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17/04/2013 09:46:37

toonaramaMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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It would be wonderful if one day we could use Muvizu alongside ICLONE but this would involve being able to import/export charcters into/out of Muvizu. Is this ever likely to be possible/allowed?

In the past the characters that could be used in iclone wew limited but you can now import characters in many formats and animate them (body and face) within iclone.

This opens up the possibility of importing cartoon characters (whereas in the past iclone has tended to go for the more realistic end of the market) such as those produced by the wonderful

Muvizu user Wabby's new videos has just released a video using their Toon Generation characters which could easily be changed wuithin DAZ (currently free) to more closely match Muvizu characters.

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