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2011/5/10 6:11:18
Which video editing software do you use? ziggy72 wrote:
don't think I was having a go at your methods

Don't worry Ziggy - I never thought you were ! As you say, whatever floats your boat.

2011/5/9 21:39:05
Which video editing software do you use? ziggy72 wrote:
Also, and unlike UKBerty, I do everything possible not to ever involve Muvizu in the editing process, or the sound.

Ziggy - I think I may have confused you here. I don't involve Muvizu in the editing process.

As far as the sound goes it would just be nice to have an output from Muvizu that I could hear the dialogue track on without having to run it through Virtual Dub that's all. Despite using the Microsoft Codec for Beware the Pie, I had to process everything again through V Dub so I could hear the dialogue track to then re-sync to the original recordings - all very time consuming. I agree that other audio features, such as sound effects, are better done outside Muvizu.

As for the video editing - Yes, one take one camera and assemble things outside Muvizu - it was more a comment on post production.

I'm just sitting here thinking why I don't really like to use too much post production and think it's purer to simply string Muvizu AVIs together..... I guess I see it as a challenge and that when I say it's "Created with Muvizu", it has been. Maybe I just don't know how to use After Effects properly though ! (Having said that I've spent 2 hours today reversing, speeding up and adding sun flares onto an 8 second piece of video !)

2011/5/9 17:03:54
Which video editing software do you use? I used Pinnacle Studio for my stuff so far, but have upgraded to Avid Studio for what I'm working on now.

It has some pretty cool things and allows me to assemble my Muvizu movies, cut between shots very nicely and also has quite a few effects which I'm still getting to grips with.

It also allows me to mix in 5.1 surround which has always been important to me.

Downsides of both Pinnacle and Avid Studio is that I have never been able to get any sound to work straight from Muvizu - I always have to put AVIs through Virtual Dub first, which is a real pain. I have also recently moved away from the Microsoft Codec as I was getting graduation lines on the render which means that nothing I output from Muvizu will load into Studio without being run through Virtual Dub. How tiresome.

I use Adobe After Effects for anything really complex, but am trying to keep things pure Muvizu as much as possible. Studio is fine for most post processing things and the greenscreen is now much better in Avid than it was in Pinnacle.

Hope this helps

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2011/4/26 13:15:51
Easter Eggs Thanks IanS - your magic worked.

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2011/4/26 13:11:17
Move Character I think I need to go back to Muvizu School !
2011/4/26 7:38:02
Easter Eggs Marco_D wrote:

Notice your surroundings!

Ah -not sure exactly what you mean, but this has led me to the Easter Egg - "The Blob"

Trouble is I get "Access Denied" when trying to "use" it.

Could you check it out please.....

2011/4/26 6:41:40
Move Character Haarvik,

I would say no (although someone will probably come up with a way I haven't thought of).

The three ways I have achieved this are - good old green screen (Igor in the cab in Beware the Pie), moving backdrops and moving cameras so that it looks like characters are moving (end of Beware the Pie on the rocket).

You could use a combination of the above of course.


2011/4/9 10:43:33
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) Jonbez,

I have just watched the tutorial.

I now feel like an amateur.

2011/4/9 8:17:16
Interface & Timeline Error Pasting Object

<two pennies>

This is all part of a bigger issue - the "two objects can't be in the same place" dictact.

I would like to campaign for this to be turned off - it just serves no purpose that I can see yet causes the following:-

  • Can't paste new objects
  • Can't get irregular objects to snuggle up to each other
  • Increasing the size of an object destroys your set - even locked objects get pushed out of place (undo doesn't work)
  • Imported objects behave strangely - I suspect this is the root of the issue with imported objects just "wobbling" off the set

I would prefer to be able to set my objects to "float in the air" and then leave the responsibility of where they go and the logic behind it to the animator.

The "Can be stood on" checkbox only seems to apply to characters - can we at lease make it apply to objects as well please.

</two pennies>
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2011/3/6 10:04:19
direct lights You can't change the duration of the animation. If it's a pose you can control this to some extent:-

When directing a pose click on the pose you want then click on idle very quickly, even before you want to end the pose. You can now go into the timeline and move the pose and idle apart and alter the length of the pose. You will not be able to shorten the length of a pose, but you can lengthen it.

You can only cut an action short by clicking on another action when directing. You cannot make an action longer as it's a set routine and will go through the motion and then end.

