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2011/2/4 15:51:42
where are the shadows for the instruments Actually this was fixed a while back but did not quite make it in time for the last release. It applied to all character attachments for example horns and angel-wings. It will be in the next release along with the engine update however.
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2010/10/28 11:10:43
God and the Devil- Final Showdown Funny as hell :-)
2010/9/16 13:53:09
Bug that is driving me nuts Fixed here now, so will be in the next update.
2010/9/16 9:50:41
Bug that is driving me nuts I've recreated this here. It's definitely a bug: I'll get it fixed ASAP.

EDIT: Also, thanks for the report.
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2010/9/1 12:20:04
Ooooooh! not quite there with the Dolly Zoom Hermit wrote:
Nearly! Very, very nearly! But the new animated camera setting just can't quite do the dolly zoom yet. It needs a field of view slider on it like on the camera itself

Animatable properties are going to be added to the application very soon so you'll be able to animate the field of view property of a camera to achieve this affect. I can't promise that this will be in the next release but it's right at the top of our list so with luck it will be there.

Than wrote:
What I'm going to ask to be added is a way of putting markers down and say camera move through those markers at speed x. Could realy do with that and the walking/running too would benefit.

Because of time constraints we had to decide whether to do objective based or driven camera movements for this release. We went for the driving model because it's easier to use for simple cases. There's definitely going to be a layer of functionality added such that more complex movements can be pre-defined: possibly by placing "magnetic" rails in the set which constrain the movement to specific curves whenever the camera comes close to them. We've not quite settled on a final design for this yet though and waypoints my also be an option.
2010/8/26 15:18:07
Top things we love about our users #4 Good suggestions for improving the app.
2010/8/19 16:36:01
Muvizu thoughts?? "resizing objects can be a bit tricky, not being able to edit height/width seperatley"

This is due to a technical issue whereby the underlying physics engine behaves very badly when objects' dimensions are changed. Rest assured we're working hard to get this issue resolved.
2010/8/15 22:36:14
Can't make movie That's great info Richard, thanks for sticking in there and hope you enjoy the software!
2010/8/9 17:41:52
It won't move around! I think you might be stuck in a character's head. It's a long standing bug that I've been trying to fix for ages... You can free yourself by deleting the character, moving away and then pressing undo (ctrl-z).
2010/7/28 21:23:23
Suggestions / Modifications Good input, ninja...

Yes, that's the big bonus of moving cameras: you can move them "offline" and so you don't need so many! The issue of moving them quickly while not recording is somthing I'm thinking about alot just now. Currently you will have to "direct" the camera offline to the new position, just as a real cameraman would have to actually move his camera from the end of one shot to the start of the next. This way keeps a nice clean interface but requires more work from the user than, say, your "save points" idea. They have very variable speeds so covering the required distance in the required time will not be a problem: it's just a case of getting them in the correct position and orientation ready for their next shot.

The same idea of sequential movement is going to be used as that for character movement so you can't "cut" position... what I mean is that moving from A to B then C to D is impossible where B is not the same as C. So cutting and pasting blocks will be impossible: the timline will be sequential and movement is continuous. This is the idea just now anyway, we'll see how it pans out over the next few weeks.

We definitely want to get some nice transitions in there when time allows, and yes, "look at" and "move to" functionality is somthing we're looking at in the future. In the initial iteration all camera movement will be activaly "driven" as opposed to objective-based.

5. Probably only want this if there's flying/floating animations... watch this space ;-) Did you consider putting the character on a standable transparent backdrop? I think that works...

6. Jeez give us a break here we've loads to do already ;-) Only messing, it sounds good but not really my area.

2010/7/28 17:44:56
Suggestions / Modifications civicbynature wrote:
interesting notion. "IF" that was done then would that give us five total cameras? 4default plus directors camera.

Not really: there would still only be four cameras capable of capturing the scene to eventual video output. The directors "camera" is just the players viewpoint when they are using the application.
2010/7/28 15:29:27
My Wishlist for Muvizu "if you are planning to implement this, PLEASE make it ease-in and out of camera movements"

There is ease-in and ease-out on camera movement and rotation when directing :-) I'm thinking of making this adjustable so that more jerky movements are possible, but the default is nice and smooth.
2010/7/28 15:24:38
Suggestions / Modifications Hiya,

The idea of the director's view going into the cameras' points of view does seem like a good suggestion and we're thinking about it. We're maybe a bit wary of complicating the interface and user controls, but I can see the advantage of being able to quickly switch viewpoionts between the cameras.

Thanks for the input, Dave.
2010/4/21 11:00:37
Timeline and animation problem Hiya,

That's definitely a bug... we've put it in our database and are looking at it now. For our information... were the scene and that particular character created in the previous version of the app and then loaded in the new release? I'm trying to figure out if this is a backwards compatibility issue or whether it can be recreated from a fresh scene.

Cheers, Dave.
2010/4/17 16:37:37
How do i start muvizu? Hiya acro9977,

I have no idea why there would not be a shortcut created in your start menu (we'll look into it), but you are looking for a file called "muvizu.exe" that should be in a folder called "Binaries" that itself should be in a folder called "Muvizu". On my machine with a default installation the full path is C:\Program Files\Muvizu\Binaries\Muvizu.exe". Perhaps you could use the Windows Explorer (i.e. My Computer) "Search" function to find Muvizu.exe on your machine. Otherwise you could un-install and then re-install the application to somewhere that you will be able to find afterwards.

Hope this helps!

2010/4/13 10:24:19
Code Hi there,

As a very rough estimate, the application is written in 50% UnrealScript, 35% C++, 10% Flash and 5% C#. It is based on the Unreal 3 Engine and we also use NaturalMotion's Morpheme animation software.

Hope that helps!

2010/3/15 15:01:35
Can't make movie Hi Jon,

One of my colleagues here had the same problem and reports that it was fixed by un-installing the DivX package and then installing XVid from

We're not precicesly sure what's going on here, but there may be an issue with the xvid codec that is part of the DivX package.

If you get a chance to try this, could you let us know if that fixes the problem?

Thanks, Dave.
2009/10/22 15:31:51
não tentes! Nunca vais conseguir!!!!!

Love you too baby xxx

2009/9/15 14:04:04
Hints and tips for the 3D application

Thought it might be good to start a thread for hints and tips on using the 3D APP.
I'll start with a tip for lip-synching. If you have an audio track with lots of background noise or music and you want the character to lip-synch only to the speech or singing you will struggle because the application cannot tell what is speech and what isn't.
The best solution is to record your own track singing or speaking the words in time to the original track. Use a free audio editor such as Audacity. Upload this into the APP as dialogue, but set the volume to zero: noone will ever hear your track (so it doesn't have to sound great!) but the character will lip-synch to it. Then you can set the original sound-file to be the backgroud audio.

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