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2017/4/22 21:41:25
Digimania has gone into administration Having been away from Muvizu for a while, I was really sad to see this. Hoping the staff will find jobs soon , sending my best wishes x
2017/2/8 20:32:33
I'd be happy to see some trailers.. in fact, that might make an interesting challenge. We could all try our hands at making the most compelling trailer for a movie we haven't made yet.

I like this idea.
2017/1/14 21:49:44
Anyone recommend good editing software? I loved Movie Maker but found that it didn't save audio properly on Windows 10. Whenever I closed a project the audio would be corrupted when I next opened it. If you find you have this problem I'd recommend trying out filmora.wondershare.com
It's pretty similar to Movie Maker, free to use, and just $60 for a lifetime license if you want to remove the watermark (and you will need to as it's huge). I guess it depends how good you are with technology - I need simple, so Filmora is perfect for me.
2016/12/31 17:32:29
Copy/Paste & Rotating Cameras... To make room to paste you need to move your view back to create enough space to paste the object. Sometimes you also need to move your view upwards. Hope that makes sense.
2016/12/30 21:02:19
Hello ! Just Got Muvizu Today ! Big Grin Well done. Welcome to Muvizu.
2016/12/27 10:53:12
MERRY CHRISTMAS! ukBerty, that is beautiful
2016/12/26 9:59:37
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you are all having a happy and peaceful Christmas.
2016/12/18 20:41:17
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 fman, yep, that'll be me some time between now and Sunday :O Great use of music. Good job
2016/12/18 20:35:29
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 Tony, great piece of topical humour. Beautiful intro, and I thought the driving licence was clever. Also liked the use of sound effects for the policeman's footsteps.
2016/12/12 20:22:39
The Lodger This was so full of little details. I especially liked the lieutenant's office with the map, certificates and water filter - and even a toy police car on the window sill! The mirror scenes were really clever. Fabulous job, Ikes.
2016/12/10 23:34:13
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 Wow, Pat, what lovely, thoughtful feedback, thank you.

You have a keen eye for detail. I thought I might be able to slip the absent Santa (and reindeer) past viewers Big Grin

I'm truly delighted that you like my music.

The significance of the dates - not an actual person but reference to a 2015 article re: number of people sleeping rough each night. The numbers throughout the vid are stats references. I thought it'd be too preachy (and too long!) to include all my references.

I really do appreciate your time, effort and kind support.
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2016/12/10 15:28:45
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 Be warned, I didn't do happy :O

2016/12/10 15:21:53
Long Dresses, No Slit Bless you, Pat. However, that General's coat is rather fetching, so I think I will go for the full set

Workarounds are all part of the fun of Muvizu!
2016/12/9 0:27:03
Long Dresses, No Slit Pat, they are brilliant. I'll be purchasing the chemistry set asap in order to access your set. I've spent many months struggling with trying to create Victorian-looking characters. Wish I'd just asked!
2016/12/4 23:50:47
WHERE ARE YOU? Hi Muvizuers, from the Midlands, UK.

Other hobbies?

I love theatre, especially musical. I write plays. I'm using Muvizu to 'stage' my work.

I also quite like going to the gym, but like chocolate even more.
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2016/11/30 23:53:10
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 I'm having fun creating my Christmas video, but have just 18 seconds so far :O The tight deadline is making me rethink my script and focus on the essential elements to tell the story. This is a really useful exercise.
2016/11/26 0:43:22
Key framing grouped items PatMarrNC wrote:
I don't think you can keyframe grouped objects... but you CAN keyframe them separately. Use the timeline to make sure the various movements happen at the same time, and it should be possible to achieve reasonable synchronization

Thanks, Pat, that helps. Will give it a whirl tomorrow.
2016/11/26 0:40:12
Camera glitch I use MP4, max up the bits bar for best quality. You'll understand what i mean when you click the MP4 option!
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2016/11/25 23:06:34
Key framing grouped items Is it possible to key frame grouped items? I want to key frame santa's sleigh with a flickering point light attached. I can apply key framing to the sleigh alone, but when I group it with the point light I can't key frame. Am I missing something?
2016/11/25 22:53:27
Camera glitch If you 'make video' you'll probably find the timing is just fine. Muvizu gets stuttery the more items/actions you have in your set, but I've always found the end result records as I wanted it (with the odd bit of fine tuning).
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