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30/08/2016 01:18:53

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I just finished a small project using Muzivu and think there might be a problem with the "CAMERA CUT" when using multiple cameras.
It feel like even if the camera windows are not opened, the cameras continue to render as I see a really signifiant performance drop the more I had cameras.

I started to report the problems when I completed the video here, but with the feedback from the community I think there might be a issue with this. Here is the link to the thread:

Here is my current computer setup:
- Running Windows 10 anniversary edition. Muvizu and Windows are set in FRENCH.
- Intel I7 3770k running at 3,5Ghz
- 16Gb of ram
- Windows and Muvizu are running directly from a 512Gb SSD.
- Video card installed is EVGA GTX 1080 superclocked and all drivers are up to date. (It's was recently changed from my older GTX 780)
- No issues with games or other applications (3DS MAX, 3D Coat, The Witcher 3, No man's sky) all working at 100% efficiency.

More descriptions about the problem:
Muzivu give excellent performance, when not using the camera cut feature. I was able to add lots of characters and had no issues. Then when adding more cameras, the performance dropped (even by closing the cameras windows). Performance was so slow after 6 cameras, that when I decided to change the name of camera, it took 1-3 seconds for character of the name of the camera to appear while I was trying to type it. My full project when loaded take 1Gb of ram, but by playing with the camera cut feature, it could eat up to 2gb and be really slow. without adding any new content.

If you can provide a way to only render the active camera in the next version it would be really appreciated. It feel to me that all the cameras are rendering at the same time. Rendering a camera window, is ok, but the rendering should not occur when it's closed...

If needed I could provide you with a link to my project if needed to have more ideas about what it causing this.
Here is a link to the asset if you need to test the scene. Looking at the recent comments on the site, look like this will have to wait. It feel like there 1-2 developers working part time on this.
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Home ? Tech Help ? Performance problems with Muvizu with cameras...