directory to the folder with my models in.
As I add models or edit and export them again I just keep running AddMesh from my DOS window (Up arrow to repeat last command).

This ensures that all my .ase files in the nocollision folder are up to date and have the collision removed. I then use these to import into Muvizu.
2016/1/29 15:59:22
How do I..... ukBerty wrote:
Ziggy - am I missing something

Yes I am - the bit in your video where you suggest just that !
2016/1/29 15:57:35
How do I..... Ziggy - am I missing something but why are you moving the background at all ? In your compositor just use a static shot of the background (a single TGA image) and have your car on the layer in front moving past ?

If you need a shadow for the car just render out "separate shadows" on the background layer and apply that under the car layer.
2016/1/29 15:54:20
Beefy Man I think you're referring to the weird shadowy lines which are the result of having the AO size setting on edit>environment up too high.
2016/1/28 20:20:19
favourites suggestion Nice idea What He Said
2016/1/25 18:20:15
Trying to speed up renders but need shadow help You need to render out the background as the shadows belong to the layer they are cast upon, not the layer which casts them.

If you put your chap on a separate layer and set the background layer to "separate shadows" then you should get the layers you require without the need for any messy greenscening.
2016/1/24 16:03:58
Copy objects from one set to another ? fazz68 wrote:
open muvizu twice. load one set in one and one in the other. copy and paste away. you wont be able to copy and paste the actions though. as soon as you copy paste a character it loses them.

You got me excited here Fazz - but I don't think this works.
2016/1/20 7:04:06
2016.01.15 Bugs MrDrWho13 wrote:
I'm afraid to confirm that my set made in the previous version has these problems:
  • Nothing showing up on the timeline by default - you actually have to select objects to get them to show in the timeline.
  • The cape has a missing texture
  • Keyframed camera movements don't work but do show on the camera's timeline

MDW - Don't know if it's the same but Mandy character has a terrible issue with the texture of her skirt which loses it's texture when loading sets. To get round this I just kept resetting it after load but recently have found that making the layer she is on invisible and visible again also fixes the issue.
2016/1/18 19:35:01
Found this resource for textures.... Thanks MrMuviz - that will be very useful.
2016/1/18 19:33:30
Mandy Character and a Mic I feel your pain - I decided to go for a fixed mic - it suited the retro look of what I wanted though so worked out OK

2016/1/17 13:29:00
no sound in latest version Muvizu Play+? Paul - sadly not all WAVs are equal in he eyes of Muvizu.

Not sure what the reason is but if I export from Adobe Audition as "Windows PCM WAV" then Muvizu won't have it. Exporting as "Microsoft ADPCM WAV" works.

I suspect if you convert the file in something like Audacity then it will work.

(I use WAV rather than MP3 though - I've never been able to get MP3 files to work in Muvizu, although I believe it is possible).
2016/1/14 5:56:14
Robot wars This is how I remember it......
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