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29/07/2011 20:21:20

DanimalMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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In making the Sci-Fi Dungeon clip I notcied the shadows behaving strangely. In addition to some objects casting shadows through other objects as Dreeko previously noted, I also found that the shadows kind of "dance" around. Check the clip and pay attention to the shadows. The scene with the slow zoom on the Captors after Dan gets off the rack and gives them the thumbs up is a good one to check.

The shadows on the wall behind them dances around as if possessed. It happens in all the scenes, that's just a good long shot that gives you a chance to really notice it.

Any idea why? Is it a result of anti-aliasing? Not using Individual Shadows? Just a goofy glitch? I admit I tried Individual Shadows and still noticed the dancing but I didn't try looking without the anti-aliasing.

It's not terribly noticeable or distracting, it just somehow makes everyone look like there around a campfire even when the lighting is constanct.

Just thought I'd bring it up in case someone knew a solution. Thanks!
the topic is closed

Home ? Tech Help ? Me and My Shaaaaaadow...