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2011/9/1 9:41:31
Animate focus distance, DOF or field of view Mmmm - not that I'm particularly bothered, but my reply on this thread has gone missing !

Ah - I see - It was Bobbobjones. No problem.

So the initiator of a thread can delete that thread and also all the replies contained in it !

Seems a bit risky.......
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2011/8/28 9:30:29
Newbie.... I'd not seen this before, although it is quite old.

I guess we all must sound like MadDash212 most of the time.

2011/8/25 8:56:39
Stop breathing, and hold that POSE!!! Also moving the head swivels the body, meaning the arms move away from the object.

I've just had to import inferior skeletons from sketchup rather than use the Muvizu ones as the buggers wouldn't stop breathing.
2011/8/19 9:15:32
Sketchup models - anybody having success with them toonarama wrote:
Textures is one of the few things I have managed to export successfully doing it this way:

Bingo !

I've been wanting to do this for ages but never could get my head round the instructions, but now I have successfully imported my first textured object.

The Sky's the limit now (you cannot leave the sky dome)


2011/8/18 17:18:26
Sketchup models - anybody having success with them Toonarama - Just looked in my ASE folder and have 198 models I have used so far - most of which have worked, but not all look good.

I don't really know what I'm doing so just followed the tutorials and now have a pretty good success rate, possibly because I use this technique :-

  • When you import the model you can usually see how complex it is and you learn not to be too ambitious. I've loaded planes but entire buildings are going to fail.
  • Scale it down to a reasonable size - you can always scale it back up when in Muvizu. I keep the woman hanging around so I can judge the size, then delete her before exporting.
  • Get it on the axis correctly. If you don't it'll be murder (if it imports).
  • When you export I watch how many faces it does. If it takes too long and has too many faces then you're in for trouble.
  • Don't bother with anything with a texture - I just can't get the textures to transfer over.
  • It seems that some people know what they are going in sketchup and some don't (that's me) so not all models are created equally. When you find a good model look at that users collection to see if there's anything else you need as they'll also probably be made well.

As I say I'm no expert, but I used to have no end of problems when first importing, but now it's pretty reliable. I've even started to alter the models in Sketchup a bit to get what I need.

My next task is to get my head around the collisions so I can reduce it down as much as possible.

Hope this helps.
2011/8/13 20:45:07
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? As my wife says to me when I show her my latest Muvizu movie...

"This face has intentionally been left blank"
2011/8/13 10:25:09
Feedback from New User I had this problem Dylly...

I was using the Microsoft Codec, but pretty much no matter what I tried there was no sound.

To fix I downloaded virtualDub (it's free). Load up the AVI in there and save it. It'll be massive, but the sound now appears...
2011/8/12 11:35:58
Which video editing software do you use? Dimension_five - Thanks for your comment. I have had a look at AVS now and it's really quite impressive.

For me though the audio editing is probably more important than the video as Muvizu output is pretty much as I want it anyway. I couldn't see how to pan individual tracks in AVS and it has no surround sound. The interface is pretty good, but I prefer Vegas.

Thanks for your input though - it's always "horses for courses" with these things.
2011/8/11 20:42:16
Need some help on video, suggestions... There's always the Alien face hugger.......
2011/8/11 18:03:36
Which video editing software do you use? Well the results of the test labs are in.......

I will be buying Sony Vegas.

HitFilm - Undoubtedly the advanced effects are great, and by the looks of them better than Vegas - but will I ever really use them ?

I have not completed my first piece in Hitfilm as I can see the following issues being too limiting:

  • Very poor audio editing. Not that I use the video compiling software to alter the audio, just to pan or fade. In order to do this you need to create a composite shot and use keyframes. It all works, but you have to view each composite shot to see what's happening - on the main editing screen you just get a big blob giving you the name of the audio and a waveform. With Vegas I can quickly adjust the volume and pan of each audio effect/section as well as seeing all tracks volumes and pans at a glance.
  • It seems very particular about what audio formats it will accept - certain wav formats only. no MP3.
  • No surround sound support
  • The main screen has more of a "Windows 7" feel about it than Vegas - bigger buttons and brighter menus - but this just means you get less useful things on the screen.
  • Hitfilm has better support for two screens that Vegas, but generally I would always have the preview on the second screen which Vegas does OK

So that's it. When I'm compiling my Muvizu footage there's generally not a lot of post production on the video, it's mainly audio. I will continue to do anything difficult in my old version of After Effects and move to Vegas to compile the video and audio tracks.

