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2014/3/7 14:42:49
I do not understand, fazz68, thank you, I need a little longer until I understood .....
2014/3/7 14:36:30
I do not understand, ok, i think upload a set is ok, never moar upload 3d model. upload 3d model as a set is also ok. puuuuh!!!!
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2014/3/7 7:03:31
I do not understand, "As of February 2014 we will no longer be hosting new 3D models and audio files"

what does that mean? no upload more of 3d assets? can I upload new 3d models in a set?
sorry, my english is very bad, maybe I misunderstood something.

2014/3/5 8:39:59
Asset Creation i convert fbx files to obj files. with the Autodesk converter. sketchup can edit obj files. Then I export the obj files to ase files. that's all.
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2014/3/2 8:35:34
Asset Creation fazz68, I'll give you 100% right. me makes it almost more fun to tinker assets than making movies.
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2014/3/1 16:59:13
Head Attachments? sorry for "head attachements". I have no better name found. fazz gave me the idea
2014/2/26 7:39:02
Anna and the Robot, a Short Film thanks, nice green screening,nice sound and nice story
2014/2/26 7:35:09
Cartoon-Cartoon Thank you, no, unfortunately not. is only Muvizu
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2014/2/23 16:02:02
My first movie in just a day nice nice nice
2014/2/23 12:39:27
importing ASE file only has one color/texture. is that chicken skp file from fiendscracker or anonym?
2014/2/23 12:16:16
importing ASE file only has one color/texture. hi, i used sketchup 7. That makes me the least problems.
you have to pick the colors. are there pictures or sketchup colors? please save your file in sk 7. i cant't open sk 13
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2014/2/20 11:31:55
classic kirk fights. number 1 THANKS, very sound etc
2014/2/12 15:53:13
Function Keys not working IanS wrote:
F11 is working for me and the screenshot is being dropped in:
C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\MuvizuGame\Screenshots\PC\

thanks, very thanks. i found
2014/2/12 8:26:03
Function Keys not working fazz68 wrote:
the screenshots can be found in the muvizu program folder. go to muvizu play, open the folder. then go down to muvizugame, open the folder and near the bottom you will find the screenshot folder.
i dunno what F1 does but i imagine the help that it says it opens would be the same as clicking on the question mark in the corner.
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good morning fazz68, in this space I have not found screenshot folder. there is still another possibility where this folder is?
2014/2/3 15:04:58
import assets Berty : exactly what I meant

fazz68: thanks
2014/2/3 14:51:19
import assets Thanks Berty,
I always try to exclude errors in advance with sketchup. The models are so colored because you can not see whether the faces are wrong.
2014/2/3 14:36:54
import assets toonarama wrote:

If by "not complete" you mean the model is complete but not appearing in the hand then

a) you need to EDIT the character and select their hand and then import the object from there
b) If you are doing this and the object is appearing in the wrong place then it suggests the axis of the object is not at it's centre

Hope this helps

thank you for your quick response. no, the problem is another. I edit the gun in Muvizu (colors) and then want to use it as assets. (in the assets window). sorry my english
2014/2/3 10:33:33
import assets sorry, i have a little problem. how can I show the assets uploads in the asset window?
I have converted a sketchup object to an ase file. it also everything works, but how can I give the weapon the men in the hand?
when I import the ase file directly into the hand it is not complete.
maybe someone has a solution. very thanks
2014/1/28 11:46:02
6+ warning horrible car chase I try to tell a little story what does alcoholToast

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2014/1/21 8:15:05
Cartoon-Cartoon yes, it all belongs together. but each clip also needs a story. I think a clip should be no longer than 1:30 minutes. The audience must always discover new and interesting things in the video.
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