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2018/2/4 20:22:25
Samurai scene (demo)
2018/1/29 13:00:08
Inside a car Hey, any advice on how to create the interior of a car?

Hard to make from scratch especially without being able to download user assets....
2018/1/23 17:27:52
Zombie scene
2018/1/20 20:41:04
"Dark Waltz" by Haley Westenra I really like it. Good lighting, directing and visually impressive too!
2017/12/29 0:56:49
is it finally back.... Very happy it registers the license.
2017/11/24 12:18:00
is it finally back.... Hey C-tec

Yeah I feel ya...

I'm just waiting and checking daily for any updates or news.

Hopefully once the staff are up and running they honour previous licenses - worse case might have to buy one again but as you said, it's worth it...

Just gotta play the waiting game Hammer Time
2017/11/23 16:00:33
Finger Pistols are Dangerous: Episode 1 (The Gunle Awesome work!

Brilliant visuals, lighting and really impressed by the opening credits.

Looks fantastic!
2017/11/19 17:25:21
Moving forward Very well written Artpen, I couldn't agree more!

You hit the nail on the head for many of us amateur filmmakers, creative types etc. who also feel lost now without this creative outlet.
2017/11/16 10:50:45
Unable To Use License Key W3 error now.

Can't even send ticket for help. Really getting over this...

Anyone have any idea timeframes or workarounds? I'm glad Marshmellow have taken over but seriously been waiting too long now...
2017/11/14 18:36:48
is it finally back.... Can it be!??

Muvizu is back?

I'm trying to download and re-install on my computer, it's estimating 10 hours download?
If anyone knows if it's up and running yet or any info...?

2017/5/13 2:08:21
Recommended laptop for Muvizu Hi

My laptop recently died and I'm looking for a replacement. Any suggestions on the optimal laptop to get for Muvizu (without breaking the bank).

I know ideally a PC would be better but I like to animate on the move :p

Any feedback appreciated!
2017/5/9 3:55:14
Critiques please... First Video!! Excellent first video!
Funny, well lit and a great showcase of the features of Muvizu.
If your computer can handle it, try to play around with advanced lighting techniques (shadow sharpness, lens colour etc)
Can't wait to see what else you produce! Great stuff
2017/4/21 17:45:29
Storytelling Great read and very helpful.
A simplified story embryo/breakdown was provided by Dan Harmon, creator of 'Community' and 'Rick and Morty'.
Its broad but applied to most stories...

1. The Reader is in a comfort zone
2. ...but they want something
3. they enter an unfamiliar situation
4. They adapt to it
5. They get what they want
6. Pay a heavy price for it
7. then return to their familiar situation
8. Having changed
2016/10/22 7:08:05
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries I agree and know completely what you mean about needing to 'let go' of a project.

You are right that it's better to keep making content and try to learn from each one. I also am a perfectionist and stress about little things but what you wrote is true - the main aim should be fun.

I saw no flaws in your video. You must have a beast of a computer to produce such high quality imagery. I think you should be a Muvizu mogul as you are always giving good feedback and tips to newbies like myself.

Also, speaking of which, I used your birds character pack for my traumatized crow - so thanks
2016/10/22 4:31:25
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Wow Pat that is truly wonderful!
Your design, sound effects, use of fog and lighting is absolutely amazing - especially impressed by the shadow work.
Great ending too
2016/10/16 23:48:47
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Halloween entry - Not a serious contender but I had a few hours and won't have much time to make new movies soon.. Looking forward to seeing all your entries!

2016/10/15 20:50:40
JLA: Unseen part 1 - demo I'll check it out Ziggy!

Thanks for watching and also to Pat for the great comments

I've posted the full version of this so might delete this one, cheers
2016/10/15 20:47:44
Justice League Unseen (part 1 & 2)
2016/10/14 0:38:52
Anyone recommend good editing software? Thanks Roque and DrWho

You two are always very helpful and supportive
Using the MP4 instead of AVI works a treat - thanks heaps
2016/10/13 3:40:22
Anyone recommend good editing software? Have been using windows media player, which I believe is pretty terrible. For some reason when rendering my muvizu projects, a 7 second clip in HD ends up being a 2GB file and Movie Maker cannot sustain it.

If anyone knows a work around, or just decent, free editing software would really appreciate the tips
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