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2010/9/1 23:25:08
Competition deadline... Ah, what's the use, it'll only start raining
2010/9/1 23:23:30
minor website bug toonarama wrote:
"You are logged in as barrys" and on another occasion it said " You are logged in as hermit".

I seem to get that last one as well But the one I also had was that it said: "You are logged in as ."

Also whenever I try and post it goes to an error screen telling me that only authenticated users can post :s
2010/9/1 14:48:42
Competition deadline... Some care is needed here with the reasons you're giving for the deadline extension. Those that entered before the last deadline may feel that, because their entries don't make use of the new features like the camera movement, they may have less of a chance.

I mean, just because a feature is there, it doesn't mean that you have to use it. At least, I hope not, because the one I'm putting the finishing touches to doesn't even need camera movement
2010/9/1 14:32:49
New tutorials made Y'know, I'm happy to say that I've never needed to watch those tutorial vids
2010/9/1 14:17:37
Forum Overhaul I looked on the forum last night, and I was sure that someone was adding too much text under each board title. There seemed to be a paragraph under each one! laugh
2010/8/31 18:50:18
Don't think I'll make it... Y'know, I would've just made it with the original deadline

I rushed the audio, which is why it's not as good as it should be. Although it's quite funny the way it is (unintentionally of course!) So I think I'll leave it. All I really have to do is put it together with my old copy of Premiere and it'll be done and dusted, but I can do that later now

But I'm glad that I would have made the original deadline
2010/8/31 18:39:26
Ooooooh! not quite there with the Dolly Zoom Nearly! Very, very nearly! But the new animated camera setting just can't quite do the dolly zoom yet. It needs a field of view slider on it like on the camera itself
2010/8/31 18:35:27
New site I suppose when it comes to creatng your own meshes, a guide on them would have to include a rough poly count.
But I'm also liking the new site Although a few more standard smilies than the main five would be handy. You've got loads of the weird ones, but there isn't even one for :lol: Whaaaaa?
2010/8/31 18:30:41
Stephen Fry I don't bother with twitter, myself. Mainly because I really don't care what people are up to at that precise moment. I always think that if you want to disuade someone who uses twitter from talking to you, just write something with more than 140 characters
2010/8/31 17:01:21
Raindance competition It was going down to the wire for me to meet the original deadline, and I was enjoying the buzz of trying to reach it, but I wouldn't have minded if I had or not, as there'll be other competitions
2010/8/28 20:54:44
Muvizu updates - in what form? I dunno, for some reason the Muvizu that I use seems to just go online to check for updates without asking first (when I do use the launcher) and I think it does change the app slightly from time to time. I mean, there was a slider function for the stubble facial hair before, where you could adjust it, but that seems to have gone now I thought that was a good idea, and worth incorporating for hair and beard length too (as well as other physical features). It could also be used to adjust the size of things like hats and the like
2010/8/27 14:11:18
Muvizu updates - in what form? mcmillan-ra wrote:
This all seemed a good idea when we started, but I'm not so sure about it now. So it may change in subsequent releases, and then again - it may not.

The problem I have with updates and having to connect to servers before starting an app or game is that I feel uneasy about doing it. It's one of the reasons I don't use STEAM, or play games connected to it, as I don't like being forced to ask for permission to play a game or app that I've already paid for (and it looks like console games are going the same way as PC ones on this ). I see it like having to always ask a publisher for permission before I read a book

Alright, Muvizu's free and it's still in it's beta stage, but when it reaches it's final v1 release it may be worth thinking about giving people the choice of what patches and updates they may want afterwards. Looking into the future, the specs for using Muvizu may increase with later versions and updates, so for those with slower machines (and mine is just borderline at the moment!) automatic updating may cause problems and they may prefer to use v1 rather than v2.

Also, I don't always have my internet connection on when I start Muvizu, and on other occassions I'm on a user login account on my PC that tends not to allow updating. So if I want to update, I would deliberately go onto my admin account to do that.

It's all a question of the user keeping control and having choice, y'see
2010/8/26 10:30:04
Don't think I'll make it... There's only a few more days until the deadline for the competition, and by the looks of things, I don't think I'll be able to finish in time

If by some miracle, I do manage it, it's going to be a tight squeeze as I've got half the scenes to do, as well as the audio and music. I suppose I could wait for the next competition, unless the deadline for this one can be extended by another week
2010/8/19 22:24:41
List of improvements glasgowjim wrote:
(I am looking forward to being able to perform a Dolly Zoom http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolly_zoom)

Well, most of the elements are already there for it, such as adjustable field of view and depth of field. The camera only needs to have animation control and the rest is a doddle Anyone who wants to try the Dolly Zoom (otherwise known as the Vertigo Zoom, the Contra Zoom etc...) with a real camcorder, only needs to zoom in on any object whilst moving away from it, or zoom out whilst moving towards it. It's quite fun, and it's always been just as simple with 3D software.
2010/8/16 17:21:19
I thought I'd say hello It was a well made version of The Italian Man

I was able to pick it up quickly, maybe because I have used other 3D apps in the past, so I can understand why others who've experience with other 3D software ask for things like editable primitives, animated cameras, and the like (which I think would be nice too!)
2010/8/15 19:57:10
I thought I'd say hello I downloaded Muvizu a few days ago after seeing it being used for the old "The Italian man who went to Malta" joke and I'm finding it to be an excellent piece of software. It's so simple to use that you don't even need the tutorials to get the basics of how it works. This will certainly open the floodgates to the creativity of those who've found other mediums too challenging to use, and have never had the opportunity to tap into their creative ability before. So I'm all for anything that democratises creativity in that way I can also see it being used by professionals as a pre-viz tool for their own high-end 3D projects and films.

So I think I'll stay on board for this, to see how things evolve with the software, and I may try and enter the competition if I can think of something good to do

But, do I need a scottish accent? I might force myself to eat a fried mars bar, but I draw the line at haggis!
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