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2016/5/5 8:07:26
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs I have a major issue with keyframing of objects.

You don't seem to be able to "tlit" objects at all. Once you have turned on keyframing for an object it will remain on the same plane.

So create a object (I'm using the fire extinguisher).
Turn on keyframing
Try to make the fire extinguisher fall over and you can't as you can't tilt anything.

This is a major restriction of the keyframing system (in fact it makes it a bit useless).

Am I missing something or is this a real issue ?
2016/5/4 13:51:12
Work around for the dialog system So which bit of the dialogue system do you not like. I use it all the time and it seems fine to me.....
2016/5/4 6:20:38
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs And while you're there....

The "if you load characters into an invisible layer and then save you can't ever open the set again" bug has crept back in.

Also there's a weird thing to do with dialogue going on, but I can't work out any consistency with it yet..... but I will.....
2016/5/2 6:35:35
my first short animation Yes, a lot to like. You've got over a lot of the restrictions with Muvizu by using clever editing and stringing actions together effectively, which is impressive for a first effort....

In fact shot composition and the editing are very good all round.
2016/4/29 13:02:18
Mobile Phone Action No you're not the only one. I use a fake arm in close up.
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2016/4/29 6:17:18
"The Tree" quick video for Radio X Rocque wrote:
There is so much to learn it is overwhelming.

Everyday is a school day with Muvizu. I'm learning all the time too.....
2016/4/27 18:16:36
"The Tree" quick video for Radio X PatMarrNC wrote:
How did you do the scene in which the letter filled with print by itself?

The answer is HitFilm. That will also be the answer to most other questions !
2016/4/27 17:39:47
"The Tree" quick video for Radio X Here's a video I have done recently for a couple of comedians who have a show on Radio X on Saturday afternoon. I really would recommend a listen or just get the podcast -

They asked if anyone could animate a small section for use in promoting the show. And I thought I'd give it a go...

Anyway.... enjoy....

2016/4/25 16:14:23
compositing software Rocque wrote:

When you say you render each shot separately with no camera cuts, do you still add the extra camera(s) to the scene but just not use them? I think I was testing out something with only one camera and no camera cuts or camera movement, and I could not record it.

I have one camera and move it around as necessary. You may not have had anything recorded on your timeline which means your start and stop is at the same place - then it wont record.

Rocque wrote:

If you are making a music animation and you want the lip syncing to go with the song, and are making individual scenes do you use the lyrics as a talking dialog first and then go back and remove that sound track and add the music later?

I do this with everything, music or not. I record in sections and line up against my real track in Sony Vegas. If I'm doing music then I use a lyric track as you suggest.

Rocque wrote:

What is TGA, and where is that option in Muvizu? Would that work with Camtasia?

When you go to "Make Video" in Muvizu there is an advanced tab. Here you can choose Output type. TARGA or image sequence means that instead of one big file every frame is saved into it's own file. These are just image files and you could even edit these in an image editor if you really wanted to. HitFilm or Vegas can input these and assemble them as a single shot. This gets round the 2GB AVI file limit in Muvizu and means you don't have to deal with Codecs for MP4 files or anything.

A quick Google says Camtasia does not support this.

Rocque wrote:

If you could only get one to start, which would it be? Starting with the Free HitFlim sounds great.

As HitFilm has a free version I would start with that (I can hear others disagreeing - but Vegas has a cost to start.)

Rocque wrote:
What is the learning curve like on both Sony Vegas and HitFilm?

I would say about the same - they're both at the more intuitive end of the spectrum.

Hope this helps.....
2016/4/25 14:02:21
compositing software PatMarrNC wrote:
foff47 wrote:
I looked for a comparison chart so I could see if the basic engine was the same (between express and pro).. if it's only a difference in the number of effects you get, then buying as needed is perfect. But I suspect its more than that, and I never did find a comparison chart.

Chart at the bottom of this page....

I think it's as you say - it's the same but with reduced functionality which you can top-up.
2016/4/25 13:20:03
compositing software It does. You can buy add-ons of just the bits you want if you want to expand it which I think is a great idea (a bit like Muvizu's model). If I hadn't already bought the full version when they started doing this model I would have probably gone down this road.
2016/4/25 6:46:56
compositing software If it;s taking 45 minutes to render out of Muvizu then I suspect that your scenes are either quite long or your PC is really, really slow. I suspect the former.

I render each of my shots separately - so no camera cuts in Muvizu. This has the following advantages:-

  • allows tighter editing later without re-rendering anything
  • allow slight changes in character/object position between cuts to improve composition of shot

So each of my shots will average around 4-5 seconds. Anything longer than this would have to be some sort of long establishing shot. This is just my own opinion, but if you have long shots with characters talking then you are probably not going to hold my attention.

So I export all of my individual 4-5 second shots as TGA. These go into HitFilm for any effects or fiddling with layers. I then output from HitFIlm as an AVI which does not seem to blow up after 2GB like the ones out of Muvizu do. This AVI gets imported into Sony Vegas for scene assembly and sound.

Why not just import the TGA inot Vegas if there's no compositing to be done ? Mainly habit and I like to leave Vegas as little to do as possible to keep the speed up when reviewing a scene. If it's jumpy then you can't really get a sense of the pace.

Why not do everything in HitFilm ? Vegas has better sound editing otherwise I probably would.

Sure, HitFilm and Vegas cost money, but you get what you pay for.....

Hope this helps
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2016/4/25 6:34:07
Move an attachment? The scene window doesn't show objects attached to characters. Also if you group disparate objects together they will not appear individually in the list, merely as "group".

There did used to be an issue that if you closed the edit screen on a character attachment it could be a challenge to get it back, but you could. I think you close the whole edit window or select a different attachment point or something - can't remember or recreate now.....
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2016/4/24 17:53:27
compositing software I'm using HitFilm (full version). This coupled with layers within Muvizu has revolutionised my workflow. Everything goes through HitFIlm now....
2016/4/24 6:50:46
hearts a-flying Edit the character, effects>head>hearts
2016/4/24 5:58:31
Coming Soon 2016 Rocque wrote:
Should I post questions in this thread? They might not appear for a while...

No hurry.

Maybe start a new thread when you're ready.
2016/4/23 22:14:38
Coming Soon 2016 Rocque wrote:
Is there any way you would have time in the future to answer some questions about the processes you are using?

Of course, I will answer any questions you have. Fire away.....
2016/4/23 20:31:53
Coming Soon 2016 Wabby wrote:
2017 is almost tomorrow !

Don't I know it !
2016/4/22 19:35:07
Coming Soon 2016 ziggy72 wrote:
....miss the story completely the first time they watch it

As Pixar drill into us.... "The story is King"
2016/4/22 17:15:51
Coming Soon 2016 MrDrWho13 wrote:
Did you replace the mummy with a different model in the shorter trailer since the older one?

Yes - it's now Beefy with a new head attachment. Looks more menacing.
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