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2022/6/1 23:26:41
The Homeworld Inventive use of actions
2022/6/1 23:22:15
The Cruellest Cut As ever meticulous composition of splendid scenes .....
2022/5/19 19:45:09
Moving forward Funny old place that's for sure. I got here in its death throws and benefited from the years of hard work and dedication of its members who provided tutorials and work arounds to make the software Buzz, Throb and Zing. Some kind of War went on..Dunno? twas above my head? The talent went to 'Facebook Muvizu'. I would too but i cant abide Facebook always disliked it's bitty disjointed feel.
2022/4/8 18:27:24
Down To Earth Especially liked the use of meteor trails throughout and tracking station exterior/interior.
It is a despicable situation that these spammer sob's prevent you getting the views your efforts deserve.
2022/3/11 8:57:30
A Tall Order What penmanship!Cool
2022/2/21 0:10:34
Being Helpful Swelligant craft .
2022/1/20 22:32:19
Considerations Settings exquisite ,Always think there's lots more opportunity for a variety of camera angles and things to focus on in the scene when we make stuff. It's like we don't do our work enough on screen justice. Dunno if you get what i mean. Just thought i would say summat beyond ...errm? err? that's good.
2022/1/20 22:23:37
How to create a Custom Character Great tutorial Cool
2022/1/7 20:49:39
MUVIZU and OCULUS Thanks for the reply..Lots of untapped potential.
2022/1/6 18:47:38
Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles Character Set Very creative and innovative work Clay.
2021/12/26 20:17:28
  • Did this work? Was it worth it? Are there examples to view in an Oculus head set?
    Does or can it work in unison with the 360 degree camera addon?
  • 2021/10/28 7:20:49
    https://youtu.be/urPcrWnctn4 Pure Cinema. Conclusive and Paramount.
    2021/10/28 7:15:55
    Taking Care Of Business Very smooth. in all areas.
    2021/10/15 17:40:49
    The End Of Days Full marks for post apocalypse atmosphere. Checked out typecast Cool.
    2021/10/6 18:28:39
    A Special Message From Mister Pulpy Neat scenery Boom...Female voice adds a level of professionalism ,a shrewd investment.
    2021/10/2 22:09:59
    LE GÉNIE ESCROC 2™ | Fiche Signalétique Des... Delightfully unintelligible ..Complete cinematographic mastery once more.
    2021/8/2 19:16:33
    Importing 3D models from Artec Studio I think autodesk converter is free

    2021/7/25 2:26:51
    ((WhatsApp:+91 94158 86058)) Buy IELTS in India As best as i can remember i was being sarcastic about some spam post that has been removed.
    2021/7/24 23:14:22
    LA POTION MAGIQUE | Prochainement - Tous les jours Tres formidable.Cool
    2021/7/24 23:11:54
    LA POTION MAGIQUE™ | Bande Annonce - Tu dois gagne Very excitingCool
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