2011/8/11 12:58:05
Which video editing software do you use? Thanks toonarama - I will give it a good go tonight and see what I think of HitFilm.

Looks like no surround sound at the moment though
2011/8/11 9:33:16
Which video editing software do you use? Thanks guys, as ever.

Having a look at Hitfilm now.... looks interesting.

I'll re-compile the first section as I have in Vegas and see how it performs. Looks like it has some great effects and capabilities.

Dreeko - if I stick with Vegas I'll get some more details on your codec settings.....
2011/8/10 19:54:02
Which video editing software do you use? I seem to be the only person using Avid Studio and.... I've finally given up with it.

The features are great, but it's just so buggy.

I have twice tried to apply the latest service pack, but it just means that all you AVIs are zoomed to around 130% which destroys the whole movie. The sound cuts in and out meaning not all tracks play at the same time.

I did contact their support - "you should receive a reply in 24-48 hours" - but 5 days later I uninstalled and re-installed without the service pack so I could complete my movie.

Now I have, I have started compiling my next one in Sony Vegas and am impressed - at least it does what it says it is going to do !

Another learning curve though............

(It still won't take anything I produce in Muvizu - I have to run through Virtual Dub first. Why is this !)
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2011/8/8 20:07:53
Nick Danger episodes removed from Muvizu Ziggy - My guess is it's about advertising.

The deal YouTube has with EMI (or whoever) in Germany probably gives them a cut of the advertising revenue.

If the video is embedded in Muvizu's site then EMI don't get a cut of the Muvizu ads.
2011/8/8 19:24:47
Nick Danger episodes removed from Muvizu Yes, one of mine has gone from Muvizu as well - I expect we'll have an explanation soon from Muvizu HQ.

It's clearly something to do with copyright infringement.
2011/8/4 7:41:13
Resource Could not be loaded from Package Naruto_ln2007 wrote:
Hi ukBerty , thnx for your reply , can you tell what i must do step by step to open my file with this error plz ? thnx a lot

Naruto - well I've done some tests and it looks like you can't. The rest of the set does not load - contrary to my previous statement which turns out to be twoddle.

I have found a good workaround though:-

When creating characters with textured skirts, every time you come to add a texture just create a backdrop with that same texture on it. Then when you add the texture to the skirt choose it off the list of already loaded textures. Put these backdrops in an area you are not filming. When you save and reload, Muvizu will use the copy of the texture it loads for the backdrop and apply it to the skirt. This way you can save scenes with textured skirts on characters.

I'm sure that the devs will be putting this high on their list as it's a real issue .

2011/8/3 14:13:51
Random requests! Dreeko wrote:
....but the Muvizu logo leaps around aswell obviously.

I had this and worked round by filming a wider view than required. Then in after effects I zoomed in past the shaking Logo and applied a static logo via chroma key on top.

Obviously you lose a bit of quality thisway, but once it's on Youtube it doesn't really matter.

2011/8/3 10:33:12
Heat haze I know I'm always moaning, but........

I am just trying the heat haze effect for the first time - looks great.

Trouble is that if you have a character in the foreground and a heat haze way in the background - a long way from the character, the haze will apply to the edges of your character even though they should be clean and only the background should have the haze.

Example vid :-

I know it's just a little thing, but I'll have to use green screen to get round it, which is a faff.
2011/8/3 7:10:45
Resource Could not be loaded from Package 65Radius - it's the textured skirt. I have logged this as a bug.

It should load the set but you will have to import the woman/girl again.
2011/7/29 7:29:27
Here's a new one Neil / Danimal,

I've just done some tests and it's actually the textured skirt that breaks things
  • Create a new set
  • Add the girl character
  • Give the character a skirt
  • Import any .png as the skirt
  • save the set
  • open the set - this will work
  • Exit Muvizu
  • Go back into Muvizu and load the set
  • Kaboom !! - no girl

As I say - this will be majorly annoying to not be able to save any movements or actions by my skirted characters.
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