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2016/5/25 14:14:32
Sixteen Sandbags-My first Muvizu video PatMarrNC wrote:
if you reposted it to Youtube, the link probably changed... but there's no new link provided!

I edited the link in the post above. I did not want to have too many in here. However I can add it again. Views never hurt....

When I make another video I will have more of an idea how long it takes and won't be in such a hurry for feedback (hopefully).

This should be the same as the video above.

2016/5/25 0:41:05
Sixteen Sandbags-My first Muvizu video Well I edited once more and this time redid the sound track and the rain sound at the end sounds more like rain. I hope you like it.
2016/5/22 17:09:31
Sixteen Sandbags-My first Muvizu video PatMarrNC wrote:
For some crazy reason, I counted the sandbags in your video and there are more than 16. My head exploded. ;-)

Haha, yes I had to use what was available as far as sandbags. I was wondering who would count. Maybe that is part of the "cartoon feature". If you are watching a cartoon you expect some surprises, right?

I did the final production on HitFilm4 Express, and maybe I should see if I can un-link the audio from the video and redo it, but I think for now I will let it go. I doubt if that many will view it on YouTube or here. If it continues to bother me, which it probably will, I will see if I can fix that part only.

Thank you for your reply, Pat. Dizzy Jazz has a lot of musical talent. He says he has more songs, and we will be working in the same room next year, so maybe I will be able to "borrow" some. He does a great Elvis impersonation, too.
edited by Rocque on 22/05/2016
2016/5/22 0:40:45
Sixteen Sandbags-My first Muvizu video Well, I remade the Sixteen Sandbags, and put it on YouTube and the sound it a bit messed up at the very end. I have been working on it almost daily since the beginning of May. It seems a lot longer. I made some changes as suggested, but still have some problems with getting the voices right, even after saving as images and loading them into HitFilm 4 (the free one).

It is definitely a challenge for a beginner to get this right. I think I need to move forward from here and maybe one day come back to it again.

Let me know which one you like better.

On May 24, I added yet another one, with more edits. I think this is it for now.
edited by Rocque on 25/05/2016
2016/5/21 22:29:26
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol! Wow. This might be too much fun to pass up. We will see.
2016/5/20 3:28:06
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) Thanks Clayster and Pat for cheering me up. I was 1/2 joking and 1/2 serious about the dream thing.
It would be great to be able to voice act all day (as long as the voice holds up). I like my day job, but it highly lacks in creativity for the most part.

When I was a child I spent hours perfecting my Donald Duck, but I stopped using it, and have lost it. Drat.

Let me know when there is a script that you need a voice for. Eventually I would like to get a better system for recording, but for now it is basic mic and audacity. Audacity is the best though.

We can always use subtitles for the world. I love Anime and enjoy reading along while I listen to the Japanese, and I attempt to learn the theme songs (however not successfully).
2016/5/20 2:58:17
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol! RobotMan is really cool! Superheroes are so "in" right now. Or aren't they always? I like it.
2016/5/19 5:15:58
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction 2) PatMarrNC wrote:
one thing you might consider, Clayster, since you're already not that far from doing it... is to eliminate dialog completely and let all your gags be visual.

The upshot of doing so is that your video immediately becomes viable everywhere in the world. If you build a large internet fan base and sell ads, the ability to get EVERYBODY on the planet to hit your site (as opposed to english speakers) ... that opens up your potential into the billions.

A thought for the back of your mind....

Eliminate dialog? I can record voices much easier than making animations. Once Clayster gets famous for his Alien Grey series maybe my voice will be, too. Then all of us can eventually just do what we enjoy instead of needing to work to support it. We can all dream, right?
2016/5/18 3:44:28
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - THE BABYSITTER That was really fun to watch. There were some great moments in the video, and some good lines, too. Burning the cookies and then the fire that resulted from it was funny in a sick sort of way. Zombie dog is a keeper and a scene stealer. Thanks for sharing.
2016/5/17 5:54:04
What is a good external HD to purchase? I guess I am looking at my future then. LOL. Thanks for letting me know what is in the future.
2016/5/17 1:11:15
What is a good external HD to purchase? Thanks for the information on the HDs. My last one was a smaller one that I could take to work and back home, but it did get dropped. That explains what happened to it. I will be updating my computer one of these days, too, but am not sure what size HD to look for. I tend to keep too many files. I am a file pack rat.
2016/5/16 2:07:05
What is a good external HD to purchase? Hey Everyone,

I am getting so much information on programs to load, that I am going to fill up my computer. Plus, a place to store all the video files would be a plus. I do not have any techie friends to ask, so since I know you all use maximum space, too, I figured why not ask here.

