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2011/6/26 17:47:44
The Barmy Buccaneer Thanks Mysto, although I should point out I only wrote the script with Rodney and he directed it. I think he got a load of second years to actually draw the thing.

Delegation - that''s the secret.

2011/6/26 10:56:59
The Barmy Buccaneer Just doing some house keeping and thought I would put some of our non-Muvizu bits and bobs onto our YouTube channel.

First one up is "The Barmy Buccaneer" (AKA Capt NoBeard)

This is a hand drawn animation from a short story we wrote.

The next Muvizu project will take another 3-4 weeks at the rate I'm going, so I'll stick another couple of these up before then.

Hope you enjoy it.....

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2011/6/20 7:14:28
The newest Muvizu release... Just to let the devs know.....

I'm afraid I now have 3 versions of Muvizu on my machine :-

New 64 bit - I never use this as it's too slow
New 32 bit - I use this for most scenes
Old 32 bit - I had had to re-install this to make any scenes during daylight. Unfortunately the shadows produced by the new version are so weak they are almost not there and consequently the output lacks depth. I have had to us the "spotdark" light in a couple of scenes to create shadows myself on the new version!

Obviously I lose access to the new animations and the .set files aren't backwards compatible. The main thing I miss is the anti-aliasing.

Can I campaign to have a new release sooner than later to resolve at least the lighting if not the 64 bit issues as it's all getting a bit messy.

Whinge, whinge, whinge.........

2011/6/19 15:21:39
Father's Day Suggestions If it makes you feel any better you could give me some money.

I accept Paypal.

Incredibly, despite the fantastic product, Muvizu currently has no way of collecting money up front from its users. Should your Dad create something which generates some cash then Muvizu will want their cut (understandably).

It looks like you'll just have to get him that "Dad Rock" CD from the garage after all.

2011/6/19 10:30:36
After Downloading and installing... C3LTIC-D4GG3R wrote:
have i missed down loading anything, it says i havn't installed some main part.

You should be able to open any of the included sets without anything else.

If you click on the Empty set (it's the first one - it looks all white) do you get anywhere ?

2011/6/18 8:52:56
What's that in my pants ! Just re-rendering some scenes in the new version and something weird has appeared !

It's OK until she turns around.

Here's a quick demo:-
2011/6/17 14:14:25
Interface & Timeline Danimal wrote:
This happens even more when I inadvertantly hit "camera movement" instead of "character movement." I think the view should stay where it is and lock to the camera only if you choose it to.

Danimal's correct - I'm forever doing this as well.

I'm in the no movement camp - and also only lock behind camera only when asked.
2011/6/17 6:12:40
The newest Muvizu release... And whilst I'm moaning .......

This one is a new phenomena - but I'm not sure when it came in.

Sometimes when you right mouse on a character to edit them (nice long swoop down !) you end up in their chest. You can pivot around but can never actually see their head.

Again, I'm trying to work out the rules, but moving the character somewhere else to edit them normally sorts the issue out, but then you have to reposition them.

I'll send in a .set next time it happens (which is quite often).


2011/6/17 6:08:19
New 64 bit and New 32 bit Crash on "Make video" Sorry - I missed this thread.

I also get random lock ups when selecting video>make video from the top menu bar. This will lock my whole damn machine.

I was trying to work out some rules and I think it may be connected to what else is going on on my machine at the time - iPlayer is top of my list at the moment, but it's always Muvizu which initiates the hang by doing a video>make video (I use the save button a lot).

I have an NVidia GeForce GTX 460 card.

When the PC has locked I reboot, go back into Muvizu and render the exact same thing fine.

Happens probably 1 in 25 renders.

2011/6/17 6:01:13
Interface & Timeline ziggy72 wrote:
when you right click on a character, can we please have the option to just go straight to their properties window without the long swoopy camera move? Takes too long, and I get impatient when I'm building stuff.

Can I second that - and cameras as well - and everything. As Ziggy says, it looks nice but is a waste of time.

2011/6/13 21:15:27
Computer not fast enough? RightURKen,

Yes - you can have both 32 bit and 64 bit loaded at the same time.

When you load the 32 bit it will wipe out the icons for the 64 bit, but you can always run it from program files\muvizu\binaries64

As you say, lots of characters with some animation and it struggles. I have sent in a .set file which demonstrates this so I'm sure they'll crack it.

