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2017/5/8 11:48:50
Import object from another set You will not see your saved object or character in favourites until you shut down muvizu and reopen it.
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2017/4/25 19:39:12
Digimania has gone into administration Rodrisilva wrote:
zuijlen wrote:

I do not believe you. I do not believe that will be your last movie with muvizu. We see plenty of movies that make us laugh, but no one has made movies to make us stop and think like your movies do. Please, please stay with us, and make more movies, they are special.

Muvizu will keep going I am very sure, maybe commercially or maybe just among us enthusiasts. It has limitations we all know – but you use other software with it as we all do. All the ingredients are there and it is up to us to provide the imagination to use them.

Thanks you for sharing that latest movie. Please don’t let it be the last. We have our little flower and we will all look after it.

Geoff Clarkson
2017/4/23 10:54:04
Digimania has gone into administration It all seemed a bit gloomy a few days ago - but stay positive. If it gets bought and run by somebody nice thats good. Otherwise there is a lot of enthusiasm to maybe keep this all going on a cooperative community basis. Come and jopin the gang on zuchat. https://www.facebook.com/groups/zuchat/
2017/4/22 19:45:39
Digimania has gone into administration Thanks for that info Dreeko, and thanks to all Muvizu for a lovely accessable program. Completely free for a long time and afterwards still very cheap. It must 7 years or so I have been using it. It never quite got all the full range of bells and whistles of those big flashy expensive programs, but it has a charm and humour that outshines any one them. Perfect for humour but when you look at the movies of Rodrisilva real poignancy. A bunch of us over on zuchat are keeping our fingers crossed that it might be taken over and kept intact and even developed.
Come and join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/zuchat/

Geoff Clarkson (Tangledbliss)
2017/3/5 11:22:24
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... This is a brilliant idea Rod. An english commentry for the video would be good too if that could be possible.
2017/3/4 10:20:53
SKETCHUP TO MUVIZU After my enthusiastic post , I have to add an ammendment. This seens to work fine with my own home made Sketchup models (using SU 2016 or 2017) and it works with lots of models from the warehouse. but not all - especially the more complex ones. Sketchup builders neednt be concerned about numbers of polygons, but we are - 20K is your limit.
2017/2/21 16:50:17
Stop my character from sitting? Start with character sitting, the have your character stand up and then move. slide the actions close together in the timeline and it will look quite natural.
2017/2/21 15:35:29
SKETCHUP TO MUVIZU Just to clarify - I download the model for SU version 2014,2015 or 2016 and open it up in SU. I check it over, maybe delete any parts I dont want, and make sure it is centered on the axes. Then I export that as a collada file. Then I put that through the autodesk converter. I hit problems if I try to go straight from a downloaded collada straight into file into the converter.
2017/2/21 15:27:37
Witchy wrote:
Tried this several times this morning with different files dl'd from the warehouse. Same result each time Muvizu crashed with a long list of DLL errors

Maybe your meshes have too many polygons. Max polygon count is about 65.000 if i'm correct.
2017/2/21 10:20:14
SKETCHUP TO MUVIZU We have some very clever modellers in the muvizu community, people who can navigate the intricate world of polygons, voxels, collisions, UV maps and all the different formats. As a simple sort of chap I have been happy with making my objects in Sketchup 8 and exporting them as .ase models using Ziggymesh exporter. Also of course you can find hundreds of ready made models for free in Sketch Up Warehouse and do the same thing.

It seemed even better when I found that the trial version of the latest sketchup pro had a facility to export directly to the quicker and more muvizu friendly .fbx format.
But then………the Pro trial only lasts 30 days, and the real thing is like several hundred quid. And…to make it worse…. In January they stopped making the models downloading in SU 8 format.
After a months wailing and spending hours in the mind-numbing vortex that is Blender… I have found a straightforward easy way to export models from sketchup to muvizu.
Make your model in free Sketchup Make (old or newer versions), or download from the warehouse, colour and texture it as you want, go to File/Export/3Dmodel and choose COLLADA (*.dae) format. In options tick two sided faces and texture maps.
Get yourself free Autodesk FBX converter. You just drag the file into the left hand box, tick embed media and convert. You then have an .fbx model which imports straight into muvizu with all its textures and colours, either as an attachment or stand-alone prop. And no messing with Blender !!!!!!
2017/2/5 23:45:31
<POW!> letter effect? CloudNinja wrote:
I thought I saw the ability to do a lettered "<POW!>" effect when characters fight - i.e. when a punch connects - the letters <POW!> flash for moment...

Is there something like that in MZU?

with appreciation,

The best solution is to get yourself fixed up with a video editing program. Hit film will do you fine. Make your words or find them on the net, save them as .png images with a transparent background and overlay them on your movie for whatever size and duration you want. You can then use Hit film to add sound effects.
2017/1/21 20:46:27
motorbike You have to fiddle around stretching and shrinking the bike all three ways to fit the character. Failing that make your own in sketchup 8 or find a bike in the Sketchup warehouse that you can adapt to fit the character . With the red scooter I had to raise the handlebars. The Robot delivery scooter I pinches some wheels and made from scratch with a stem that came right back to suit the ‘chopper’ riding position of the character. It was trial and error in both cases.