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2013/1/17 23:07:59
Whack- a- mole or trigger happy style? I am not very good at wack-a-mole I must admit what I do is simply run the software and have it spit out the animations I loaded on the pages just by clicking them and interspersing idle between them until i have spat out about 20 animations and then I delete some and move some here and there I quite listerally run down the list at my own speed and then move all the bits around later. If I need more I reload the wack-a-mole pad and spit out another 6 or so in the same manner hehe. This is entirely contradictory to the "direct dont animate" but I can't do wack-a-mole so I dont. I dont know though if that classifies as a thought or a "how I avoid wackamole" statement

I think I get these techniques from other softwares *cough*
2013/1/17 18:59:36
Driving actions Please ;) I two thumbs, 8 fingers and 10 toes up this suggestion!
2013/1/17 18:54:54
Coming Soon... mememe I will do Ted Bundy! can you give him long hair and a skirt? I am so there! Big Grin

*whispers* always wanted to play the evil one *cough*

p.s. I sent you some info on who I think can do like a male ted bundy and has a decent mic

*walks away sadly *
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2013/1/17 0:17:35
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Now it's finished. Probably

haha I read that 'probably' and thought "hrm he is leaving himself room to have it not be finished" and see a post about smoke for hot coffee Thumbs Up
2013/1/16 2:00:19
Health update... Good luck with your health stuff.

Being human sucks at times when the plumbing breaks for sure!
2013/1/16 1:58:27
Coming Soon... Nice work on your sets and a great many models that are going up now are as a result of ziggy's requests or insanehamsters requests with the exception of the trees I think most of the models up in the last couple of months are a result of a request so keep up the ideas/requests because quite frankly i have no clue what is important other then "more models".

I always get a kick out of seeing my toys in other people's work and am honoured to help out

keep up the good work ziggy I think this is going to be a really good movie
2013/1/15 20:53:51
Only one colour on imported ase file Just one final note not every model on that warehouse will work on muvizu or look good in muvizu but you can assemble some decent scenes if you have the patience to go through their stuff. In the end you will probably start to slowly learn to use sketchup as more then an import pipeline but one does need to start somewhere

In any event if your willing to learn and take the time anything is possible as long as your pc can handle it. The cool thing about using computer generated stuff is well the fact that there are very few limit beyond your imagination and your pc. Muvizu is amazingly versatile even without the requested features like hand held props.

One day I suspect they will create a commercial version (well this is my hope anyhow) with a price tag and license and system for adding more then just meshes which we can animate inside muvizu as objects.

Lets hope they also plan to upgrade their unreal engine as well

anyhow good hunting have fun shopping in the warehouse
2013/1/15 17:16:19
Only one colour on imported ase file this applies to sketchup as well but if there is only one colour then there is likely only one material unless its using an id texture. The mustang in the gallery is done in 3dmax I believe and its taking advantage of their id texture system which uses 1 material and has a system for reading uvmaping and colours on the texture. This is probably possible in sketchup with some expensive addon, but for the free version if you want 10 slots you need 10 materials. Sketchup from what I have gathered just from reading these forums seems to use 1 material per 1 picture so this is where that is coming from. If your referring to just the colour bands and there is no image slot then they person created an id texture.

The id texture is a muvizu thing and its also used in unreal engine to create an id texture in sketchup you would need to create a uvmap (a good one haha there are different methods for uvmapping). The easiest sketchup model to make is one that uses photomapping and has seperate photos on each material layer that way you can customize it inside muvizu.

Anyhow basically you see
1 colour band and no texture slots the person has created an id texture with 1 colour on it

IF you see a colour band and a texture slot the person did not use id textures and its importing whatever it can find inside the folder in this case a colour band represents a material layer

Anyhow I hope that helps its a bit of an explanation of how the system works with absolutely no experience inside sketchup from me but I have read the various questions that fly by and I have tried to use a few 3dwarehouse models and they are always extremely heavy on the materials like 20 bazzillion of them which indicates to me that those using the free version are using this method of 1 photo texture per material

one last bit of information - adding this after the way the modelling works it you apply a material and then on top of the materials it holds textures. You can put all the textures on one material which is what has happened in the sketchup model you imported the guy did a proper uv map by the sounds of it and layed out all the textures onto a photo properly and so that object has all the information on a single material. 3dwarehouse the models are tossed on there with different levels of expertise and done using different methods. It sounds like you got one from someone who has the pro version or whatever
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2013/1/14 20:07:54
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar fman00 wrote:
Thanks folks. Still grinning from ear to ear about the win. I really wanted the microphone especially and could never have justified the cost of buying it (my kids keep insisting on being clothed and fed-selfish so and so's).
Must have put the darned code in 30 plus times trying to get it to work on youtube - was amazed when I finally got it to work!

hehe that mic is nice I bought one about a year ago as I already have a voice that does not carry well, but I had a friend who was an radio announcer for a toronto radio station said it was "electronically friendly" and told me to get a good mic as I have a good voice for commentating apparently.. When I got it I was amazed it was also huge I needed both hands to hold it haha. I threw out my desktop mic immediatly. The only issue I have with it is it crashes at times there is a microsoft driver issue with it ... probably need the windows 7 service pack 2 or something but i am cheap ..

