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2015/11/20 7:36:35
Market place I speak as a purchaser rather than a seller and......

A points system would put me off entering. There are couple of sites like this and I always think (rightly or wrongly) - "I'm never going to use them again so I don't want to have cash tied up there that I'm just going to waste" - and I go somewhere else. It's a lot of work for a possible negative outcome.

Here what I would do...

  • Sell stuff in packs to overcome the transaction cost.
  • Don't worry about currency fluctuations. Choose a currency and stick to it. We're all grown ups and understand that currencies can change, but normally not that much to make a big enough difference on such small amounts. Don't over complicate things.
  • Have periodic sales. I use DAZ3D. They have a "wishlist" system. I just stick things I know I'm going to want in there and buy them when they're on offer. I always think I have one over on them, but I suspect it's really the other way round.
  • The low poly / high poly argument is really one about style. Low Poly models are great and are probably what are required here to fit in with the Muvizu objects you get with the software, but these are not for the likes of Ziggy and myself. We like higher poly models to give a more sumptuous look. It's horses for courses. However having both will cause a bit of an identity crisis for the store. My instinct says sell low poly objects which fit in with the Muvizu look - if you want the high poly more realistic look then leave it to the likes of DAZ.
  • Once you work out that the average person buying Muvizu then goes on to buy assets - give the software away for free. Look at it as handing people a big shopping trolley as they enter the store. It's all about in-app purchases.
  • As PatMArr says - "sell the dream". Trust me, it's a lot easier to buy the assets for a project than it is to make it!
Just my 2 Muvizu points worth....
2015/11/19 17:14:24
Grouping cameras with characters? I wasn't planning on 2020, but the way it's going......
2015/11/19 16:41:57
Keeping Muvizu "fresh"? I do this, but it's to improve set loading times rather than speed when moving things around though. Still not 100% sure it does anything, but anecdotally it seems to....

I would suspect MDW is correct in pointing to your graphics card.
2015/11/19 13:00:53
Grouping cameras with characters? Yes - animate group of objects is really needed.

Just coming up to a bit in my project which requires this and I think I'll have to defer to another application. I'll see if waypoints will help me first....
2015/11/17 13:44:33
CODEC XVID Isso é uma vergonha que você sente que, como eu acho que as duas últimas inovações mover coisas sobre um monte . As camadas são fantásticos e me permite fazer muito mais.

Codecs não são realmente feitas por Muvizu e este é um problema em muitos pacotes. Eu realmente ficaria para mover arquivos para TARGA e os seus problemas de codecs irão desaparecer .
2015/11/16 9:57:00
CODEC XVID A versão de 64 bits não vem com quaisquer codecs ea maioria de nós pararam de usá-los como todos eles têm seus próprios problemas. Você vai descobrir que , eventualmente, você irá usar arquivos TARGA como estes parecem superar todos os problemas com codecs de AVI e tamanho do arquivo.
2015/11/15 14:30:02
Creating drop shadows MDW - the shadow layers are not rendered with transparency - that is correct.

When importing the layers in Hitfilm I have to set the blend mode to darken. This will darken the layers below it where there is grey or black on the image sequence. Any white areas will be unaffected. This means that white is effectively the same as transparent.

Not sure how you would do this in Sony Vegas.

I use Sony Vegas for all my editing, but Hitfilm for compositing. I like to have my shots rendered out before I put them in the editor as rendering them on the fly is slow and jumpy. I think you can do all the layering you need in the free version of HitFilm -

If you download the free version and follow the instructions I posted earlier on this thread I'm sure you'll see what I'm talking about.
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2015/11/14 7:26:24
Creating drop shadows Tog,

You don't need greenscreen with layers - that's one of the beauties about it....

Just create a layer and put your characters on it.

If you select "separate shadows" when you edit the layer then you get two TARGA sequences when you render- one of the colour for that layer and one of the shadows that fall on that layer.

Therefore you will want to set layer 1(your characters) without separate shadows but your background with separate shadows.

Here's a set...

I have a single layer containing my character which is not set to separate shadows but my background is set to separate shadows

Here's what a layer1 TGA file looks like

Notice that this is a single layer and the character has shadows on him. These are the shadows falling on Layer 1 objects and you don't need these separated out, in fact it's simpler if they are not.

