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2017/1/1 18:47:15
3D MOVIE question.... MrDrWho13 wrote:
Youtube can handle the last couple of steps if you export from your video editor in 3D. Fman00 has done 3D videos before:

OK, the phrase "if you export from your video editor in 3D" becomes interesting, as I've never noticed this option in any of my video editors. Can you elaborate on that? Which video editors offer this as an option?
2017/1/1 16:17:36
3D MOVIE question.... Has anybody used two cameras side by side to capture footage that can be combined into a 3D movie like the ones we watch with special glasses? If so, I'd like to hear how you did it.

I'm guessing the procedure would be something like:

1) Use two cameras to capture the footage

2) colorize each camera's output to make one bluish and the other reddish so the glasses isolate the views to each eye

3) layer the camera's dual outputs in a video editor with some kind of boolean so both can be seen at the same time (as opposed to the one on top obstructing the one on the bottom). This is actually the key element I'd like to hear more about. There may be filters in some editors that are designed for this very task, and if so, I'd like to know what software and what filters
2017/1/1 0:08:08
how to import a character created in blender actually, you CAN animate custom eyes made from spheres. You just need to make 9 different textures and swap them in and out as needed by directing the eye property on the timeline
2016/12/31 16:06:11
how to import a character created in blender marietto2008 wrote:
I think that the company does not want that we use external characters because the business behind muvizu is kept alive by the custom assets. Anyway,I think that this is not the only way to make business....
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If you want to design and rig your own characters, you can still animate them in another software package and export them as green screen video which can be merged with your Muvizu output in a video editor.

But you can create some interesting characters in the Muvizu environment with attachments
2016/12/31 3:38:33
how to import a character created in blender each character is different in terms of what locations can have attachments added.
Almost all of the characters have at least one (sometimes two ) attachment spots on the head for hair and/or hats.
The older characters have the most attachment spots... most of them will accept a hat, hair, nose, glasses, face mask, tail, backpack, shoes, necklace and more.

The way you can tell if attachments can be added is by right-clicking on the character then when the floating menu appears, click EDIT. For each of the editable features you will have built-in options to choose from (like hair, hats etc)

If that feature allows you to substitute an attachment of your own design, there will be a button that looks like a wireframe box. Click that box, navigate to your FBX model and select it, and it will be added to the area of the body that pertains to the feature you are editing. For example, if you are looking for HAIR options, and you click the attachment icon, it will add your model as hair.

When you create your model, before exporting it as FBX, move its origin to XYZ=0... otherwise they won't show up in the right place in the Muvizu environment.

Also until you get used to it, your models probably will not be oriented correctly when they load into Muvizu. Fortunately, Muvizu provides sliders so you can position your imported objects (within reason)
2016/12/31 3:26:01
Hello ! Just Got Muvizu Today ! Welcome to the forum Selinita! Nice job on your first video! Like Clayster, I look forward to seeing more from you
2016/12/30 0:29:14
A strange Star Wars Spoof! cool concept and well executed, Clayster!
2016/12/28 18:39:41
Character sets old and new cool, Clayster! Thanks! I see a lot of new stuff here! How to make these attachments in Milkshape would be another really useful tutorial!
2016/12/28 16:23:45
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs CloudNinja wrote:
Hmp. I bought & installed the South Asian pack. I created an asian character named Shanti, & edit...then decals tab & click custom texture...

When I click on the UV templates - all the standard Characters show but *none* of the Asian characters?!

Did I miss something?

I get the same thing. (actually, I do get the ASIAN characters, but not the SOUTH ASIAN characters)

But as stated above in a different message: The new characters have less need for UVMaps since the clothes can already be colored and textured without having to paint your own texture on a UVMap.
2016/12/27 13:03:34
BlackMagicDesign very impressive product! Thanks for the heads-up, Ikes! I'll be watching to see how you use all this power!

update: here's another timely article bragging on the same product:
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2016/12/26 4:31:12
MERRY CHRISTMAS! nice gift, Clayster! On behalf of all of us: Thanks!
2016/12/26 4:29:21
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thanks for your open-mindedness, Primaveranz! Yes, the PC culture here has only gotten worse in recent years. It started out as an effort to be more inclusive and tolerant, but it has turned into a social justice warrior playing field in which people try to gain political advantage through guilt and shaming of anyone who doesn't adhere to the latest arbitrarily chosen rules.

The irony is that it has resulted in a culturally reinforced bigotry and net loss of tolerance for any point of view that isn't sanctioned by whoever is making all these counter-intuitive rules.