I have used both Seagate and Western before and they both have crashed. I have not been using one one in about 5 years. Suggestions?

2016/5/15 23:30:35
Sjesus - Going to the beach Ikes,
It was funnier the second time I watched it. Even in a short film like this, I agree with Pat, we are anticipating what the joke will be, or what we are going to see. For those who read comments before watching, I won't spoil it. The first time I was looking at the sand and the water, and your characters, so missed what it was really about.

The second time I noticed the sunburn on the guy running to meet his friends, and that part was really funny. Did you do that on purpose?
It is better viewed smaller screen then full screen because the depth of the water looks better. That is some nice clear water, too. Where is that beach?

It is really nice of you to share your techniques and what you are using. Thank you for all the help you provide in the forum.
2016/5/15 20:30:33
KYUSS DEMON CLEANER Outstanding music video. It seems like this was not your first video though. There were some advanced techniques in the video (or advanced for my current level). I had never heard the group before, but then I do not listen to a lot of music lately, but the tone of the video complimented the music.

Even though it is not my favorite type of music I was still held captive by your animation techniques. Thanks for sharing.
2016/5/14 3:36:00
Workaround to simulate falling water That was really nice. I could hear the water! I have a good imagination. That is definitely something to try.
2016/5/14 3:32:41
Work around for the dialog system MrDrWho13 wrote:
theotherguy wrote:
Interesting. I get all the dialogue sorted first, complete with pauses and render them as mono wave files in my audio editor, I haven't come across any big problems yet, earlier versions used to get 'crosstalk' occasionally.

Yep, I'll agree with you there, but this seems to be a solution for people who don't want to go near an audio editor.

I am the new kid on the site and use Audacity. When I made animations at Go!Animate, every line would have it's own file. It was a pain to load them all, but made for easy editing. Now that I am here, I am finding that you do not make a 3 minute animation in one take like you can on the other site, but have to create a series of segments. So it seems that each section of dialog might only be one produced scene even if it is only a few seconds long.

Is this how most people are doing it? Create a series of short clips and then join them together off the Muvizu site? The work around sounds good to me, but I am still learning how to use the site.
2016/5/13 3:43:34
Oh gosh I have feedback .. It took me a while to figure out what this topic was about. Are you writing about the items in the store? I agree that more is better rather than having us guess at what we are going to get. The sellers with the most information about products probably sell the most on eBay. It is a good idea for any site. Then, what about the reviews...haha.
2016/5/9 15:03:22
Passion Competition to go on hiatus Hello Harb40. I am very sorry about your loss. It takes time to get everything sorted, and it is emotionally draining. Both of my parents died within 18 months of each other, so I know what you must be facing. It is very sad, and must be more difficult when there is such a great distance. My parents were only 70 miles away.

Take care in going through all of the legal proceedings. I was fortunate that my parents did not have much to settle, but I have the dog! That is a whole other story.

I look forward to your return and learning about the competition.
2016/5/7 23:09:03
Wheels animation trick I am adding my positive vote for your wheels! Great work Rodrisilva. There are so many creative people who share on Muvizu. I think I am here at the right time. Thank you for sharing. (It seems I write that a lot.).
2016/5/7 23:03:57
Anime Studio Pro 11 sale til Dec 1st PatMarrNC wrote:
mysto wrote:
I bought Anime Studio Pro 11 when they had it on sale a few months ago. For the price they charged you can't go wrong!

I agree! And it's great to know somebody who shares two of my hobbies!

Thanks for the heads up on this. I figure I might as well get my tools together for when I have enough time to really get into them. Do you think this is a good idea? This is the debut one and the physical copy is $49 US. If I am thinking of getting another computer in the near future this would probably be the right choice? Yes that was a question. I have until May 11 to order so will wait to see if anyone replies, but if not I will go with the physical one.

I wonder what the difference is (other than $450) between the debut and pro? Right now the debut sort of fits my not planned for budget.
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