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2016/4/6 12:59:11
FAT MAN OBJ file gotta be useful..thanks pat
2016/4/6 12:33:19
animation fans Today only....Another interesting one from gaotd works as stand alone,... filterforge 4 pro ....art filters.....also works integrated into photo shop. maybe for other art packages.
one of the filters has a cartoony setting.....
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2016/4/4 11:59:39
some combustibles cheers Pat.........cough!! splutter!! choke!! cough!!!
in real life my brother had a pipe for his birthday recently,he doesn't smoke, he wanted it purely as a theatrical prop so he could do a range of gestures with it whilst dealing with customers in his place of work.
2016/4/2 13:13:04
some combustibles https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/191448/combustibles.zip
Some combustible items in fbx form rather than in a set as this way i'm hoping it may be more flexible for the user and they can be imported as attachments.hope it makes sense.
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2016/4/2 1:53:27
Move an attachment? go, view- show scene window, and select items there to highlight for editing etc in the scene.
2016/4/1 22:19:33
animation fans oops....sorry, i was confusing layers with transparency abilities/properties.
2016/4/1 20:55:51
animation fans Pat... return to the Gaotd download page and read the users comments.it seems there are no layers in this version.
There are directions to an '8.2 dog waffle learning addition' which does have the plant particle brushes and may have layers. i don't know what restrictions it may have though.
2016/3/27 12:33:30
Open source version of Toonz animation software cheers Toonarama......i was excited at the thought of creating studio ghibliesque styles initially, downloaded for a look see but befuddled by it atm.
2016/3/9 12:02:28
animation fans hey just noticed this .gotta be a good addition to ones tool box.
i clone 5 free today at 'give away of the day'
2016/3/1 18:03:00
ASE conversion in newer versions of Sketchup cheers for response mrdrwho
this is what happens when that file is put into 2015 sketchup tools directory.
2016/3/1 15:03:04
ASE conversion in newer versions of Sketchup @Pat
that link goes to a text file.
or a page full of text.
is that whats intended?
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2016/2/25 23:31:27
icon images Sometime recently my .set thumbnails have stopped appearing as little images within windows explorer.
I may, by accident have unticked the box in the installation procedure for 1.6.
I left the box ticked for sure when installing 1.7 but the .set file icons still have no little images.
Having said that i have a folder where the icons do show as images.
if i move them out of this folder they lose their image. if i move a non image, .set file icon into the folder that has
image showing .set files they remain without the image.
i'm hoping there is a solution.Any help much appreciated.
Pulling my hair out with very little of it left.
2016/2/21 15:23:49
GarmJoshi A music Video Cool dnmaru ,great seeing my ladies dancing,they seem to be enjoying themselves.
2016/2/15 13:49:43
Can't find a watch as an object there are watch attachments accessed via arm but only for the left hand.
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2016/2/12 2:06:03
New Asian character pack available now!
I notice that the Chinese new year outfit that just appeared for free uses some soft cloth... probably by starting with the karate uniform that comes with Beefy, then adding a texture to it... but I'd like to know how he knew how to create the texture... is there a UV map somewhere for the karate outfit? Or maybe it was based on the UV Map for beefy?

Yeah there is a zip file with various uv maps for beefy including the karate suit.
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2016/2/9 15:28:51
You have to pay for anything I think the options for the free version have been curtailed rather severely recentlyWhaaaaa?.
The only positive for those who economically struggle is the price of play + on occasion has been reduced even further to £12.50p which is an absolute steal.
Keep your eyes peeled around holiday times.
2016/1/25 14:49:56
Bunny/kitty ears for superhero characters? these any good..download and import as glasses.
a couple of attempts sizewise.

2016/1/3 11:31:42
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... Splendid creations.Cool
2015/12/26 11:14:05
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... Wonderfully inventive Pat
2015/12/17 23:03:56
Buzzball Day 3 I agree with all that has been said ,very accomplished in so many areas.
But the ladders dimensions are bugging me...Why are the rungs so far apart.
Must be deliberate.
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