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2015/5/20 0:10:37
shut up!!zip it!...shh! no vids uploaded in ages here. can you log on to you tube? i cant. had this problem a few months back and muvizu kindly helped me out reconnecting my muvizu account back to youtube. it wiped all my vids from this site. i got them back again and now it happened again vanished in to the void of doom. theres not much point in doing anything till i see muvizu has fixed the problem. so till then........
2015/5/14 17:45:15
shut up!!zip it!...shh! and its wiped out all my videos from this site..... again.....
2015/5/12 22:38:20
Coming Soon... it could do with a bit of width reduction.Big Grin

yeah i had to turn off the shadows on the window part of the model to get rid of the shadows on the backdrops and angle the lights so the shadows from the rest of the models are below what is visible. its been quite a few months since i opened muvizu but im sure ive never had problems like that before. wack up the illumination and the shadows vanish. not anymore which is a pain in the arse
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very strange.... it only happens on that set? just tried with some random objects. muvizu ones, some ase imports and some fbx imports and no shadows. i'll have to investigate this further.
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2015/5/12 14:41:20
Muvizu World (fan produced trailer) very nice mate
2015/5/12 14:02:14
Coming Soon...

im way out of practice muvizuing. has the lighting changed in this update? and whats happened to the backdrops, im pretty sure they never used to take shadows when illuminated up full?
2015/5/9 12:03:33
shut up!!zip it!...shh! i would say because as usual you tube/google are pissing around and changing stuff to make everyones life just that bit more complicated.
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2015/3/30 19:25:17
characters sitting or you could click the button in the contents pack drop down menu that says uninstall

2015/3/29 19:39:22
characters sitting uninstall the contents packs. restart muvizu and install the packs again. that should fix the problem.
2015/3/25 16:16:47
top quality muvizu animation the muvizu gods have spoken....

Staff pick.... and rightly so Big Grin
2015/3/25 12:26:38
top quality muvizu animation this is nothing to do with me but i think it deserves more coverage here in the forum and to the muvizu gods.... A Staff pick !!! come on its time for a new one

A top quality animation and muvizu at its best if you ask me. brilliantly done. excellent work all round.

well done that man http://www.muvizu.com/Profile/MOSTRO-PICTURE

ps...hope you dont mind me posting it here for you.
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2015/3/17 16:40:08
Star trek. the halloween incident. thanks to you both

@HayManMarc oh yes mate, i was aware of the kirk/halloween mask connection.
2015/3/17 16:31:18
IMPORT FROM SKETCHUP -PROBLEMS SHADOW its in the sketchup to muvizu thread somewhere.

luckily MrDrWho made it into a wiki page for us.

i'll eat my words, it wasnt in the sketchup to muvizu thread.

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2015/3/8 12:50:41
objects to move in a straight line. try playing around with these settings.

if you are moving a car i find the easiest way is if you are locked on the object axis and actually move the car from behind. as if you are playing a video game. using the arrow keys is easiest or if you have a pc game controller. if you are going in a straight line there should be no problem.
if you are using the car on a road prop and it hits a bump somewhere (usually where two props meet) the car will lift. so to combat that set the car physics to stays upright and floats in the air to keep it level. then before you move your car lift it off the ground a little bit. record your movement. set the timeline back to the start. then move the car back down making sure you dont tilt it at all. that way it will move through any uneven prop malarkey. (pesky collision nonsense)
2015/2/7 0:05:00
Question about Play* and Watermark tick the box that says remove watermark. ignore the stuff about credit cards and stuff. the watermark will go.

as to why you cant make a video, i dunno?
2015/2/5 4:25:19
Sketchup to Muvizu if it has a blue box around it, its already a component or a group. right click on the model to bring up the menu and it should say either edit group or edit component. theres also a bit thats says explode. if its a group then highlight the whole model and click explode to break up the group. keep doing it till it wont explode anymore. it might take quite a few times depending on how many components make up the group. when it wont explode anymore highlight the entire model and you can make the whole model into one single component.

the toto error will be because you are trying to import into muvizu without the toto file, which must be in the same folder as your .ase model file.
2015/2/2 13:27:47
Put in an imported character? the m and m character is probably a custom made character made by muvizu for a commercial project or showreel or something like that. its never been available to us in any version of muvizu.
2015/2/2 12:10:30
Download the beta assets? TheBankser wrote:
Unzipping it?

extracting the file from the folder. all 3d assets had to be placed in a zipped folder when uploaded. it compresses the file inside and makes the folder smaller in size for easier uploading and to save space on the servers.

when you download a zip file, you have to open it normally. then extract the contents. windows will do this for you.
just an example...

click on extract all files.

windows will then make a new folder for you with the contents inside for you to use.
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2015/1/22 1:09:52
Can I display camera output on a backdrop? its also very handy if you want to make a mirror.

just remember to reverse the camera image Big Grin
2015/1/21 22:44:25
Can I display camera output on a backdrop? yes you can. in the backdrop texture box you can set the texture as a camera view. anything you can add a texture to will take a camera view as a texture.
2015/1/14 10:22:42
Question About Beefy template theotherguy wrote:
I wish I knew too! I see all these textures for these characters, and I can make some myself. But there is no way of activating them!

each separate part of the new characters (beefy,heroine,sinister and rosie) has its own texture. every different set of legs,hands,tops etc. if you use a beefy top, you have to use the corresponding texture map for that part. they are all there and are all named correctly in the downloadable zip file on the assets page. so just match the correct texture map to the correct body part and you will have no problems.
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