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2016/12/13 15:55:33
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import There have been a number of conversations on the forum regarding the performance of Muvizu compared to the Unreal Engine it is based on.

For those that don't know, a lot of the difference in performance is because game levels use static lighting.

Static lighting is where any objects and lights that do not move have their lighting calculated before the game is started. In these cases “light maps” and “shadows maps” are pre-calculated and saved with the level. When pre-calculating lighting, more sophisticated rendering can be used, and this allows effects like global illumination.

This latest version of Muvizu has an option to allow the user to create static lighting for their scene. Creating static lighting can take a long time to calculate, but it should significantly increase performance in the final scene. The length of time taken will depend on the complexity of your scene. Once lighting is built, the lights in the scene are no longer calculated for the static objects.

You can, of course, also switch back to dynamic lighting if you prefer, and by default, scenes will be dynamically lit.

OBJ importing

The OBJ format is one of the most common 3D object file formats. We have now added support for these files.

Both of these features are available in Muvizu Play. Enjoy!
2016/11/14 11:21:50
Introducing Voxelise Hi All,

We are incredibly proud at Digimania to announce the release of our new 3D modeling software "Voxelise".

Voxelise makes 3D modeling easy by using versatile little cubes called voxels.

Voxelise is a fresh take on voxel modeling and produces overall, a different style to Muvizu. Free trials are available to all - visit to download a copy.

Voxelise allows models to be exported as .FBX which can be imported into Muvizu as demonstrated in the tutorial below.

Models can also be exported in a host of other formats including; .GIF (Animated), .STL (for 3D printing), and Minecraft Schematic. (More tutorials are available on the website

2016/10/17 14:29:40
NEW Trick or Treat Junior pack - in the store now! Hi All,

NEW Trick or Treat Junior pack - available NOW! Perfect for Halloween!

4 x characters:
  • Mummy
  • Wolfman
  • Frankenstein
  • Grim Reaper

PLUS attachments and animations (check in store for full details)

2016/9/6 15:21:10
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers Rocque wrote:
It is great that someone responded. I hope that they will keep the dialog going. I wonder if they look at what is being created on this site and the contributions of so many people who add characters and scenes? This is a great community, and I hope they will continue to support the users here, and we will continue to support them.

Hi Rocque,

Thanks for your post - we have a team member who looks on the forum and user contributions so we keep up to date with all the videos and activity. We know we need to get better at sharing what you guys are working on though.

2016/9/5 14:57:35
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers PatMarrNC wrote:
I want to start by saying that I love this software. Whoever conceptualized it and created the amazingly intuitive interface is brilliant! At the current price it is by far the most affordable and usable product of its type on the market. In my opinion, you haven't even scratched the surface of your earning potential. If you focused on making money through sales of add-on products (and if you actually dedicated resources to CREATING useful add-on products) you could arrange deals with all sorts of hardware manufacturers to include Muvizu as bundles with their products. Every video card should come with Muvizu. That would position you for a huge active user base who would all want to buy your accessory packs.

Instead, you dedicate your development resources to create 3D rotation packs and Oculus rift viewer packs that are useless to 99.9% of the people who use your software. That's not good marketing strategy.

I have to wonder why the dev team would spend resources to develop useless stuff when there are features we've been asking for and which we are willing to pay for! It had to cost Digimania a fair amount of money to pay for the man hours involved in the development of the oculus and 360 degree rotation features, neither of which is really useful in the world of video creation. I have to guess its because Muvizu is based on a game engine, and you probably hire developers from the gaming industry, who come to the workplace with ideas and skills that are useful in that environment. But although there is some overlap, they are two different paradigms. Your customers are basically film makers, and until Muvizu starts catering to the specific needs of video production the products you release will continue to be useless to us, and money losers for the company.

Given the low price of the base product, the expansion packs are where you stand to make money. Develop what we want, and we'll buy it. Develop things we can't use, and we won't.