Anyhow its an awesome mic and it pics up everything you will actually need to worry about background noise suppression and accoustics and stuff haha
2013/1/14 18:20:54
Silent install woes just adding to this

I also think this is what is slowing my muvizu down so much at times I get not desktop shortcut created when I install muvizu after removing it and reinstalling the same version even though I clean the registry and reboot something odd is up (yes not very descriptive haha sorry)

Anyhow I then have to search for my muvizu folder on the fresh install which when I do a fresh install because muvizu is slowing down I create an entirely new folder with a new name and delete the old one and clean stuff up. Then my shortcut for no apparent reason seems to disappear the one I manually create... Its at this time this happens when my muvizu is becoming unusuable and acts like there is some sort of memory leak. I can have it running and be doing the same operations over and over again and then suddenly it doesn't want to do it anymore I shut it down reboot my pc and poof the shortcut is gone.

The shortcut also seems to disappear when I do any pc maintenance as I schedule my pc to defrag itself and dump my old temp files etc and reboot when everyone is asleep. I run adware pro to remove "evil bits" that may land on my pc while surfing the net and then have another application that does the rest afterwards and reboots the pc.

Anyhow its a bit odd my shortcuts keep going poof for no apparent reason
2013/1/14 17:11:02
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar haha grats to those who won the draw I liked solving the puzzle it was fun.

I kept going to the final video to see how many views it got every couple of days
2013/1/14 6:56:53
horse needed! people can make objects for you if you post a request and they have time however the animation system in muvizu is a closed system so we cannot do any animation work for use in muvizu. There is a good public domain horse I was going to convert and put a link up on the forum but it would be an inanimate object because we can only import mesh. If you go through the gallery you will see what is available for use in muvizu for free. Myself I dont take paid anything that is custom I learned long ago that people making custom requests can get a bit unreasonable for the price they want to pay so I stopped doing any paid custom work well years and years ago. However if you post a request someone often comes along and makes it and tosses it up on the gallery. At the moment I already take a few requests but I can't take many more or I would never get me videos done .

Anyhow I would assume you want a horse/character that can actually move for the moment in muvizu this is not possible we can't rig meshes and create animations. When I remember to finish converting the horsey for muvizu use I will post it in the 3d forum as there are a few other objects I wanted to convert as part of an open sourced project that are available in other platforms already. They simply havent made their rounds here for instance the assets that were released by the creators of the game ryzome are on my todo list.

These items wont be in the gallery however as they are not "originals" but they are open sourced and its permissible to distribute the models and adapt and/or convert them.
(so many things so little time.. )
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2013/1/12 23:53:01
Electric Sheep I was messing around with this a couple of months ago now if not more and I kind of bumped into it again when I typed in a search term "stock footage" hehe anyhow it reminded me. I dont know if I am posting this just cause I think its cool or if its more that its useful.. I think its cool, but to me its something useful soo anyhow

If you have ever seen those psychaedelic tunnels and stuff that people use for video effects .. vortexes etc well they basically are this sometimes its a composite with some household object like a fan or a toy car or somesuch.. thing but I am always making wierd stuff for intros for myself or for transition screens


its kind of cool it is even more cool if you are a coder type
2013/1/12 16:29:19
The Avengers pt3 haha that was good the little commercials and the door with the key card
2013/1/12 3:23:11
Moo well my votes for episode 3 of moo's is

around the world in 80 moo's
the sound of moosic
as the moo turns
moo she wrote
sherlock holmes and the case of the missing moo's

sigh you guys have corrupted me once i got the first title out I could not stop with the moovies

2013/1/10 21:11:02
aiuto Inviagli un messaggio su youtube. Egli parla italiano

(Io non parlo Italiano)

( http://www.bing.com/translator/?ref=TThis&from=en-US&to=it-IT )
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2013/1/10 21:04:31
Moo is this the moo series? if so what's the next moo?

*sits on the edge of me seat*
2013/1/10 18:25:13
Coming soon (tm) episode 3 out takes.. of sorts.. I dont know what it is about fart jokes but if your having a bad day there is nothing like a good fart joke to lighten the mood :/

anyhow thanks for the feedback lol
2013/1/9 17:05:00
Coming soon (tm) episode 3 out takes.. of sorts.. rofl yeah that was a juicy one.. I have now that I am building sets and my techniques have improved after I learned all the muvizu ins and outs having to update that metropolis set which is doomed to appear somewhere in almost every video in this series.. I have to settle on a style and stick with it.. lol

anyhow onwards past the fart scene .... I just had to use those camera angles before I tossed em :0
2013/1/9 16:09:17
Sketchup Issue - Another program to use? Any software out there that I can think of has an openGL element well the only other option I know that works with muvizu is blender and it has openGL settings and it has used openGL well since i have known it to exist (very long time now). Sketchup is probably one of the most basic 3D softwares out there as it was designed with people who are not normally a part of the animation world in mind such as architects etc however openGL is pretty much commonplace and not particularly new in concept as well. I remember playing video games 10 years ago that used openGL.
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