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2013/4/13 20:05:22
Hello Muvizu:Play may only be exploited for commercial use once you have paid to remove the watermark. Don’t worry, this is an easy, in-app purchase.

Does this mean that i pay once? or each video i have to pay 25 bucks for each minute?? im confused..
2013/4/12 13:55:35
How to make a movie trailer! This Channel is Owned By Fox =) So Of Course It Gonna Look Epic Cool
2013/4/10 1:17:20
Outside Of My Bar! Well here is a picture of my outside bar.. Took me about 30 min to a hour.. used the firehouse default set.. But i remember seeing a picture of a inside bar... i wanna get the animation set file so i can edit it to my choosing.. it also had mirrors that reflects which was cool.. any idea who made it or where i can get it?
2013/4/2 21:29:52
The Wallaby Way Episode 1 Yea thanks, lighting was a issue. i didnt know you can create lighting in muvizu but now i do. and also should i keep making more episode.. cause this was more of a pilot episode.
HayManMarc wrote:
Crass and dark to say the least, but some pretty good humor in there. Job well done.
2013/4/2 4:11:28
The Wallaby Way Episode 1 Oh Alright Ill Take That off Then Next Episode.

ziggy72 wrote:
Yeah, very nice, but I don't think Muvizu will take too kindly to you obscuring the logo - it's there for a reason.
2013/4/1 5:26:35
The Wallaby Way Episode 1

Enjoy Guys Working Hard On This Series. I Will Keep Improving Each Episode..
2013/3/28 0:59:10
The Wallaby Way Promo Just Here To get Your Feedback on My Up And Coming Show.

2013/3/22 20:34:42
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? If This Is The Future Of Muvizu..
1-I Sh*T My Pants
2-I Call My Doctor
3-Take My Money Muvizu
2013/3/16 23:35:35
google hangout?? urbanlamb wrote:
They didnt say when its coming "soon" is all that they could say. I would imagine it will be compatible with anything done now. I am still working on my next up and coming "not so blockbuster". They are redoing the website as well I would imagine they are trying to launch this new version and the website all at once.


Sweet! ill start to make a intro for my show then. =p
2013/3/16 22:55:00
google hangout?? so when can we expect a release date.. because theirs no point of me starting my animation if a whole new version is coming out. i guess i can just plan my animation series out and wait.. unless it comes out in a few months.. any ideas?
2013/3/16 16:03:00
How do I Import A Town In Muvizu? Possible? OMG! YES! I did it! I imported my first object. Thanks Guys =) but why did the lady from Sketchup import with my object as together 0.o?
2013/3/15 21:55:16
How do I Import A Town In Muvizu? Possible? Damn alright ill just pick out some houses and building.. because im trying to setup some sets.. for the characters houses and stuff.. i try to import one building but i get that its either too big or that its positioned out of the world =l any idea what to do from here?
2013/3/15 21:20:29
How do I Import A Town In Muvizu? Possible? I have no idea how to import this massive town into muvizu.. is it even possible?

2013/3/15 0:18:42
Hello =) Introducing Myself Thanks =) And Yea Been Watching Youtube Videos Like Crazy On Muvizu Tutorials. Hopefully I Can Show Of A Sneak Peak SoonCool
2013/3/14 20:46:18
Hello =) Introducing Myself Hello =) My Name Is Daniel.. Better To Be Known As Wallaby Wanks Soon.. I am Hoping to make make my own cartoon series of some sort.. sorta like simpsons and family guy.. but my own versions.. I also will start to learn how to use blender,maya, etc.. to make my own models and share it with you guys.. Also if you know how to add me on skype (rocklegend4ever) and you can help me out with building objects... Or let me know your ideas for a show.. Well i guess theirs not much to say since i havent started anything yet.. but soon i will be making someone genius and i hope you will be there with me on this awesome journey
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