My suggestion (if anyone at Muvizu gives a d@mn about what the users think) is:
1) Devote resources to providing accessories for the new characters. Cool as they are, they remain fairly useless without the ability to change their outfits and appearance.

2) Also a utility character that has the best features of the potato heads (lots of skeletal attachment points) and of the newer characters (ability to turn off the various body parts we don't need) would be useful. We could use such a character to create our own specialty creatures without all the constraints we have when trying to modify the current characters

3) And finally, in the absence of dev team involvement with the forum, users have started experimenting on their own. We now know that it is possible to create quadrapeds by editing the XML files. True, we are prohibited from doing so by the user agreement... but knowing that it is possible changes our expectations for the dev team. You can no longer tell us that it isn't possible to do what we've been asking for.

We want at least one professionally designed quadraped that has enough attachment points that we can morph it into other creatures with a little modelling skill. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd pay whatever you asked for such a character! I think just about everyone would.

In summary: expand your user base with bundling deals, then fill the store with useful accessories, and I predict your revenue will take off like a rocket. Or not. Your call.

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Hi PatMarrNC,

As promised, we wanted to get back to you regarding the Open letter you sent to Muvizu's developers.

As an animated film making application we have to be aware and respond to modern film-making techniques, such as 360 degree videos and Virtual Reality experience videos. The VR market is forecast to be huge and the demand for both 360 video and VR experiences is growing rapidly.

Digimania as a company has been making waves within the educational technology market and these new methods of film-making are seen as emerging skills to teach. Although primarily developed for the educational market we also released these features to our consumer users.

We regularly compile users' feedback and suggestions to form the basis of development schedules. We appreciate the updates may not be as often as many of you would like and are also aware that the frequency of content releases is not as often. We constantly discuss the development options open to us as a business and all decisions made need to work across the whole business covering both the educational and consumer markets.

As clayster2012 points out the creation of assets for CGi is a lengthy and costly process. Professional animation software is extremely pricy with a huge learning curve, but with enough skill and time a user can make high quality animations. It is the aim of Muvizu to bring animation to the consumers at an affordable price. We appreciate that for some advanced users there will be limitations to what Muvizu can offer.
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2016/9/2 15:39:18
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers PatMarrNC wrote:
MuvizuTeam wrote:
Hi All,
Jo here. Thank you for your letter. I will share your comments and the points raised. As previously mentioned - we are a small team but we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

Jo, thank you for commenting!

I hope this thread is not discouraging to anyone at Muvizu. It is intended to show our interest in the product and to point out that what we all want is really pretty simple. We don't want you to work overtime or jump through hoops. We just want you to redirect the same amount of work that you're already doing into features and expansion packs that we can use.

We recognize that Muvizu is one of many tools in the toolbox, and as such we don't ask you to recreate features that we already have in other products.

The most productive and most money-making thing for Muvizu is to take the existing paradigm and refine it:
  • Where there are bugs, fix them.
  • We love the actions so much, we'd rejoice if we had more.
  • expansion packs!
  • outfits!
  • characters that are modifiable! (this is why most of us still use the potato heads... they are more modifiable)
  • timeline enhancements!
the list could get long and overwhelming. But pick one and run with it.

We'll buy it. You'll make money. Everybody will be happy

Hi PatMarrNC,

Not at all. Your feedback and support shows you care and are interested in making the product as best as it can be.

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2016/9/2 13:05:26
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers Dreeko wrote:
MuvizuTeam wrote:
Hi All,
Jo here. Thank you for your letter. I will share your comments and the points raised. As previously mentioned - we are a small team but we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

Oh hello Jo!
And what do you do in the land of Muvizu?

