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06/09/2010 15:30:04

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1. Virtual Dub - Main one we use at Muvizu. Basic video editor, best results can be achieved combining it with AVI Synth -

2. AVI Synth - Much more than a video editor, it'll let you do all sorts of effects as well - (see to download)

3. WAX 2.0 - Lots of transitions and effects to use in videos -

4. AVIEdit - Free AVI editor -

5. Any Video Converter: converts files from most formats into avi -

6. Submagic: a free subtitles tool:

7. Windows (Live) Movie Maker - Should could pre-installed on most windows machines but if you don't have it - and

8. Avidemux -

9. Jahshaka -

10. Youtube Editor - Youtube's own online video editor -
15/11/2010 09:17:53

toonaramaMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Hello all

Just to add that Lightworks ( has now become open source.

Don't know anything about it but it looks impressive!

Also Avid/Pinnacle Videospin is also free (but limited0:
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