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2012/8/10 10:32:07
I can't install Muvizu Hi Reineinmyheart,

I'm sorry to hear you have been having problems with downloading Muvizu.

From what you have described it sounds like the issue may be due to the connection you have. It's possible the connection was lost at some piont during the download and this has caused Muvizu not to fully complete it's installation.

The only thing I could advise would be to try again from the website or from one of our many mirror sites.

These can be found at:

July 2012 release v0.21b

GE.TT 32bit & 64bit - Full versions

Gamershell - 32 bit - Full version

Gamershell - 64 bit - Full version

I hope this helps and that you are able to get Muvizu fully installed on your computer. If you have any other issues then please feel free to ask.

2012/7/25 12:46:53
"An error has occurred": after installation Hi gdesigner,

Thanks for getting in touch.

If you could completely uninstall the version of Muvizu you have and re-install the 64bit lite or full version, this might help.

If you send me the specifications of you machine as well this might help me get to the bottom of the error.

Thanks in advance.

2012/7/25 12:38:43
UE3Engine.dll error message Hi jjonthenet,

Sorry to hear you are having this error.

If you could completely uninstall Muvizu and re-install the application making sure you tick the three option boxes when installing. This should hopefully do the trick.

Could I ask what your system spec is?

2012/7/17 12:41:09
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) WozToons wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
Beefy is 6'6" ...if anyone is interested...

Yes, that's all very well but what's his shoe size, inside leg measurement and favourite food?

Having fitted him for his latest spandex and taken him for lunch I can cleary state that his shoe size is a massive 18 barleycorns. The inside leg is that of a beast, at 15 hands (palms in old money).

His favourite food is Pie and Mash with a side of Jellied Eels. And he ain't need no Spoon.
2012/7/16 15:00:28
How do I add a different codec to Muvizu drop down Hi EEFilmz,

You can just download a codec from the internet and install it. This should add it to the drop down list in Muvizu.

Try the k-lite codec pack or x-vid download.

2012/7/13 16:38:55
Pyrotechnics No problem Insane Hamster. Thats what everyone is here for. Muvizu is nothing without it's community.

People like WozToons and, well, everyone! are what make Muvizu a great place to be.

P.S. The only person making nasty remarks here is... eh... hmmm.
2012/7/13 15:06:25
Pyrotechnics WozToons wrote:

Thanks WozToons,

Forgot about that tutorial.
2012/7/13 14:49:48
Pyrotechnics Hi InsanHamster,
This can be achieved by first creating the effect, then right clicking and setting the intensity to 0. Now, in the Prepare menu you should navigate down to Object Properties and select the Pyrotechnics object. Next select the Intensity from the Track tab and choose to animate it.

The last step is to direct it and slide the slider up to max for the desired time and that should be you. If you need to change anything, this can be done in the timeline.

2012/7/13 12:31:26
Random requests! simonheffer wrote:
If we are contemplating adding auto-animating the door closing , could we not auto-animate the door opening?

In either case you're talking about determining the movement type(rotation), the amount of movement, speed and, in this case, the axis of rotation.Goofus

Are we thus heading towards a more generic object animation feature? Maybe the first step to waypoints and camera programming - whey hey! Party

Sorry - calmed down now.


And thus the can of worms has been opened.

I'm sure the physics involved in opening and closing doors would be murder to implement.

As you rightly mentioned, you would need to determine the speed, rotation and other intricacies involved in the everyday usage of doors. This is also forgetting the doors objects that we have which look like swing doors. The though of trying to get the door to swing both ways (giggity) naturally does not bear thinking about.

As for waypoints and camera programming... There are more pressing matters at hand just now, but stay tuned.

Anyway, as Steve Davis once said. 'I'm off to watch a documentary about doors on BBC4.'

2012/7/13 11:36:28
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
Door springs! By that I mean that when you animate opening a door (or any object ideally), there would be a check box on the Prepare dialogue to enable the Spring. This would mean that the door would spring back to it's starting position automatically once you let go of the key(s) you're pressing to animate it. This is necessary, I believe, since it is completely impossible to do it manually. You can never get the bloody door to look shut again, it's always a little bit out (at best!).

Ziggy this is a great idea.
2012/7/9 11:48:33
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Congratulations Dylly.
2012/6/26 10:33:57
NEW Tales from Zombietown Episode (9) Another great episode lads. Loving Z.E.D. Hopefully they can find a way to deal with these new zombies.
2012/5/30 14:16:24
Introductions! Marco_D wrote:
That's why I eat at home.. mostly rock on

I eat at home. But then again I live at battersea dogs home.
2012/5/18 14:54:45
Just ask Alan It was Germaine Greer working on behalf of the WI.
2012/5/16 14:53:25
Ch ch ch ch changes to the Muvizu forums Ciao a tutti, Olá a todos, Hello all,

You may have noticed a new addition to the forums recently, this is due to some upcoming changes.

The beloved home into which Muvizuers spill their guts is being purged. (Sorry)

This is to say that we have decided to clean up the forums and make it a simpler place for people to interact. We want people from all backgrounds, ages and learning curves to get involved so we have reduced some of the oversized topics into more easily managable chunks with nice new tiltes that should be inviting for everyone.

All of this will be happening over the coming weeks and we will try to keep you updated.

Dicci cosa ne pensi? Diga-nos o que você acha?

Let us know what you think?

Grazie e arrivederci, Obrigado e adeus, Thank you and goodbye,

2012/4/27 16:04:28
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN EPISODE (7) Glad you added the half a zombie. No zombie work should be complete without it. Stoney really is a convincing zombie.
2012/4/16 13:58:51
We've got some new toys. Does this mean Zombietown is going live action..?
2012/4/2 10:56:10
The Project Vortex Hi Marc,

Glad to see you're getting the hang of it.

This was very good for a first attempt, I liked the idea a lot. Your wife does seem to have a natural talent and to be honest I didn't even notice the mistakes.

The finer details like the pen make all the diffirence. Even if sometimes they may not be noticable in the final render they are always good to have for your finished set in case you decide to use it again for another video.

I look forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve.

2012/4/2 10:25:05
More musical instruments? Hi Artpen,

A banjo sounds nice. I myself think that a musical ensemble is not complete until there is a triangle.

2012/3/29 12:31:11
Voice actors? We need em. Not sure my dulcet scottish tones could muster anything past "Haw, erra zombie ye wir ment tae be keepin edgie ya bam." The obligatory "Gies yer jaiket ya undeed radge." and "Terrific." But i'll give it a go if you like.

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