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2016/6/16 18:00:21
Nick Danger is back! These are getting weirder...

Loved it.
2016/6/15 17:59:06
Coming Soon 2016 alquimista wrote:
Here´s my first animation test for this short animated film I´m planning to do with Muvizu.

I'm really looking forward to seeing your output in Muvizu as I've had a good look at your website. I have no artistic capabilities at all so image what someone with your talent can come up with!
2016/6/11 7:35:18
Minimaker....New Digimania Product I think this is a great idea for a bit of software. It says nothing about integration with Muvizu though. I would love to be able to export and 3D print characters.
2016/6/10 14:57:55
FBX strikes again! In Autodesk 3ds I have to set the pivot to the centre of the object and click transform to stop this happening.

So you need to know how to reset the pivot point in Blender - looks like it might be called "origin" in Blendereese.

I found this - but I don't know the first thing about Blender.
2016/6/7 16:32:14
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports Yes jwalshiv - it's taken me about 5 years to be comfortable with the rules of getting models into Muvizu so you're ahead of the curve. Mind you I did start from literally no knowledge at all at a time when no-one really understood what was going on as Muvizu has had it's own rules...

Urban, you will be glad to know I use FBX 90% of the time now I can reliably get rid of collision. Not migrated to Blender yet though so some things don't change
2016/6/5 6:29:14
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. I think that is the present situation.

Separate your model out into transparent and non-transparent elements and import them separately.

You will of course have to get rid of the dreaded collision and offset the axis to make the bits fit back together.
2016/6/3 6:28:18
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. primaveranz wrote:
Having 360 degree video ability is of short-lived interest, but I'd swap it for any single one of the above.

I would wholeheartedly agree (toon shading anyone ?)....

Well almost - the multiple dialogue tracks don't bother me, but everything else yes.

Collision huh ? What is it good for ?

Obviously you don't want things dropping through the ground, but I would trade "ability to have objects bang into each other" for "ability to place objects where you want and the ability to be able to move things without destroying your whole set" any day. Before I learned how to pretty much eliminate collision on all imported models I really struggled with this. Of course, over time this has added weeks if not months of work to my production. A simple "remove collision" tickbox on objects would have avoided all this, but I am assured this is a restriction of Unreal rather than Muvizu.

clayster2012 wrote:
I'm sure the muvizu team have plans to add more actions.

I wish I was. There's been nothing for at least 4 years.

I think Primaveranz is suggesting enhancements rather than fundamental changes, things that could be ignored by first time users and then embraced as their skills increase and they demand more.
2016/5/30 11:05:06
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs clayster2012 wrote:
ukBerty wrote:
I have a major issue with keyframing of objects.

It works fine for me

Happened again yesterday - a chair would only move in 2 rather than 3 dimensions. Gave up and directed it......

Didn't fix on save and re-open either.
2016/5/30 11:03:20
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs New Bug that's driving me nuts.....

Here's how to recreate....

  • Create a new set
  • change timeline to 1 sec so there's something to record
  • save the set
  • Make a PNG sequence
  • Open a new set - Muvizu says the set has been changed and do you want to save it even though it hasn't

Now this may seem a little thing, but it's wasting hours of time overall.

My sets can take 30 secs to save. I used to use the "open" feature to see if I had changed anything since last save. Typically I always save before making a video (it used to be a bit crashy at this point and I've never got out the habit). I then make the video - this can take 5-10 mins depending on length. I then want to move onto the next set and I'm not sure if I've saved or not (I'll be working on my second instance of Muvizu while rendering and I'm getting old so can't remember....). So every render now effectively takes 30 secs longer as I have to do an additional save to make sure it will open the same way I rendered it.

I suspect this was a, let's call it, "quick fix" to ensure that the layers you select to render are saved in the set. Instead of setting a flag when these change you have set the flag on "make video" which is not quite the same thing and has led to inefficiencies.

Please could you add it to the list.....
2016/5/30 7:15:22
Depth of field and layers Rocque wrote:
Does anyone have anything to update to this topic?

Have you seen my Wiki on this....

Might give you a pointer. If not let me know where you're stuck and I'll elaborate - the Wiki does seem quite brief.
2016/5/30 7:12:21
MUVIZU.. the best deal in town! PatMarrNC wrote:
hey that looks powerful! Do you use it?

I had a really good look at this a couple of years ago when Muvizu was "resting" and I concluded that it has tremendous potential, but would mean that instead of 5-6 years to make my film would probably take the rest of my life. Having complete control over your characters movements is great, but choice=time. Sometimes restrictions are good.

Also when you see what people are creating there's some great animation, but not sure whether you can have different characters or even sets. After a quick Google the set issue may have been cracked by now, but the characters are almost always the same and at the time that was that.

Also most of the output is a bit "shooty" for what I was trying to achieve.

It's the one to watch though - the output is far superior to the standard "uncanny valley" output of iClone (IMHO - calm down iCloners ).
2016/5/30 7:00:33
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" clayster2012 wrote:
I don't even know how or what to do to become Mogul

I still have nightmares over that initiation ceremony. Let's just say I'll never eat beetroot again!
2016/5/28 6:41:15
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. I usually get this with ASE files imported that are multiple objects within the same model. Once they are all attached into a single object they should import and you can select.

So in Autodesk I always make sure I "attach" all objects together. I don't know what the terminology is in Milkshape but this is definitely the fix as it's taken me about 3 years to work out what was happening.
2016/5/20 17:33:12
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs I think it's when I've added keyframes then - I use the keyboard for movement.

Only been using it for 6 years but it's never really occurred to me to use the mouse - I might check it out !
2016/5/20 7:14:17
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs ziggy72 wrote:
When keyframing camera movements it still does the 'surprise' 360 degree spin for no reason

I've had this as well - just thought it was me....
2016/5/14 12:14:52
Extend or combine character actions Nice one....
2016/5/14 12:10:09
Work around for the dialog system Rocque,

Yes - I create short shots - typically 3-8 seconds. Anything longer would have to be some sort of establishing shot rather than dialogue. I then stitch it all together in a video editor (Vegas in my case). This enables me to keep control of the pace of the animation - taking a beat out here and adding one in there.

It's just my opinion but whenever I read a post which talks about someone having created an animation minutes long in one go my heart always sinks, as usually I will find this too painful to watch all the way through.

Just my opinion though.....
2016/5/12 5:57:19
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. primaveranz wrote:
Sorry, I just saw this. Yes I meant I couldn't select it to edit. I could do it through the scene manager dialog box though. Will investigate merging all the groups into one before exporting - hopefully it won't screw up the UVs.

I usually get this with ASE files imported that are multiple objects within the same model. Once they are all attached into a single object they should import and you can select.
2016/5/9 11:05:28
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. When you say you can't edit or move them - do you mean they won't select ?

If so make sure that all parts of the model are a single model. In Autodesk this procedure is called "Attach" - not sure of the terminology elsewhere.

Also make sure your collision box is all sorted as well.
2016/5/5 12:27:51
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs Right - well that was not working this morning !

I have since rebooted and it's working now.

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