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2011/12/8 13:48:23
arteria3d as source of props ukBerty wrote:
This is very interesting. Please let me know how you get on with the ASE files as I have no other animation software other than Muvizu.

Will do Berty - I am hoping that by using 3dxchange followed by BITURN that this gives a more "stable" route in for files from various sources and if I can get Steve (who runs arteria 3d) to supply me with one of his .ase files then I can try the direct load into Muvizu.

I will report nack with any progress.

all the best

2011/12/8 9:51:50
arteria3d as source of props Paul
These were the steps I took which will hopefully work with any Iclone assets

1. Load iclone file into 3dxchange
2. File Export OBJ
3. Set axis to z-up and export
4. Loaded OBJ file into BITURN
5. Converted to .ase format
6. Edited .ase file to
a) remove all the text beteen the first *Geomobject declaration and the second one (Muvizu can only cope with one)
b) amend the material file names from tga to jpg (the material files were already created by either 3dxchange or biturn - can't remember which)
7. Imported into muvizu (using "don't use id textures" option) firstly making sure I had enough space by zooming out and up into the air.
2011/12/7 22:16:39
arteria3d as source of props Hello all

I have just purchased a lmembership of arteria 3d as a source of sets for Iclone but have managed to successfully port into Muvizu.

I had to do this via 3dxchange (Reallusion software ) and biturn (free software) but that was only because they were in iclone format.

They also sell in .ase format (I'll try and test this out) and .obj format (which can be converted by biturn) so no other software should be needed.

There are a lot of quality assets on the site (albeit most of them historical) and although they may seem quite pricey they are not in comparison with similar products and they also offer attractive membership deals which allow access to all the assets on the site plus copyright free music on arteriamusic.
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2011/12/5 16:17:43
Masks Hugmyster
You only need to change the texture for the bits you want to change and then leave the rest transparent therefore should be just as quick?
2011/12/5 13:41:14
Masks Hugmyster
The best (possibly only) way of doing what you want is to use the appropriate character custom texture and then applying what you want to the head parts
2011/12/1 16:13:44
Hello, world! Hi Panda
Welmome to Magic Muvizu land - I hope you enjoy your stay!

2011/11/29 12:51:27
Muvizu remakes The characterisation on these videos (both looks and actions) is absolutely superb.
2011/11/24 12:16:33
White Wine in the Sun All
I tipped Myclone off about the video and he has kindly showcased it - may entice some more Iclone users - over to the light side.

Twitter messages and youtube messages to Mr Minchin have proven less successful
2011/11/23 11:56:47
Thank you - Drychalice and 65Radius Yes - sorry I wasn't meaning to exclude anyone; hope I didn't offend!

There's a very supportive community here that is helping us all progress.

I just singled out the aforementioned because they always seem to comment first and with unbeleivable consistency
2011/11/17 14:46:37
interagire con personaggi Sono contento di vedere che avete farlo funzionare. Purtroppo non c'è modo di avvio / arresto il video in un tempo prestabilito, pertanto sarà necessario tempo i vostri personaggi Muvizu di agire con il video
2011/11/17 10:04:09
import video Dovrebbe funzionare con entrambi a 32 bit e 64 bit - il problema potrebbe avere qualcosa a che fare arguzia il codec utilizzato (supponendo che il file video viene compresso).

Un buon test potrebbe essere quella di registrare un breve video in Muvizu e poi cercare di imprt il video creato.
2011/11/17 9:38:14
import video È possibile importare un video selezionando uno degli oggetti sullo sfondo e selectng proprietà texture e poi importare i file video. Si hato essere un file AVI.

È inoltre possibile importare un video su qualsiasi oggetto oter che ha un attributo texture.

Se si desidera importare un video trasparente con un tema di fondo, ma non è necessario per creare il video trasparenti in altri software.
2011/11/15 10:02:50
Thank you - Drychalice and 65Radius All
I would just like to say a public thank you to both Drychalice and 65Radius who I think are the unsung heros of the community.
We all want people to view and comment on our videos and without fail these two fine gentleman always do just that.
I really appreciate that and I am sure all other contributors do too.
Mind I'm determined to one day get an "extremely nice" off Drychalice .
Thanks to you both
all the best
2011/11/12 20:15:28
Cameron Clegg an Miliband Two versions of the same video as the first version
looked too dark on my work monitor.
Please comment on one or both(!) on the videos- thank you

2011/11/11 9:40:57
Dreeko, Jamie,Jim,Marco,Emily & Ziggy Dylly wrote:
Next clip under way Marco

Oh no!!

Judging by the quality of you first 2 competition entries you seem to be going for a clean sweep of the prizes.

Anyroad, good to hear that your on the mend and it's great to see that you can use some of your recuperation period making amazing little movies.

all the best

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2011/11/4 10:25:08
video fails to show in youtube search IanS wrote:
Bit of a long shot, but you could try making your video private, changing the title & description very slightly and turning it back to public which may force them to re-index it again. Also, make sure syndication is set to yes. Ian

Ian - worked a treat - it is showing up now Thank you very much!!Rock Band
2011/11/4 10:03:23
video fails to show in youtube search Thanks very much Ian

I'll give your idea a try.

All the best

2011/11/4 8:27:10
video fails to show in youtube search Hello all

My latest video (competition entry) does not show up on Youtube searches (even when i type in the exact title). Has any one experienced this issue before or know how it can be resolved?

I usually search on "muvizu" and then order by upload date. If I do that now later versions do show up so it is not a case of it being too soon to turn up in the search results.

I've noticed that Hexslayer's most recent video is also not showing - infact befor chuckles upload today none of the videos which were uploaded within the last couple of days show up in searches.

Any ideas because I would hate to miss out on potential views!


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2011/11/2 9:47:21
Video Title Thank you Ian!
2011/11/2 9:02:41
Video Title Good morning

I missed the "AMD Fusion" off my video title which I have now rectified on Youtube but it is still not showing up in the Muvizu gallery. Will this automatically refresh itself eventually?


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