Hope this helps

2011/3/6 9:59:02
Triumphant Fist Action Not Manifesting Sirih,

I understand the frustration that can come from things not happening the way you think they should, but this is a new program and it has quite a lot of "character" - you will get used to this and things will become easier.

Here are a few tips to lower the blood pressure whilst using the current version.

1) When your characters start just standing there despite clicking on actions (this can happen in both direct and prepare mode), save your set (I would recommend saving as a new name just in case you get a GPF when saving), close Muvizu and go back in. Open your saving set and your characters will behave. You can also try saving your character as a favourite, deleting them and then creating a new one if they're really disobedient.

2) If the animation appears on the timeline but nothing happens then try moving things apart - it seems that sometimes things don't like being adjacent.

3) When creating a scene use different cameras or better still one camera but keep moving it between different shots. This will enable you to do things in much shorter bursts, so for a 90 secs piece I would take it in 3 or 4 sections and assemble them later using something else.

4) The spec of your PC and the complexity of the scene will determine the response to the mouse when moving characters and cameras. You can help yourself by doing things in a certain order if you're struggling. Here's my rough order
1st - Floor texture - if you're importing a floor texture do it first as you'll need to know where the jins are so you can avoid them
2nd - Get the camera in and animate any camera movement.
3rd - Get the characters in and animate them.
4th - Get the objects in and import any objects you need.
5th - Lighting - this has real impact on performance - then turn it off using f2/f3.
6th - Dialogue
7th - Animations
8th -head and eye movement

Hope this helps......

2011/3/2 17:59:04
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! My first PC has an Olivetti something or other in 1982 - had to pay extra for that 68k RAM model.

I spent weeks writing Frogger for it - I was really pleased although there was a bit of a time lag so you had to anticipate the traffic coming.

Then one day the tape got chewed and my fortune was lost.......

2011/2/22 22:04:12
Grrr. Damn the disappearing tie! I guess you've tried this but you can move the collar forward and down when editing the character - I did this quite a lot with M when this feature became available in the latest release.

You can normally get rid of most of the problems with characters looking down using this technique but it's a pain - attaching to the chest may be the answer, but it would move away from the collar if the collar was attached to the head.

2011/2/22 21:59:15
Staundoone Episode ! Dreeko,

I really enjoyed ep2. I really appreciate the effort you put into the narrative - build it up nice and slow. It's deceptively difficult to pull off.

Driving scenes you say......

I suspect you're referring to Igor in that damn car.

Look at the one near the start of part2. I tinted the windows of the car green and filmed the car against a green background, moving the camera off to the left.

I deleted the car and popped in Igor and filmed him with the same camera movement.

Then I greenscreened the windows and backgrounds out, put Igor behind the car and dropped in the background (Actually there's a few other layers here so that the bloody donkey could be in front of some trees and behind others. Looks like the sky is also dropped in as well).

Greenscreen is your friend.

2011/2/22 7:54:40
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn I'll vote for separate tracks and doing it independently (we all know that's how it used to work !)

For important moments you can always record eye movements and size one after the other on the timeline and then move the size markers back to where you want them, but it's not ideal.

2011/2/21 7:01:12
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn I thought this bug was pretty much a given.....

1. Create a blank set
2. Create a character
3. Animate the eyes "look at" for 20 secs
4. Check timeline to see what you've done.
5. Go back to the start
6. Animate the eye size for 20 secs
7. Check the timeline - the "Eyes look at" animations have gone, replaced by the eye size.

This came in with the latest build. You used to be able to animate eye size and look at independently but now have to do them at the same time which is a pain. I tend to get it about right then move things around on the timeline. It means I use eye size a lot less now.

Hope this helps.

2011/2/12 8:00:34
Sad old man I really like this. Tres Bon.

2011/2/11 5:51:45
Interface & Timeline Neil,

Can I just chip in here......

The camera windows and "make video" windows are way too small for me. Whilst you're under the bonnet making them "undockable", can you make them scalable ?


2011/2/6 10:29:31
Import Muvizu AVI to Pinnacle Studio Yep - Beware the Pie was assembled with Pinnacle Studio 14, because that's what I know and it does 5.1 sound.

I used the Microsoft Codec and I had to run the whole thing through Virtual Dub to get the sound synced properly.

Anyone got a suggestion for a replacement for Studio 14 that supports 5.1 sound and doesn't cost £900 ?

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2011/1/23 16:39:52
Ran into a Wee Problem Yes - I'd say Codec. Set it to the Microsoft one and see how it turns out.
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