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2011/7/19 17:18:29
Download Mirrors OK folks, mirror download links are now up.

Just added 2 more mirrors -
If you have any problems or questions, please let us know.

2011/7/19 11:50:37
Download Mirrors Greetings all,

The external download mirrors are now available.

Filefront is now hosting the version v0.16b. If you are having problems downloading Muvizu from out website, feel free to give it a try.

If there are some problems with the mirrors please let us know.

2011/7/18 16:53:58
Download Mirrors Those of you that have the v0.15b version (May release), should get a pop-up window asking if you want to update your version.

Click yes, for an update otherwise you can get the full version (v0.16b) from our download page.

2011/7/18 16:01:05
Download Mirrors These links will be updated in the next 24hrs.

You can get the new v0.16b version from our internal download link.

2011/7/15 13:50:40
Movizu and copyrighted music Hi Les

ARM processors (which most portable devices use) for the most part are 32 bit. So I would assume that Android is only 32 bit. But I'm sure sometime in the future we will see the need for 64 bit.

Muvizu doesn't have any copyright protection systems / policies for music.
You should, however, consider the copyright protection laws. It all depends on what you are going to do with your video.
Youtube is to most common "destination" of Muvizu videos, so be preprepared, some videos get stripped out of their audio due to copyright issues.

I hope this helps clearing any questions you might have.

Have a nice weekend

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2011/7/12 10:35:06
Layered Animations while moving You can also animate the eyes and the head of the character
It should work pretty good.

2011/7/11 10:46:04
2 New videos, from a Muvizu Beginner Nice work Wizaerd

This is definitely a good start.

2011/7/8 14:36:05
Strange message Hey muddy,

Can you please tell us what graphics card you have on your PC?
Also, do you have the latest drivers?

2011/7/7 11:05:29
The Garage Band Blues Episode #1... Loved it guys, well done Can't wait for the next episode.
2011/7/6 13:45:11
Poor Export Quality Hey VeritasVincit,

I'm glad everything worked out for you.

AA is a very cool feature, but it can take up resources.

Please let us know if have further questions.

2011/7/6 10:48:38
Poor Export Quality Hi VeritasVincit,

Can you please tell us, which version of Muvizu are you using? (v0.15b? - 32bit or 63 bit).
You can get this information by clicking on the "About" button on the main navigation bar.

Also, you might want to do download a codec pack to help you with the final quality of your output.
The most used is the XviD MPEG-4 coded.

About the audio cracks and the animations being laggy, I suspect these problems are local to you machine.
Please ensure you have the latest drivers for your audio and video cards.
Can you tell us your hardware specs please?

2011/7/6 10:41:31
up loader problem Hi hexslayer,

Welcome to Muvizu.

Sorry to hear that you are having problems uploading videos through our website.

Can you please tell us the size of the video files?
Also, if your videos have restricted content, like songs from bands, youtube won't send it out to external websites.

When a video is uploaded successfully it usually takes 24 hours to be sent out to external websites.
Meaning it will take around 24 hours to be available on our website.
I will keep an eye on it.

I hope this helps.

2011/7/5 11:01:24
Live Action Short John did an awesome job on this one

2011/7/5 10:56:57
urgent need for old Muvizu version (0.14b) Hi Mach,

The link Jim posted above should have the version you need.
If not you can try this one on Cnet:;1

Please let us know if you managed to get the version you are looking for.

2011/7/4 10:17:20
Help!... in italian please! Ciao Ale

Felice di sapere che, come il programma.

1 - Il Muvizu permette di importare oggetti per l'estensione .ase, tuttavia non è possibile utilizzare gli oggetti importati come "allegati".

2 - Purtroppo non è possibile importare gli effetti speciali, ma c'è un effetto chiamato laser che può essere utile.

3 - Se si fa clic sul carattere, può cambiare il colore della pelle di ogni colore desiderato.

4 - È possibile trovare le opzioni per personalizzare i personaggi, se si fa clic sul carattere.

Spero che questo aiuti, se avete domande non esitate a contattarci.

Cordiali saluti,
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2011/7/1 11:36:01
Can't load a favorite character or sometimes a set Hi chuckles,

I've ran a few tests and hopefully I will be able to help you.
So, here we go.

Skirts and facemasks with patterns/decals.
This works the same way as characters with decals on their chest and back.
So you will continue to get the same error message.

Favourites Limit
I've managed to create some favourites to the total of 40. So 27 is definitely not the limit.
Did you do something different here?

Favourite characters are saved on your computer, so if you open the same set file in different computers they will not show.
A work around would be save en empty set with you favourite character in it and then copy / paste the character to the set you need them on.
You can copy past assets from one set to another as long as Muvizu is open and running.

Delete pre-made favourite characters.
Unfortunately this is not possible. But you can use the work around I mentioned above.

I hope this helps you in anyway.
Please let us know if you have any more questions.

edited by Marco_D on 01/07/2011
2011/6/30 15:06:33
Can't load a favorite character or sometimes a set Hi chuckles,

Muvizu should be able to handle more than 20 favourite characters.
Can you tell us which error message you are getting now?

2011/6/29 10:24:02
Our Italian Muvizu Project Thanks mrsponkie Looking forward to see more of your work.


2011/6/28 14:48:12
Our Italian Muvizu Project Hi Sponkie,

Sorry but I had to remove your media, since there were some nudity involved.
Fell free to repost your Muvizu video, but refrain from posting adult content since we have young people browsing our forums.


2011/6/28 14:43:11
Animals Hey sponkie,

You can try to download some models from Google 3D warhouse and import them into Muvizu.

Just have in mind that the models you import will behave as objects and not characters.
Therefore you cannot animate them, the way you animate the dog character.

I hope this helps.

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