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08/07/2010 13:14:17

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Hi, I have problem when I start application Muvizu
Mistake during starting

My system is:

My graphic card:

I am from Polish. I can write not correctly in English.
I greet
08/07/2010 15:15:19

Muvizu_AdminMuvizu staff
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hi arkos,
thanks for your enthusiasm for trying out Muvizu - it's really exciting to hear from our users!

now, down to business: i can see from your screengrabs that the reason Muvizu isn't running on your machine is that your graphics card is less than the minimum spec required to run the application. The minimum graphics card spec for Muvizu in the nVidia range is a 7800 GTX, which is a Shader Model 3 card. Your grapchics card is an FX 5200, which is a Shader Model 2 card.

we would recommend you upgrade your graphics card if you would like to use Muvizu - as most games and applications such as Muvizu rely on more advanced graphics cards (and as Muvizu is constantly increasing in it's offering to users - more effects, more cool things to come) it's well worth the investment in a more advanced graphics card.

hope this helps you out and doesn't put you off sticking with Muvizu! if you need any more help or information, please feel free to get in touch.


the muvizu team.
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