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2014/1/21 22:52:57
too controversial?? i nicked the voice (audio) from a spoof thats doing the rounds online
2014/1/21 22:48:47
too controversial??
2014/1/17 20:40:18
swimming britain ginger beard dude Hi folks, here's a short i did. Im a good friend of Sean Conway (the guy with the big ginger beard who recently swam the length of Britain/cycled round the world) for a laugh i made him a short animation. Gave him a sneak look last nite and he loved it, so its live for all to see.
Nothing much happens in it..........just him chatting with full beard in flow.

2014/1/14 0:22:27
1st attempt

Hi folks, above is a wee test vid ive done (1st effort), hopefully now that i have worked out sketchup, uv mapping and transferring stuff back n forth i can now knuckle down and get creative.
The vid was done to help promote an animal charity event......A Bunny Burns nite! help raise funds for the charity...

yep thats right....i live among lots of rabbits.
2014/1/13 23:27:37
First EVER sale! cool. cheers fazz.
All done n dusted.
Well thats the council tax on hold for a bit.

ahhhhhhhh.....watermark free.
2014/1/13 23:14:56
First EVER sale! january sale.....nice one. ive sussed out the software, got my head round sketchup, worked out how to uv map my models.....sorted out how to transfer from sketchup to muvizu...all working...woo now i just need to work out how to buy Muvizu? Where do i click/look to hand over my £75?
I see when you make a movie you have the option of paying there but i thought this was for paying for the movie duration?

Let me know before i end up spending the cash on something useless like house bills n stuff


2014/1/13 20:43:00
another new start checking in.... hi folks, many thanks for your suggestions.
Got it sorted.......installed the uv mapping plugin to Sketchup........did a basic test (just a cube with some images on each side).....all good in Muvizu. Phew.

Ok...just now need to experiment with the mapping tools to make sure i can do more complex objects.


2014/1/12 21:37:07
another new start checking in.... Hi Folks, just saying hi..........
Been using Muvizu now for about 2 weeks.....great software.....once you get your head round it.
Im a photographer to trade and also an experimental musician.

Sorry to jump straight in....but i have a problem.

When using Sketchup....i have sussed out how to get my models (very basic models...just blocks n stuff till i sort out the bugs) into Muvizu..........i have been applying photo textures which work well in sketchup....when i transfer over to muvizu the images on the models are all over the place? Ive had a look through the tutorials so im sure im doing everything as required...but there's obviously something amiss..........any ideas.


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