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2011/8/4 12:53:14
Resource Could not be loaded from Package UkBerty :Hello again - Just tried your workaround and works a treat! The set loads OK. Thanks again, twoddle hereby erased and null
2011/8/3 8:13:59
Resource Could not be loaded from Package Thanks UkBerty!
2011/8/3 6:57:12
Resource Could not be loaded from Package Hi there, I have also experienced this problem with both the 64 an 32 versions:
"It is with some regret that I must inform you of the following unexpected error: Resource could not be loaded from package"
This was a set with two characters, a fat man with a UV texture, and a fat woman with a textured
The set itself was the standard "Street" scene included with Muvizu.
Any advice would be appreciated!
2011/7/20 6:57:46
Character Texture maps Dreeko wrote:

Oh! and I thought it might be nice if they were labelled. considering that they won't be shown when placed on the character.

I've downloaded the map with labels, thanks for that!
2011/6/9 8:32:10
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Thanks for that! It'll save me hours of wall placing with dismal results!
2011/6/5 5:57:44
Eyeball movement Makes sense: "down and to the right " is "talking to themselves", corresponds to the previous "Auditory digital, inner dialogue". I find it quite useful, thanks!
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2011/6/4 13:45:44
Eyeball movement There are two "eyes down and left" on the list, and no "eyes down and right" I wonder which one is meant to be the latter.?
2011/5/27 3:29:36
The newest Muvizu release... So far, everything is perfect: The 64 version runs smooth as silk, the cinepak codec I had has been replaced by a Matrox one, and the speed of recording is quite near real time.
The new animations look funny and fluid. Thanks Muvizu!
2011/5/18 11:21:25
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Everything in this video is excellent! The handling of facial expressions is superb!
2011/5/11 3:39:56
Deutschsprachiges Forum Alternativ können Sie fügen Sie die Übersetzung in Englisch über die Web-Übersetzer, und dann können wir alle mitmachen!
Alternatively, you might want to add an English translation using the web translators, and then we can all participate!
2011/5/10 9:38:33
Which video editing software do you use? freakmoomin wrote:
Just out of curiosity is there anybody out there using an editing package which can handle muvizu's raw output? or is everybody going via 'V Dub'???

I use Cinepak codec, which is accepted by Windows Live Movie maker, and by Corel Video Studio Pro X 4.
2011/4/29 2:36:33
A tutorial vid from Dreeko excellent tutorial, entertaining and instructive!
2011/4/27 14:21:26
Move Character A tutorial would be ideal!
2011/4/27 7:32:06
Move Character Haarvik , The character stays when you "direct", but behaves as expected when you "play".
Dreeko, the cloud effect is quite impressive!
2011/4/26 12:45:55
Move Character Mysto,
I repeated your experiment, and found that additionally, if you use a backdrop "ground" with "texture=none" instead of a cube, you can have a character that appears to rise up in the air and descend with no apparent support!
2011/4/8 3:38:50
PICTURES! It never worked for me either... I even created an extra directory for screenshots, but muvizu wasn't fooled, and did not place the screenshot there... back to prt Scr, I guess.
2011/3/25 0:48:32
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Thanks for that tutorial!
2011/3/24 3:18:24
Walking in a straight line Maybe guitar > march
As seen in the school band video (ta-da!)
2011/3/15 22:04:31
Sets/Objects - Works in progress There might be something about strange minds working alike... A couple of weeks back I uploaded a modest effort involving an airline, passengers misbehaving, and even a cute little window with rolling clouds. Uncanny!
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2011/2/12 7:58:06
Sad old man A very beautiful work of art!
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