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2014/3/16 11:54:34

You are hitting two issues here....

1) Muvizu has a limit of 65335 faces for any one model, although you will run into trouble over around 40000. When you export the Sketchup plug-in tells you how many you have. If it's over 40000 then don't bother trying to load into Muvizu. You will have to cut up the model and import it in pieces. You can then group the pieces together in Muvizu although you will not then be able to move this object.

2) There are some quite restrictive limits when loading large models into Muvizu. You need to position yourself in the middle of the "Muvizu dome" - i.e. the whole scene and then press "Q" for 1 second to move up. This will get you into the optimum position to load large objects. Although the object you are trying to load is nowhere near too big to fit in, Muvizu will still refuse to import anything that is bigger than about a large house. For your city scape you will have to chop it up into bits and import them separately. So each building in the city scape I made for this video -
was imported separately.

I does get easier with practice.

I hope this helps.
2014/3/13 12:30:49
2014/3/13 10:56:41
PROBLEMS WITH SKETCHUP EXPORT Looks like the old toto.bmp problem.

You need a file called c:\ut3\toto.bmp which is a 256x256 pixel image which traditionally is a sickly pink.

I have uploaded mine here -
2014/3/6 16:33:11
Collision boxes? Mr Kong,

Use this sketchup exporter -

It adds a small collision box and will sort out many of your headaches.
2014/3/6 5:56:19
Edit Muvizu AVI files in Sony Vegas WozToons wrote:
Select "open as still image sequence".

Ah - now I get it - that makes sense (I can't actually get it to work as it can't find any but the first image, but I get the idea and I'm sure I'll suss it)

Many thanks for that. I'm now much more of a fan of TGA - like you I have given up with codecs.
2014/3/5 16:17:40
Edit Muvizu AVI files in Sony Vegas Woz - In Vegas can you group them into one clip rather than have 100 clips of 1 frame each - this is what I find annoying about TGA, that and the fact that it trashes the Project Media list.
2014/3/3 16:13:59
Live! from E.V.I.L. - ep 3: The Sewers of EVIL! Love the voices - the sound is superb throughout.
2014/2/27 18:59:58
Can't play any videos?? No - 1080p is a Muvizu thing. If you have Muvizu plus then you can output at 1920x1080 which is BluRay quality (I think).
2014/2/27 7:44:16
Can't play any videos?? Steven,

Sounds like you have hit the 2GB limit. It's a windows thing rather than a Muvizu thing - it won't play AVI files above 2GB,

If you are using 1080p then you can hit that limit quite quickly and I have moved to .TGA sequences for such shots. This produces an individual file for each frame. Your video editor should cope with this, although it can get a bit messy.

I, and others, used to use CODECs, but in the end everything got converted to uncompressed anyway so that the video editor would accept it and I think we've all pretty much abandoned COEDCs
2014/2/24 6:18:21
Cinematography in The Incredibles Thanks for that - appreciated.
2014/2/22 5:48:25
Posing when editing character. Primaveranz - You're right, it is pointless, but can't you just ignore it and plough on? I can't see that it stops you doing anything .
2014/2/18 20:19:53
..get Sinister to sit down in the big chair? ziggy72 wrote:
this means it's visible to you, but not the cameras.

Now why didn't I think of that......
2014/2/18 6:12:06
..get Sinister to sit down in the big chair? Ah collision - my favourite subject (by the way, does anyone else sign "Collision... Collision.... Collision" to the tune of "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof ? No ? Just me then ?)

It seems that each object in Muvizu has a Collision field around it - sometimes it's the same size as the model, but if it's been left to Muvizu to create it's own collision then this field will be slightly bigger than the model.

If you are importing models yourself as .ASE files this can be easily fixed using Ziggymesh, but this is an embedded model so you can't get at it.

The answer is to turn off "can be stood on" on the chair. This will mean sinister will be able to pass through the model. Then create a ground plane, reduce the size as low as it will go, float it in the air and move it as far under sinister as you can (the ground plane will not be able to pass through the chair, but you should get it close enough).

Once in place turn the image of the ground plane to "none".

My sets are littered with invisible ground planes.
2014/2/18 6:03:33
Get my character to play drums Remember that there is a 2GB limit on AVI files under Windows. You were probably using a codec before you upgraded which may have kept that file size down, but no you are using uncompressed.

If it's a long shot you are filming then use .tga sequence as the output from Muvizu and Vegas will be happy.
2014/2/11 17:10:39
How do I put a Muvizu Character into reality? You need to familiarise yourself with green screen techniques and use a video editor such as Sony Vegas.
2014/2/10 9:26:43
What uses Memory most? Pretty sure it's imported objects and their associated images.

Can you not go to 64 bit ? I've had no memory issues since moving to the 64 bit version.
2014/2/3 14:42:39
import assets I often have a problem with some faces not appearing. Within Sketchup you need to reverse these faces before exporting.

If you export as an FBX it may work better.
2014/1/28 15:54:08
windows 8.1 crash So nothing happens at all ? Is muvizu.exe running ?

What about anti-virus - have you tried disabling this. Or system protection (control panel - system - advanced - system protection) - you could try temporarily disabling this.
2014/1/26 14:11:40
windows 8.1 crash Just an update... I have had a few "Muvizu has stopped working" now. Probably used it for 4 hours straight and had about 3. I think I'll reboot and see if it stabilizes. I never had any of these under Windows 7 and it's the same hardware.

Save early, save often.
2014/1/25 16:25:58
windows 8.1 crash I have just had to re-install my PC and have done for 8.1. It works fine (not gloating - just saying it's not a 8.1 problem an 8.1 as such)

Graphic card drivers ??
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