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2010/10/10 9:41:11
I can't upload my video to youtube That's great! Well done.
2010/10/9 23:53:52
I can't upload my video to youtube Xvid is a good start for codec choice. Though, it's worth noting that '.avi' is just a container (a little like a zip file), and you can have different codecs in .avi.

What settings have you tried already? And are you rendering right from Muvizu, or using different software to edit?
2010/10/9 19:14:39
I can't upload my video to youtube What's the extension? .avi?

Also, do you know what codec you're using? You should try a different one, because it's likely that's the issue.
2010/10/9 17:28:14
Help! Submitting competition entry... pyrrho wrote:
...and take a stress pill or something :-)

Haha, will do.
2010/10/8 9:19:43
Help! Submitting competition entry... Okay, thanks very much for the help. (:
2010/10/8 8:41:21
Help! Submitting competition entry... Ohh right. I'll try that, thanks.

So, when I've sent it off they'll email back asking me to 'share' it with their specific YouTube account?
2010/10/8 5:07:56
Help! Submitting competition entry... I've just finished my competition entry, but I just want to ask a question about submission...

The directions say to "post your film on YouTube via the upload facility in the Muvizu 3D application or via your profile on the Muvizu website. When uploading, set the privacy option to 'Private (only specific YouTube users can view)'."

Because I've edited my video using external software, I have to use the site to upload. However, there doesn't appear to be any form of 'private' option at all, and I don't want to upload it and find that I've been disqualified for releasing it publicly. Big Grin (I don't know really if that would be the case, but I don't want to risk it!)

Also, how are you going to view the videos if they're set to private? I thought that maybe the reason why we have to do it through the site meant that the Muvizu software, or upload facility here, uses a different kind of private option that allows... I dunno actually, lol.

Please let me know what to do. Thanks. Feedback Requested

P.S. I think you'll like what I've made.
2010/8/28 22:28:19
Competition deadline... This is strange... here on the site you say that the deadline is the 31st of August, but on the Raindance site the deadline is the 20th of October. What's up then, which is correct? Rather confusing I must say...
2010/8/26 19:07:27
Consistent crashing. Updating the graphics drivers appears to have worked, Jim! Big Grin Not experienced a crash for two days... awesome! Thanks a lot for the help!
2010/8/24 14:13:43
Consistent crashing. Hey,

It's closing completely and opening again, rather than minimising.
No BSOD (blue screen of death), just lots of loud static-noise for a second, and then it simply stops.

On the whole my PC has always been very stable. I've not really had any other trouble that I can think of in terms of blue screens and stuff.

If it helps, I'm on XP 32bit with 2GB RAM, Q6600, & nVidia GPU.

2010/8/24 11:43:05
Custom resolutions and frame-rates? I was wondering if perhaps an 'advanced' rendering option could be included in Muvizu's future? It would be really handy to type in custom resolutions, and framerates, to allow more post processing options. I'd love to render at 2560x1440 and downscale to 1280x720 for a really smooth antialiased image. Unless AA is going to be incorporated in the future?

50 fps (or 60) would be totally cool as well for butter-smooth motion! Big Grin
2010/8/24 11:37:03
Consistent crashing. My PC is an ordinary big (fairly chuggy) one. I don't think overheating is the cause, to be honest. I've had no problems with overheating before, even when playing games and converting videos etc.

I've noticed that sometimes, if I've been making loads of textures and inporting them, Muvizu seems to be stable for hours and hours. Until I close it by accident and open it again... BOOM.

2010/8/21 15:32:30
Consistent crashing. Hey all,

Muvizu keeps crashing my whole PC after 10-15 of minutes of use. The sound card suddenly outputs terribly loud static, and then my PC just restarts. It's rather frustraiting becuase I'm trying to get my comp entry done. I know that Muvizu's still in beta, so I can't really blame it for being touchy, but is there anything I can do to make the crashes less frequent? I lost a whole morning's work because it corrupted the .set file just after I had saved it. bad razz

Thanks for any input,
2010/4/27 8:35:57
No thumbnails :( Deleting those files seems to have worked regarding object thumbnails! =D There are still no character thumbnails though.
2010/4/26 17:09:38
No thumbnails :( Yeah, I've tried restarting the PC, nothing changes though.

I'm running Windows XP, dual core, 2GB of RAM, and an nVidia 7800gtx GPU.
Thanks. :-)
edited by Matt on 4/26/2010
2010/4/23 18:56:23
No thumbnails :( I've loaded up Muvizu and let it install the updates, but now there are no thumbnails for the objects and assets, which means that I can't create or edit anything at all When creating a character, I can go onto 'favourates' and select some presets, and they load fine. It's just there are no thumbnails, and therefore nothing to click. Everything else seems fine.

I hope I didn't just waste 200 odd megabytes of bandwidth, letting it update Big Grin hopefully I won't have to rollback to the old exe that I still have on my HDD. Advice much appreciated. Thanks.
2010/3/5 16:27:11
Competition Fantastic, thanks for the clarification! (:
2010/3/1 20:32:42
Competition It's been a month since the competition ended... do you guys have an idea about when you're going to announce the judgingpanel etc?
2009/11/24 16:33:56
New forum software please?

Yeah, I agree. This forum is a bit confusing to use.

2009/11/23 20:17:19
Rendering at higher resolutions?

Are there any plans for high resolution rendering in upcoming versions of
the software? The rendering options available are not very good, and result in
horrible blocky looking videos that really take it out on video codecs. Modifiable
presets would be excellent, like SD PAL, SD NTSC, 720p HD etc.

Having antialiasing would also be a good feature, and would vastly improve
the final quality after compression. I've tried forcing it with my graphics
card, but it's not worked.

I've considered seeing if I can use a HEX editor to change the videoID (I have
no idea if that will work, lol, but it may be my only hope) so that I can start
to render my competition movie at a half decent quality, but if you guys are
planning on implementing it in the future, I shall wait. I've noticed that a
wider range of render resolutions seems to be a fairly requested thing, by a
few other people on the forum.

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