The background shadow layer looks like this...

Once you realise that the shadow layer contains the shadows that are cast on that layer and not by that layer it all falls into place.

Remember - you must use TARGA sequences for any of this to work - forget AVI.

In HitFilm I then assemble the layers thus....

You need to set the blend mode on your shadow layer to "darken". You can then adjust the opacity to change the shadow intensity.

So you end up with....

Obviously other compositors will have something equivalent.

It took me a while to get my head round it....

Hope this helps.....
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2015/11/12 6:09:41
Hitfilm express 3 I'm a big fan if HitFilm. I do all my composting in it and I do a lot - it's all a learning curve, but I find it easier to use that After Effects and quicker to get a result.

Urban's right though - it's not a great editor. I composit in HitFilm then it's into Sony Vegas for editing.
2015/11/9 18:20:59
01/10/2105 Release Feedback And another little frames one....

If you select separate shadows and then disable that layer to render, it still renders the shadows. May not sound bad but it overwrites your previous shadows which you may have set up differently. And it wastes some time....
2015/11/5 17:43:13
01/10/2105 Release Feedback Jamie wrote:

Is this the same issue that Ziggy was having or a separate issue with DoF?

Ziggy's issue was fixed by going to version 353 of the NVidia drivers.

Not sure - I just know that it doesn't work. I'm on 358.87 and I still get this.....

Interestingly all these characters are on the same layer - so I don't know why some have the ReadyBreak glow and some don't - let me know if you need the set file.
2015/11/2 6:42:15
01/10/2105 Release Feedback Another little one, but a big time waster...

The "separate shadows" tick box on layers does not seem to save with sets.
2015/10/31 10:53:04
The BIG Ol' Codec**t and Windows 10... EE - I resisted TARGA for ages as well as I just couldn't bear the admin required to manage the damn things. But....

After being forced down that route I have embraced it.

  • Create a folder for each shot rather than having them all in one folder.
  • If you do use layers then there will be subfolders under these
  • As MDW says, your video editor should be able to import these so they appear as a single entity rather than hundreds of files
  • Yes rendering now takes longer, especially with multiple layers, but the pluses for me outweigh this.
  • No more 2GB file limit (although when I render AVI files out of HitFilm they are much much larger than 2GB and work perfectly - which I don't understand).
Have I sold you on them yet ??
2015/10/30 6:10:23
Psycho killer Qu'est-ce que c'est ? Brilliant that's what it is.

Top notch.
2015/10/28 13:10:18
African Village Set Wanted You can buy one from here -

A word of warning though - you will need some 3d modelling skills to get them into Muvizu.
2015/10/26 6:24:59
01/10/2105 Release Feedback Back to layers.....

I would like a tickbox on the render screen to "Render all layers as one".


So DOF does not work with layers anymore - that's fine. It's you're using layers then do DOF in your compositor.
But sometimes to speed things up it would be preferable to use Muvizu's DOF.
But if you have everything separated into layers for other, more complex, shots then unless you move everything back to a single layer (see earlier posts) the DOF will still screw the shot up.
You could switch back to AVI files, but only if you're beneath the 2GB limit.

The solution would be to have a simple "Render all layers as single layer" option when rendering to flatten everything and prevent a load of unnecessary work.
2015/10/23 11:49:50
01/10/2105 Release Feedback ukBerty wrote:
mcmillan-ra wrote:
Sorry if it's too late and you've already done everything you need to do.


Actually ungrouping is still probably quicker. Cntrl-A to select everything and then keep pressing Cntrl-shift-G to ungroup. Then they all appear in layers and I can mindlessly go through them one by one.

I have 100+ groups in the set so finding them all and editing would be very time consuming.

All done now anyway....
2015/10/23 10:57:47
01/10/2105 Release Feedback mcmillan-ra wrote:
Sorry if it's too late and you've already done everything you need to do.

2015/10/23 9:51:54
01/10/2105 Release Feedback Oh - and also.....

When you copy an object could it maintain the layer from the source object. At the moment it will default to the background.
2015/10/23 9:03:06
01/10/2105 Release Feedback And please, please allow groups to appear in the layers windows - you have no idea how tedious this is !

I've just had to ungroup around 100 groups and move single objects manually......
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