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2012/1/10 17:17:22
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Thanks for the new version - always good to get new stuff.

I do have a major issue with it though -

I switch from lit to unlit mode all the time as my sets are fairly complex and most work has to be done in unlit mode to keep the speed up. Now when you switch to lit mode it comes up with the "compiling shaders" message - presumably this is for the toon shading. This compiling takes 20-40 seconds on most of my sets which is going to be fairly unusable.

Would it be possible to get rid of this as surely it only needs to recompile the shaders if I have changed to or from toon shading.

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2012/1/9 8:03:34
Extend character actions and such? Steven547 wrote:
Is it possible to "copy" and "paste" and action on the timeline instead of re-doing it again?


Sadly not. Again, it's on the list.

2012/1/8 20:45:05
Extend character actions and such? Steven,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Muvizu...

Sadly there's not a way to do what you want, although I have used a copy of post production techniques to get round this.

Firstly I needed a longer image of someone meditating. I added the action and took shot 1. I put a marker in where the action started to come out of the meditation pose. I then moved the action so that the marker was in line with the start of the pose and took another shot. I did this 4 or 5 times. In post production I then did a quick fade between all these shots and the character looks like he holds the pose for much longer than is possible in Muvizu.

Secondly I have slowed shots down in post production using Sony Vegas so that they linger longer on certain points. This will slow down everything in the frame though so it may notice.

Not sure what you mean about the pose - are we talking something like "sleeping" in action > themes > pose - I have just tested this and the sleeping pose appears on the timeline and can be deleted.

Hope this helps

2012/1/5 18:42:22 I think that the Cloud may have burst ! no longer works - or have you taken this down in preparation for the update
2011/12/23 7:36:41
Has he been yet ? Looks like Santa's going to miss us out this year. Oh well, maybe the Easter bunny will be kinder.

On a more sincere note, can I just say how much I've enjoyed working with Muvizu and its users this year, it has and will continue to allow me to realise some of my ambitions in a very fulfilling way.

And also can I commend the forum for being the most supportive and civilised forum I've ever been on.

Too gushing ? Oh well, it's Christmas.

2011/12/19 22:29:14
Has he been yet ? I'm starting to doubt the existence of Santa.......
2011/12/19 8:12:32
Has he been yet ? Well I left a mince pie and a glass of sherry by the fire last night. I wonder if Santa will come today.............
2011/12/18 7:02:11
arteria3d as source of props Thanks Mick - I'll send you a Muvizu message to sort this out.

AS I say - I can resize it just fine, it's just that I have to make it so small for Muvizu to accept it that I can't get it back to a useful size.
2011/12/17 10:39:23
arteria3d as source of props Toonarama - thanks for highlighting this resource and for your invaluable tips on getting it all to work.

I too have signed up and am going through the models sorting them out for Muvizu. It's quite a task and I'll do a better post once it's all done.

I do have a few issues though......

Some of the models are large. I can scale down the .obj and convert again using Milkshape and bitrun, but the tolerance on whether an imported object will fit into the "world" is well out.

If I have a model of a building which suffers from the "too big to fit in the world" problem I scale it down via Milkshape. Let's say I scale down by a factor of 0.8 and the model will fit - but I can get about 100 of them into the world rather than one of them just fitting in !

If I am importing a block of buildings then they will not scale back up enough to look correct, even though there is plenty of room. I notice that the scale sliders only go up to 1.29 rather than 5.

I guess I either need the tolerance (and the damned collision) to be more accurate and tolerant when importing, or know how to fix the scale sliders so they go up to 5 again.

Anyone any ideas ?

2011/12/15 8:00:16
Help Choosing a Computer Bob,

As they say - you get what you pay for !

I would want at least a 17" monitor to animate on (personally I use a 24" + 19" dual monitor setup) - so the first model I would say will be the best.

2011/12/14 14:58:45
Help Choosing a Computer Typically the onboard graphics card is all part of the motherboard and cannot be upgraded. PCMCIA is dying out as peripherals move to USB.

