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09/12/2012 23:42:50

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First of all I would like to say - this software is amazing!
I really got into the director's chair.

I created my first muvizu video clip and encountered some problems.
I am giving you my temporary result in a private YouTube upload,
but it is not the final product.
(The music is a piece I wrote with Cubase 6)

It is an unlisted video,


1. enviroment - Xvid mpeg4 64bit HD, presonus firepod soundcard (2ms) , simple 1GB Geforce card.
after I export with Xvid, the video has a small but significant latency, meaning, when I drum or play piano the hits do not match as nicely as they do while working in muvizu project.
the music comes a little after the character hitting the drum or the piano.
is this a codec bug? Is it a heavy project issue, because sometimes it is fine as you can tell.
is it a known issue with muvizu?

2. The foot steps (brick & concert) soundFX are messed up / no sound while in muvizu project.
Some times they work and sometimes not. actually after export they are there
but that is not so helpful because It makes me edit them wrong.

3. Timeline.
I know this is a missing feature in muvizu,
I just want to say that editing actions for a drummer and piano characters took me two days because I needed the following options for quick workflow,
  • copy/paste
  • extending actions
  • entering actions manually to the timeline
  • cut actions
  • grouping actions and moving them together
  • Ctrl Z option for each subject separately

Ohad Marbach
edited by trikolad on 10/12/2012
10/12/2012 12:18:41

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Hi Ohad,

Thanks for giving us feedback about the issues you have encountered.

I did a bit of testing and the only issue I've encountered was a broken sound file - Brick step 3.
Can you please send us that .set file to So we can do further testing on this matter.

Thanks in advance.

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Home ? Tech Help ? Latency, SoundFX, and Timeline issues