Hi Dreeko,

Sorry for the delay. I work in the commercial team - marketing, sales etc.
2016/9/2 9:40:51
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers Hi All,
Jo here. Thank you for your letter. I will share your comments and the points raised. As previously mentioned - we are a small team but we will be back in touch as soon as possible.
2016/8/25 17:07:30
End of August sale - 50% OFF! PatMarrNC wrote:
I reposted this to some other animator sites on Facebook. As far as having a variety of tools in the ol' tool box, Muvizu is already the best deal in town... when it's on sale, it's downright foolish NOT to buy it!

Great! Thanks for spreading the word
2016/8/25 14:39:09
End of August sale - 50% OFF! Great news!

End of August sale - grab your half price content packs today!

Ends 31 August....don't delay!


*selected content only
2016/8/9 14:03:24
Oculus VR experience expansion pack launched! MrDrWho13 wrote:
I think you need a www. in the url there.
Will there be development for the Vive too?

Thanks - amended!

I don't believe so but I have just checked with the development team and apparently there is something called 're-vive' that allows you to play Oculus apps onto a Vive - we haven't tried it out ourselves yet but it might work?
2016/8/9 13:47:46
Oculus VR experience expansion pack launched! Hello Everyone,

A new release!

We are pleased to announce the Oculus VR experience expansion pack is available to buy today!

Go straight to the store to check it out!

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2016/7/5 15:20:49
New South Asian character pack available! Hello

We have just launched the latest character pack to Muvizu! You'll find it in the store now.

It follows the usual format - man, woman, boy and girl plus clothing options.

2016/3/30 12:11:03
A request for some help! Lajos Boros needs your help!

Before we explain - the serious bit! Sorry guys but it needs to be done.

This project is not related to Muvizu or Digimania in any way. This is an independent project. If you do decide to assist on this project we will not be held responsible for any issues or disputes that may arise.

From Lajos Boros.

We are doing our radio show, and sending them to the listeners. This friend of ours learned to use Muvizu, and produced funny avatars of us. He’d synchronized our words with the two Muvizu Avatar of Us, made a background for it. People loved it, we got more then 50 thousand likes.

Now we’ve got an offer from a Hungarian Internet Newspaper, to publish a shorter version our BorosMegaVoga radio show on daily basis.

As our friend has no time to produce it, we are searching for help to produce it.

What we need: some Muvizu experts to do a workshop in Hungary, a few experts name and addresses around the country in Europe.

If interested please email directly:

2016/2/25 15:08:12
New 360 video function is now available! The team have been busy working hard on the latest addition to the Muvizu store.

A 360 video function !

This awesome new feature allows you to switch between the standard and 360 omnidirectional camera. Create MP4 video output plus 360 degree rendering preview.

Available now in the Muvizu store!
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2016/2/11 15:32:01
New Asian character pack available now! Hi All,
We are thrilled to announce the release of our new character pack !
Each character (man, woman, boy and girl) also comes with x 2 hairstyles, x 2 tops and x 2 bottoms!
Happy animating!
2015/12/1 15:42:17
Muvizu Christmas pack is here! Hi All,

Our Christmas content pack is out today!

With presents, crackers, a fireplace, Santa attachments and more!

Get yours today!

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2015/11/26 23:26:03
50% off until midnight Monday 30 November 2015 Hi All,

As part of our very own Cyber weekend sale - don't miss the opportunity to own Muvizu Play+ and content packs at half price!


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2015/11/18 12:51:17
Chinese History pack - yours to enjoy today! Hi All,

We are proud to announce a new addition to the content store!

What will you be tempted to create?

The Chinese History pack comes with temples, oriental gardens, dragon statues plus traditional Chinese dress.....

2015/11/9 11:54:15
Key framing expansion pack available now! Hello!

Get your pack today!

A key frame allows you to set the position of an object at a point in time.

As you move from one time to another the object will move smoothly between the points you have created. The path that the object follows can be curved – which gives a smooth flow round and into / out of corners, linear which moves in straight lines between points, and stepped which will just jump to the next point when the time comes.
Create better animations and effects more simply.
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