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14/04/2013 20:35:03

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I downloaded it, and installed it. The only detail is that the computer I tried to install it on is not connected to the internet, so when i was installing Muvizu, after installing C++ and Direct X, I saw it was trying to download .net 4, so I cancelled that and got a portable installer from the Microsoft page and installed .net 4.

When i tried to open Muvizu, it's like it's trying to open, a big square appears for half a second, the program appears on the taskbar and then it simply dissapears. No error messages, nothing. It just evaporates.

My computer is an Athlon II x2 with 3g of ram. My video card is an ATI radeon 4200. I think it's enough, so maybe it's something to do with .Net.

Can someone help me?

P.D. I'm not a native English speaker, please excuse me for any grammatical or spelling mistake.
18/04/2013 16:17:28

JamieMuvizu staff
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Hi Dannita,

It looks like your graphics card is fine for using Muvizu, you computer spec if fine as well.

When you install Muvizu and install C++ and Direct X and .Net - these are all included in the installer and shouldn't be doing a download.

Could you send us some screen shots or video capture of the opening of Muvizu up to when it disappears?

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Home ? Tech Help ? Muvizu won't start