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2014/4/12 12:00:29
Transparent AVI? Hi Toonarama. What software did you use to capture your .avi????? Is there a tutorial that would recommend to help me get my head around this one? I'm into Westerns, and, as Muvizu does'nt do four legged creatures. ie horses. I was hoping to add these (the horses) contained in an avi. That's why the area around the horse needs to be transparent?
2014/4/12 9:29:51
Transparent AVI? Greetings All. Thanks for the replies. There is a tutorial on this forum dealing with using transparencies, I have used this one cos' I did have to edit the config file like you suggest. I have it in my head that to have a transparent (animated) image you would have to use a 'blue screen'. (or green). I was hoping for some guidance on this as it's a new area for me and I don't want to mess up Muvizu by maybe changing the wrong thing, especially when messing in the config file. I guess I'm asking if any one HAS imported an avi WITH blue/green screen successfully into Muvizu?
2014/4/11 16:35:46
Transparent AVI? Hi All. Has anyone been able to bring an .avi video into Muvizu that has the background rendered transparent (with the model the only thing visable). I'm trying to do an animation in a 3d program and import it as .avi. I can do it if it loaded as .png but png doesn't seem to allow for animation, just still shots. I'm using Cheetah 3d which is a MAC application, Muvizu doesn't mind this as I'm still able to import the models as .ase via Milkshape 3D.
2014/3/30 10:45:18
Transparencies? OK, no worries! The tutorial uses a program called 'virtualdud', which is free, I went on to there forum and asked can the 'looping' on an avi be turned off in Virtualdub, the advice was to look to Muvizu for the solution. I was hoping maybe one of you guys /gals had found a way to stop the looping???? I'm still going to use 'virtualdub' as I can see the benefits in using it ie. waterfalls, smoke, fires, birds flying....etc.
2014/3/28 10:36:02
Transparencies? Hi all. Just been following the tutorial done by 'Jamie' (the one with the spinning axe). Very interesting, I was able to follow his tut' and got an .avi into Muvizu OK. The only probrlem I seem to have is that the .avi is looping. I'm hoping some one can tell me if this is normal OR not???
Is there a way to get the .avi not to loop????
2014/3/18 12:51:13
Sketchup into Muvizu???? Thanks for all the replies. The reason I'm using Sketchup is because it's recommended for models for Muvizu. I have an old copy of 3D max
(v7) unfortunately does'nt run smoothly in windows 8. Personally I use Milkshape 3D for many of my models as I'm familiar with this software.
Many years ago I was into Half-Life editing so used this. The latest version has an .ase exporter that has'nt let me down, as long as I've got the textures done the right way it's fine. Milkshape is excellent for low poly models and is good for applying your own textures. My 3D software of choice would be 3D Max as it's an all round piece of kit. The problem for me is understanding UV mapping and adding textures. Judging by what has been said concerning Sketchup I may un-install it and continue to use Max and Milkshape as at least I can get models into Muvizu without mishap.
2014/3/17 23:13:30
Sketchup into Muvizu???? Hi, I have a 3D model that I've brought into sketchup and assigned textures to it. (I made the model in 3D Max). After exporting the model as a .ase file I then imported the model into Muvizu. This is were it's going wrong. The textures applied (which are just Sketchup standard textures.(ie using the paint bucket) don't appear on the model, the model appears white..... I did see a tutorial on this but can't find it. I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction with this problem. I expect some one has gone through all of this before!
2014/3/14 16:12:28
PROBLEMS WITH SKETCHUP EXPORT Thanks for the advice. At least I can see that there is more than one way to do something in Muvizu. In the end, I've decided it's just as simple to add a blank backdrop and import a tree texture and stick this to the backdrop. I was hoping to send a picture along with this post to show how the trees look in the scene but there doesn't seem to be a way.
2014/3/14 9:54:45
PROBLEMS WITH SKETCHUP EXPORT Hi All. I've been having the same problem as Muvizupepe but have followed the advice given to him and it has fixed the problem of getting the model into Muvizu. However, when I get the downloaded model into Muvizu it has lost the lovely textures (the model is a tree) and replaced it with pink. How can I get the tree textures from the Sketchup model to replace the pink???? No texture comes with the model except the ones already on it?
2014/3/6 15:42:21
Collision boxes? Hi All. I've watched the video on importing meshes into Muvizu and I'm struggling. If I don't have a collision box in Muvizu then Muvizu puts it's own collision on the object which means the character wont (for example I created a chair) sit IN the chair he sits ON TOP of the chair. Is there only ONE tutorial on collision meshes???????? and how to install them??????? (I do hope there are others).
2014/3/1 14:18:42
Head Attachments? Hi All. Just noticed that one or two new assets are to be used as 'head attachments'! I know that you can import various items and attach them to the head ie a new hat say....! how is a (head) imported????? There doesn't seem to be a way in Muvizu to change a characters head? Am I missing something?
2014/1/28 14:36:41
Lip Syncing? Just a little up-date: I've just finished experimenting with my audio tracks and, as you suggested bigwally, it does indeed improve the voice syncing. I played my backing track (which I have on a lap top) through my headphones while at the same time recording me singing to it (in my case, on my keyboard), so I finish up with two wav files, one with the original music on and the second has just my singing voice. I had a character record a lip sync with just the vocal then afterwards brought in the music. At the end of it all it's just a case of syncing the two wav files with each other on the time line in Muvizu.
2014/1/28 12:18:42
Lip Syncing? I've been a singer/guitarist since I was 18 (now I'm 67). The backing I did was done in my own little studio set up in my back bed room. So my backing track has got a little confusing as I've included backing vocals. I like your suggestion though, I understand where you are coming from.
2014/1/28 9:22:21
Lip Syncing? To be honest, I was trying to have my character lip sync to a music track, maybe ,as you say, the background music played havoc with the mouthing.
2014/1/27 21:41:18
Lip Syncing? All the same. It would be great to have our characters seem to be actually mouthing their lines. Cartoonists have strived for years to achieve this effect. I personally would have been happy to pay a lot more for Muvizu if it was able to do this. That saying, well done you guys who produced Muvizu. I'm having lot of fun using it.
2014/1/25 22:48:31
Uploading my videos? Hi All. I've just finished my first video and would like to put it on this forum but don't know how???? would appreciate some guidance on how to go about this???
2014/1/25 16:59:15
Lip Syncing? Oh well! thanks for the quick reply. Had to ask.
2014/1/25 16:09:30
Lip Syncing? Hi All. I've had a character lip syncing to a .wav file I made. But the lip sync doesn't follow the audio correctly. Is there a way to improve on the lip sync so it looks more natural??? When I say the lip sync doesn't match the audio I mean that the mouth position doesn't correspond with the word he's supposed to be saying (I hope I'm making sense???).
2014/1/24 9:28:45
Period costumes? Thanks for the pics! I see what you mean with the walk animation. But, as a plus, you've shown me that the long skirt will work if the character is just stood on one spot. If you think about it, they could be just stood around on a street talking to a friend (not as a main actor so to speak).... so all might not be lost. Thanks again for the reply, very encouraging.
2014/1/23 23:51:54
Period costumes? I think I've miss read what you are saying. Your saying I can use Plus to import a long dress into Muvizu that I've made myself in a 3d program. I will have to settle for that. Thanks again for the help.
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