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2013/9/14 8:10:20
this is a bug? Hi all,
After 1:01 seconds in Vid I believe an error has crept. for approximately 5 seconds to see an icon of the effects. Is this a fault of Muvizu ?
(in the middle of the rocket). many thanks for the help.
2013/8/30 15:37:12
my alligator Dog I've played a bit with "green screening". I have played alligator video parallel to Muvizu editor to coordinate the video with the movement. at 3 times it worked perfectly. Software needed : Muvizu and VSDC Free Video Editor.

2013/8/20 14:15:54
problems with upload I like to have a video uploaded to, unfortunately it does not work. but here is the link for youtube:
2013/7/31 10:14:37
move a group? many thanks Jim for the quick response. I thought so something similar. too bad that is not possible it
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2013/7/31 9:32:15
move a group? I have the UFO and the smoke effect grouped. how can I make the ufo moves or is there any possibility? Thanks for your help
2013/7/25 12:02:39
voice changer thanks, but I mean voice changer in real time. you speak into the microphone to Muvizu. maybe?
2013/7/25 8:02:08
voice changer can I use for a character in the dialogues Voice Changer Software? I want to give a character a female voice and a male voice a character. someone knows a usable software? Microfone >voice changer>Muvizu.

thanks in advance
2013/7/13 6:09:39
movie as background yes, thank you all. I think I understand it now
2013/7/12 18:01:40
movie as background I have the solution. for windows 7: i install the older version windows movie maker 6.0 / then i download "ShaderTFX64beta.exe" and install this programm (transitions for movie maker). i made a avi movie from muvizu with a green backside and flor and a objekt. save as test.avi / I open the test video and a normal avi movie in "movie maker". now I open the folder "imported media/transitions" and select the chroma filter i needed. it works 100%. sorry my english....
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2013/7/12 10:56:53
movie as background thanks berty, that helped me
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2013/7/12 8:20:09
movie as background I'm an absolute beginner and have a question:
I want to create an intro with Misuzu exactly like the Welcome Video (Welcome to misuzu) on this website. (office scene in the background (movie) , animated figure in the foreground). So a video of me as a background or something like that.

The rough draft of my video is 800x600 and 30 fps, AVI uncompressed. Are there a tutorial? thanks for any help.......

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2013/7/11 12:01:46
sketchup plugin very very thanks
2013/7/11 11:21:54
sketchup plugin where I can download sketchup export plugin? the old link does not works only. thanks in advance!
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