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2014/2/28 17:05:26
Asset Creation Looks like I'm going to have to summarize this thread.

To start with, I'll just quote Carole from the start of the thread:
Carole wrote:
Hello All,

Having looked at the offerings of marketplaces for 3D assets and factoring in some business prioritisation we are going to close the Muvizu gallery of 3D assets to new submissions. The existing assets will remain as a library but we would like to encourage Muvizu users to use marketplaces more geared up to the sharing process and ones that actually allow you to profit from your creativity if you so wish.

In advance of doing this we wanted to gather some thoughts from you our community around alternatives. We plan at the moment to suggest we centre activity around TurboSquid using Muvizu in the name of items to aid searchability.

Just a heads up and a chance to throw in suggestions.

Now for our views on this.

Key points made in this thread:
  • Assets are a vital part in any movie
  • Muvizu friendly items cannot be hosted on any existing site as they are not transferable to other applications
  • Uploading to external sites would be time consuming and most users would not put the effort into it
  • Each change similar to this is pulling the community apart
  • Muvizu's community is, quite possibly, it's greatest asset - promoting the software, and helping new users
  • Possibly have a 'premium assets' list for those who would like to profit from their creations (and perhaps Muvizu take a percentage of the money)
  • HQ seem to have stopped their creation of assets, characters etc so the users have to take charge
  • Most users simply do not have the time to learn how to use blender, sketchup etc
  • If the assets page gets taken down, people might just keep their brilliant creations to themselves
  • If the hosting situation is that bad, you could have links to user dropboxes in the existing assets page
  • If there is a problem,(such as not being able to host assets any more) tell us early on, we might be able to help.
  • Develop extension packs to be sold?
  • Perhaps HQ should tell us what they plan to implement every year
  • We will spend cash if we get our money's worth
  • If none of the above are viable options, we will have to host a community asset page - which I would happily help with

Does anyone have anything else to add?
2014/2/27 17:10:57
Asset Creation Rocky53204 wrote:
"Direct don't animate." (But only after you have learned 3D creation!) Sending your users to other sites is a sound business decision? I own/use pro versions of Anime Studio, IClone, Crazytalk, etc. Your product is clearly still in a development stage with limited capabilities. The user base you are about to alienate may be your strongest asset. We all know storage has never been cheaper. If your concern is litigation for copyright infringement a simple disclaimer with offer to take down has served others.

As a new user I have donated a few assets. In the current environment I will cease that effort.

I have to agree with all the points made here.
2014/2/26 22:06:43
Asset Creation toonarama wrote:
fazz68 wrote:
fair enough, if you dont want my assets then i shall keep them all to myself. see ya.

This is exactly what I was expecting and I don't blame Fazz. He has made some great assets and been kind enough to give them to the community for free. Why would he want to start messing around with 3rd Party sites.

Muvizu is still landlocked to a great degree due to the unpredictability of the import options and it is the great work of Fazz and the others who have kept the content fresh and new. If Muvizu is not going to supply or sell additional content then you are closing off additional content from the community.

I accept this is probably a storage/bandwidth issue but how will you retain/attract new users where there is a limited supply of new assets - especially as there is no way of importing new characters although the community has tried to find ways around this.

Probably done for money saving reasons but could prove very costly!

I think this is a clear no from the community. Keep the asset page open and functional!
2014/2/26 19:19:21
Asset Creation fazz68 wrote:
fair enough, if you dont want my assets then i shall keep them all to myself. see ya.

A perfect example of what will happen to the community if this sort of thing happens.
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2014/2/26 19:11:25
Asset Creation It appears that this is Urban's existing site:
And this is the assets section
Looks fantastic by the way!
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2014/2/26 19:03:34
Asset Creation Yeah, why not keep the current asset section but add a new system for those who want to profit from their hard work?

If this is not an option, I'll happily help with Urban's site!
2014/2/26 17:09:41
Asset Creation Personally, I prefer the ability to contribute and download assets freely.
Perhaps some sort of swapping/trade process to replace this?
Or perhaps redesign the asset section to profit from our 3D models rather than using an external website?
2014/2/23 11:11:29
My first movie in just a day Nice first video!
2014/2/18 19:41:23
Share the love! Congrats again, and let us know how you get on with the tablet. Toast
2014/2/11 19:36:16
How do I put a Muvizu Character into reality? You can also put a character in front of a backdrop which is playing an avi - possibly on an inivisible block.
2014/2/6 21:59:02
input vector or psd files?

Other tutorials:
2014/2/6 20:20:42
input vector or psd files? Then create a backdrop and import the image onto it.
2014/1/30 17:13:24
once a .set is created, how to extract a character Yes, this is the same for props, and if you have trouble right clicking stuff, just select it and go into the edit menu at the top
2014/1/29 16:47:11
ability to create a character or not? gracemaker wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
You can import models, but not characters. There is the possiblity in the future that the fbx format would allow for character import, but not any time soon. The Create Character tab only allows you to create a new character from the list (man, woman, beefy, etc). So you're stuck with them, is what we're sayin'

i understand that an immoveable object, an .ase or .fbx can be imported.
i seem to understand what a character is, and that a character can NOT be imported into muvizu.
okay, but sorry, for stupid question: what is a model that can be imported?

Anything that is a 3D solid that can be imported is a model. (anything from chairs to swords)
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2014/1/29 16:40:41
ability to create a character or not? gracemaker wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Technically he is right, you have to customise the current characters with clothes, textures etc rather than actually creating the characters from scratch.

but can one not "create a character" by importing a new character?
can one not import a newly created .fbx or .ase character?

Those formats can only be used for importing solid objects - objects that cannot move. Currently, Muvizu does not have the capability to import characters. (although there are rumours that there will be in the future)
2014/1/29 16:02:53
ability to create a character or not? Technically he is right, you have to customise the current characters with clothes, textures etc rather than actually creating the characters from scratch.

For other tutorials, look here:
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2014/1/27 21:18:47
Isn't he cute,.. Aw, lol!
2014/1/25 10:25:52
Graphic bug (large white streaks) with Play+ I haven't got this either (AMD Radeon HD 7770)
Muvizu:Play+ 64bit
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2014/1/23 20:16:38
turn around time??? The normal delay is usually a maximum of 3 days, as the Muvizu staff have to check over each video for rude language etc.
If you upload late on a Friday or at the weekend, it may be longer.
2014/1/22 16:29:20
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