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2014/1/23 23:34:28
Period costumes? I am using play + could you direct me to where the attatchment can be got!
2014/1/23 22:31:50
Period costumes? Hmmm. Ok, no reply so I'm guessing I've had my question answered. That's OK. I'll have to re-think my plot a bit.
2014/1/23 10:24:27
Period costumes? Greetings all!
I'm interested in the old west (as in 'wild'). The problem I see is that the skirts in Muvizu are short(ish). The women of the old west wore skirts that went down to the ground. Anyone doing a period film will have had the same problem... the length of the dress. Is there anyway round this? If I import a long dress into Muvizu it will only be static!!!! any suggestions please.
2014/1/20 22:56:37
"Take that smile off your face!" Thanks for the reference! works a treat!. I'd already found the tutorials but I'm really grateful for the help. The one thing I like about Muvizu is the amount of helpful tutorials there is for it.
2014/1/20 20:46:19
"Take that smile off your face!" Hi. As a retired gent I have to say I'm enjoying using Muvizu! One question though? How can I wipe the grin of the face of a character???? Most people I see don't walk about grinning like the Cheshire cat.... (may be this is because it rains a lot were I live?).
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