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2013/8/24 12:09:08
How to record normal voices, silly voices? Thank you all.

Then my conclusion is:

- a good microphone
- a place to record, without environmental noise
- software to edit the voices
- and enough friends who can produce the voices


2013/8/23 15:42:18
How to record normal voices, silly voices? Thanks you the reply.

Audacity is only hepling me partly, it's the software part.
I'm also interessted in the hardware part.
Just connect a micophone into my computer is not give me a sound that satisfied me.
Are there better ways?
I would like to know how other record their voices.

2013/8/23 11:41:07
How to record normal voices, silly voices? Hello,

I want some advise about recording voices.

Looking at several created animations people made, they all let characters speak to each other.
I once used a "text to speech" program, but i'm not satisfied with this.

How or what is the method to record voices, silly voices etc?
And then i mean, the kind of technic (software, hardware) to record them.
How do you, Muvizu animators, do this?
Using some kind of special software, a mixer perhaps?

Any advice is appreciated.


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