Get the best graphics card built in that you can afford

2011/12/14 8:05:10
Some Suggestions... lostrevel wrote:
I had to record it 5-6 times to get it right for each one, would have been nice to move it around like we do the voice.

Lostrevel - I may be missing the point, but can't you just drag the strums around so they fit ? Or is this a looped animation, in which case I don't think you'll get round it.
2011/12/12 8:03:53
Some Suggestions... Lostrevel,

Welcome to Muvizu.

Dylly already answered some of these, but here's my take...

1) Isn't this just Happy>strong>Wave

2) Correct - you can't, and this is annoying. However the behavior of actions is a little strange and can be used to your advantage. Say you want to do a "clap hands" animation but cut it short. When recording I would click clap hands then click idle immediately. When you edit the timeline you see a really short clap hands and an idle. It is actually the start of the idle which stops the clap hands, rather than where the end of the clap hands block is, so moving the idle away from the clap hands will increase the length of the animation. Obviously if you move it away further than a full clap hands cycle then the animation will end as if no idle was there. (This sounds confusing but run through it and you'll see what I mean)

3) It doesn't do this, although I believe it is being worked on. Not sure if you did this, but if making a music video, most of us would re-record the vocal part ourselves on a separate track and animate to this. That way you don't have to turn the vocals on and off all the time. We would then just put the original track back once animated.

4) Not sure what this is as they generally work - sometimes the application gets confused and you need to come out and back in, but I thought that was fixed in the latest version.

5) I think you don't have the latest version as this was a problem in the previous one. However the fix was to prevent you being able to save characters with custom textures, so we're no further forward.

6) As Dylly says - use an invisible block or small ground plane.

Hope this makes sense.

2011/12/8 12:53:13
arteria3d as source of props Toonarama,

This is very interesting. Please let me know how you get on with the ASE files as I have no other animation software other than Muvizu.


2011/12/7 10:00:05
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... I have to second everything everyone else has said really - these are exceptionally well crafted. Although the overall feel to it has space for the story to be told, the animation is really tight and natural (as they all have been) - this takes a lot of time. This is also a masterclass on how spending time on set building really pays off.

Love it.

(And your baby was less scary than mine!)
2011/12/2 9:50:53
Mixed Muvizu / live action Nigel,

I have the logo issue on some of my shots as well.....

To avoid breaking the licencing agreement with Muvizu you can always chroma the logo back in with Vegas.

I have an AVI which is just the a Muvizu made clip with no lights - so this turns out to be a white Muvizu logo on a black background.

Add this into Vegas and then add the chroma effect and set the key to black - Viola ! A static Muvizu logo on your whole movie, regardless of whether the source was Muvizu or not (when I mix Muvizu and non-Muvizu sources I stamp the logo across the whole thing to stop it disappearing as it's distracting)

I don't use the uploader from the Muvizu program either as I can't get it to work reliably - I use the one on my profile on the website - works a treat.

Hope this helps

2011/12/1 20:18:11
Camera Options and Filters I'm not sure what they're beavering away at either, but like Santa's little helpers they need to get everything finished by Christmas - next release date is Dec 19th (allegedly)

Maybe Father Christmas will bring Dreeko that dragon after all.....
2011/12/1 6:55:01
HELP! nutriproject,

I must admit that I've never used video joiner as it's too limiting. Most of us use something like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere or Avid Studio to arrange all our AVI files created in Muvizu. This will also allow you to substitute audio and generally make the whole thing look a bit better.

Although Vegas and Studio cost money there are a few free ones out there. I would see how you get on with Windows Movie Maker which is part of Windows Live, or WAX (although I've never used either !)

Hope this helps

2011/11/28 20:54:10
newbie needs help! nutriproject,

I also have this issue sometimes. It appears that there are many different types of Wav files - and Muvizu only supports certain types. I usually save as MP3 to import into Muvizu - which always seems to work.

If you use Audacity and export as MP3 it will work.

I hope this helps.

2011/11/26 7:12:37
Half speed recording. I'll third that
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