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23/10/2012 22:02:44

EEFilmzExperimental user
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I currently use videoopad (free), I liked AVS but didn't buy that one (yet either), I tried sony vegas a lil bit and it seemed confusing or alot, or it didn't do something right (months ago I tried it), so I figured maybe I'd go buy something at best buy or something or at least compare things - what I'm looking for is something videopad doesn't have, I want something that has some flashy film production intro title templates to use, alot of filters, along with necessary things, and extensive features for doing great looking vids. I was painstakingly creating film production title screens manually by hand in muvizu and have 2 cool recent ideas, but it still isn't what I originally had in my head, and so now I'm tired of thinking about it, and thought maybe if I looked at some templates I might go that route for now. At the store I saw Corel studio, Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus, Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate, Movie Edit Pro MX Plus: Version 18, Roxio Creator NXT (which I know probably sucks since I used Roxio years ago adn had problems), PowerDirector 10 Deluxe I THINK I saw?, (Sony) Movie Studio 11, and Honestech - which is great I just vhs to dvd software from this company and i got it up and running in less than 5 minutes! (never happens in my world!), and even that has a little bit of some video editing thing within it but they also have their own full versions of video editors...anyway I am just wanting feedback/ideas from people who have used alot, the big thing is I don't want something with a huge learning curve that's gonna require me to spend more time learning it than editing in it, that was one of the attractions to muvizu was it's so easy to get started creating quickly. I hope some of my ideas help and if you have more suggestions or better thoughts feel free, I know alot on here use Vegas but that gave me a headache lol. I dunno it kept creating huge files etc I didnt like it. - Thanks! - EEF
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24/10/2012 06:05:24

ukBertyMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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I did this process at the end of last year. I was a long time Pinnacle Studio user and upgraded to Avid Studio when they bought pinnacle. It had always been a bit buggy but boy, what a disaster. I waited for service pack 1 to see if it would stabilise, but after that I couldn't edit anything at all! So I looked around.

Vegas Studio HD is what I decided upon and have not regretted it. This is what I used for the Amun-Ra trailer. The only other things I used were After Effects for the masked shots (pots breaking, diamond moving around etc) and Avid for the particular sun-burst effect on the titles - everything else is Vegas.
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Home ? Tips & Tricks ? Good suggestions for buying quality video editor ?