2011/6/13 12:28:11
Computer not fast enough? RightURKen,

Toonarama is correct in that I have had to abandon the 64 bit version in favour of the 32 bit as it was just way too slow if you have scenes of any complexity.

I doubt whether the 64bit version would even install on a non-64 bit system, although I've not tried it.

I've not tried creating a scene from scratch on 64 bit to see if I run into the same issues - I'll do that on the next new scene I need - but there is definitely something wrong with it.

2011/5/31 17:49:32
The newest Muvizu release... Dave,

Thanks for coming back to me. The individual shadow used to give you a really dark shadow which you could use in bright sunlight scenes.

Here's the scene I'm just redoing at the moment. There is a single light a long way away with individual shadow turned on, to represent the sun.

(I have changed the background, sky and codec in between old and new)

See the old one on the left - notice the car's shadow in particular. With the new version although the shadow is better defined it is much weaker and consequently does not look as good.


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2011/5/31 16:27:01
The newest Muvizu release... Whilst we're talking lighting......

It appears that the "individual shadow" button now has virtually no effect - this is a real shame as scenes set in daylight are now looking a bit bland.

Let me know if I need to give an example movie as I'm sure it's not right.

Also, has anyone else had speed issues with the 64bit version - I've had to drop back to the new 32 bit version to get anything done ! Again do the devs want some .set files to have a look ?


2011/5/30 17:04:10
The newest Muvizu release... Could I make a request that the default setting on plants is not to sway ?

When I load my sets up everything is blowing in a force 10 gale - even the indoor pot plants !

I know it's windy up there, but surely not indoors?

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2011/5/28 17:23:26
Compatibility: Old set files and the new Muvizu Yeah - I've had lighting issues as well, but not on all sets.

I've had to turn up the illumination on backdrops to get them darker (no, I don't understand that either !)
2011/5/28 9:31:02
Performance I'm afraid I'm having real trouble with the performance of the new 64 bit version of Muvizu.

I am re-rendering my latest effort in the new version to get a couple of the features but mainly as the anti-aliasing makes the output look fantastic.

I first thought it was the plant / effects issue I mentioned before, but I have now moved onto scenes which contain neither. The scene I am currently doing is fairly basic - one light, 20 objects and 17 characters. Only two of these characters have animations, the rest purely head and eye movements. None of them walk.

The general response of the program has now reverted to my "pre-new PC" feeling. Buttons are slow to react and the time bar is tricky to move. Most noticeably, when I do a make video and just play rather than make (I do this all the time) I get an image every 1 second or so. I have tried closing everything else on the PC with no effect.

Now for the interesting part. I have loaded the 32 bit new version and .... it's fine. Smooth play back and excellent responses - like it used to be.

So what is going wrong here. I have enough RAM (12 GB). I have an i7 870 2.93GHz 8 core CPU. I am suspecting the Video Card. It's a GeForce GTX 460 and I have upgraded to the latest drivers.

Anyone any ideas or suggestions ?

Sorry about the whinging!

2011/5/27 9:27:49
Performance I'm loving the new version.

I'm just re-doing a few shots to get the benefit of the new features and I have noticed a performance hit with the new version though.

My PC is 6 months old windows 7 Quad core 12GB RAM with a GeForce GTX460, so no slouch.

I mainly notice it where there are a lot of plants. The new "sway" feature is great, but now my PC spends all it's time swaying the greenery, making moving objects and characters really hard work as the program is less responsive.

Would it be possible to change the "unlit mode" to include stopping all foliage movement and effects which would give all the PC power to creating the animation. Maybe change it to "Edit" and "Create" modes ?

Is this possible - as the program gets better and better this issue will become worse and worse.


2011/5/20 5:56:49
Industrial-scale collaboration This is very interesting - count me in.

Just finishing my Christmas based movie which will take a few weeks (Mmmm - June, the perfect time to evoke that festive feeling).

I would suggest small teams of 2-3 willing individuals on each task (if there's enough)- that way it won't get too time onerous.

I'm quite excited.
2011/5/18 8:41:39
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Ziggy - Really great - Head and eye movement is outstanding (this is something I struggle with a bit). Character movement also very natural. Textbook.
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