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2010/9/2 15:08:21
tutorials I agrre - the tutorials are well-paced and easy to follow and much more user friendly than a manual although a separate list of keyboard commands would be useful.
Personally I have no problem with the accent but that might be because i come from Newcastle and Geordies are just like Scotsmen really; except cleverer!

All the best

2010/9/2 14:29:27
minor website bug Jim
Yes, no sign on the Profile either.

I'm quite happy to upload again tonight but if it is any help it is this video:

It's a video I previously updated directlt to YT but then deleted and re-uploaded last night at about 10.30pm


2010/9/2 12:41:12
minor website bug Hello there
Glad to see you all back. can I confirm whether or not the server issue has caused problems with uploaded videos as i uploaded one last night which has made it succesfully to Youtube but not the Muvizu site.

2010/9/1 15:28:38
Keyframe animator? glasgowjim wrote:
Object animation is currently being worked on

This is excellent news - one of my future projects demands cardboard boxes that move; is it possible that it might make it into the next release?


2010/9/1 15:22:26
minor website bug Hello

I've noticed a small bug in the website.

When logged in the display at the top occasionally changes for instance mine changed to

"You are logged in as barrys" and on another occasion it said " You are logged in as hermit".

but I am still Toonarama!

all the best
2010/9/1 15:00:19
New tutorials made Kaynine
Don't miss out on the new version as it does not appear to need any more processing power and there are a lot of changes which make the workflow a good deal easier
all the best
2010/9/1 14:26:13
Lying down Thank you!
2010/9/1 14:01:06
Lying down Hello there

If I want to use the "getting out of a grave" animation (as you do) is it possible to get the character to lie down initially or is it a case of editing the shots so that you wouldn't know that he wasn't - if you get my drift


2010/9/1 13:45:07
Timeline update Dreeko
I can sympathise as I have the same issues. I would agree that it would be very useful to

a) be able to move a number of objects on the timeline at once
b) to be able to insert/edit - allowing the adding of an animation which pushes others along
c) re-ordering of objects on the timeline - eg to re-order animations (might be impossible)
d) change the speed of animations by lengthening/shortening

2010/9/1 13:26:15
Having trouble! so sluggish artpen
I know it's all a**e about t*t and causes problems of its own but i try and do my animations before adding lighting/cameras/scenery etc which all gradually reduce the performance on us poor sods with below spec machines
all the best
2010/9/1 13:23:30
new site design The new site is a definite improvement and more closely matches the style of the software which can only be a good thing.
Usability and "pleasurability" have both been improved considerably by the the "bigger" and less cluttered design.
I think the asset sharing idea is still a strong one and I like the idea of separate areas for audio, scripts etc however if this ever takes off it will need a directory structure to allow it to be useable.
We even have mogul status to aspire to now!
all the best
2010/8/31 14:23:48
New site Than
Just noticed that the Muvizu site now has it's own assets area

2010/8/31 14:18:07
New site Than
That would be great. Creating 3D props etc requires time, ability and some expensive software. It would be fantastic if Muvizu users were willing to share
all the best
2010/8/31 14:15:38
Raindance competition As the aforementioned creator of the original mail I just want to say that my original post was made out of frustration having battled against the clock to get my animation finished only to find the deadline was amended as I was uploading it.
Although i understood the companies desire to showcase the latest version of it's product it seemed like a very late change especially as the rules were effectively changing (as a result of the new software update).
Vince kindly responded straightaway and along with his clearly genuine apologies he also allayed some of my concerns that animations made using the previous version would struggle to win the prize.
What I think would be useful for everybody would be some sort of statement re what is being looked for in judging the winners.
I certainly didn't want to cause offence. I have bought numerous animation packages over the years without producing anything broadcastable. Muvizu allowed me to do this in a matter of days.
And the support from Vince and his crew is absolutely first class.
Not bad for free software!
2010/8/13 9:25:02
how leealyad
At the moment the projects/script areas of the site are really just there for making your assets viewable to the community with the potential for collaboration with others.
When you actually make your film it is all done within the application on your own PC. You really need to watch the introductory tutorials first; once done it is a breeze to use and you can have a finished product within hours if not minutes.

Just remember there are 2 distinct elements within the software: "Prepare" where you gather your assets and "Direct" ;where you use them in your film. You will find yourself flicking between the two.

all the best
2010/8/13 9:15:54
Muvizu fan site - Movie sets for Muvizu Than
That is an excellent set which would have taken me ages to create on my sluggish PC. Fantastic work.
2010/8/13 9:13:29
Royalty Free Music Yes I think this is an excellent site too and am using one of his tracks for my competition entry.
I think it is important that people do leave a donation if they use his stuff though.
His site also contains links to other musicians offering their work free and i believe he is also starting to add scripts
all the best
2010/8/13 9:02:47
how Ani-mate and leealy-lad
At the moment on the site creating the project and adding a script simply makes those assets available for all to see and also will be used to later upload your finished product.
The actual making of the movie is all done on your own PC and usually starts with the recording of your script but that is entirely up to you.
You really must watch the tutorials (in order) first. It really is remarkably easy to use when you get going
all the best
2010/8/13 8:58:39
Audio Help animationjake has an excellent searchable and ever growing collection

Your missing sfx might be solved by "logging in" within Muvizu which gives access to extra assets
2010/8/12 14:00:09
Competition entries and assets Thanks again Jim, just need to come up with soming decent now

all the best

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