My gut tells me that "Divide and Conquer" is at the root of it all. If the citizens are trained to redirect their rage at one another then the leaders can do whatever they want because they have a wide variety of hot buttons to push as distractions.
2016/12/26 4:19:34
Is Silo just for character clothing, or can it be used for set design? I see all sorts of images on the home page. It looks interesting. I just went through some DAZ 3-D tutorials yesterday, and it was nice as long as I was spoon fed what to do. I have not attempted anything on my own yet. I will have to wait a couple of days to check out the tutorials here since I will be out of town. Thanks for the topic Pat.

SILO is a general modelling program, like Blender, Milkshape and Sketchup. They CREATE models and accessories for models. In the case of Muvizu, you would use Silo to make attachments and accessories for characters and sets.

Daz, iclone and Poser start with models that already exist (made in modelling programs) and provide an environment in which the models can be rendered, animated, posed etc . These types of programs may also include ways to create things like soft cloth and hair that blows in the wind (which would not normally be in the realm of what a 3d modelling program can do)

Because they can import objects, create sets from them and create animations, Daz, iClone and Poser are more like Muvizu than they are like the modelling programs that create the objects
2016/12/26 4:07:00
TUTORIAL SERIES: SILO to MUVIZU primaveranz wrote:
I am finding a few inconsistencies between the Silo tutorials and the software.
E.g. Ctrl + C (copy) doesn't appear to work as shown, instead I have to use Ctrl + D (Duplicate) . Also if you subdivide a poly then use the Edit undo option (Ctrl + Z.) it doesn't work. I can see Silo will be powerful but certainly more complicated than Milkshape to get up and running.

I've noticed that too, Primaveranz... sometimes CTRL-C then CTRL-V works, other times CTRL-D works, and I don't know what triggers the difference. My guess is that Silo was engineered to be FAST, and most features have a keyboard shortcut. As such, CTRL-D was probably intended to eliminate one step of a two step operatrion

I've also noticed that sometimes when CTRL-Z doesn't work, the menu option to UNDO does work.

But GENERALLY SPEAKING, the tutorials are still useful, unlike some software that has evolved faster than the online instructional information can keep up.
2016/12/25 15:39:09
MERRY CHRISTMAS! I know we have forum members from all over the world, people of different faiths and nationalities. I'll let anyone who celebrates a different season announce it for himself... but I celebrate Christmas, and as such I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I also want to thank the people of this forum for being so helpful and participative! This is by far one of the most civil forums I've ever had the pleasure to join!

I also want to thank the staff at Muvizu for all the work they do to make this amazing product available to us. My retirement is a lot more interesting because of Muvizu... and because of your hard work!

And a special call-out to Jamie Hill! Who here has NOT been helped by Jamie? He's the guy who keeps us all from throwing up our hands in despair... (Thanks my friend! You're a good man)
2016/12/25 15:20:21
TUTORIAL SERIES: SILO to MUVIZU for everybody who has bought Silo, here's a re-posted link to an EXCELLENT tutorial series:

it doesn't take long to go thru all 11 tutorials, after which you'll have a solid understanding of ALL the program's features. It will be easier for me to post tutorials that are specifically geared toward Muvizu if I don't have to include every step about how to use the software, move and position the models etc.

I'm very impressed with Glenn Southern's tutorials, and any effort I made to improve on them would simply fall short.

regarding the need for steam: I wonder if you downloaded the free trial from and applied whatever registration key you got through steam...

or you could go straight to the source and ask Nevercenter help if there is a workaround

I just noticed there's a sale on the nevercenter site too, completely separate from Steam:

regarding the base models... yeah, I see the links are broken. Anybody who is interested should message me for a new link.
2016/12/25 3:33:16
Are you shackled to having Steam on your computer for ever if you buy it via Steam?
edited by drewi on 25/12/2016

well.. good question. I don't think so, but then I didn't buy through Steam. It should be a standalone program and Steam is just the service that sells it
2016/12/24 19:13:01
Annual Christmas Greeting Very clever Gerry! I enjoyed that!
2016/12/24 16:22:34
TUTORIAL SERIES: SILO to MUVIZU yes, Steam does have Silo on sale again for $29 in case anybody is interested.

no idea how long the sale will last, but I'm thinking not long.
2016/12/24 14:04:32
Latest Muvizu ? if you're getting the message "you're not licensed for that feature" or something along those lines, it might mean that you exported your FBX with more than just a mesh and materials. FBX with rigging won't import. Even if you didn't INTEND for there to be rigging, you have to uncheck any boxes that would normally be checked when exporting an FBX with bones.
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